Illinois Green candidate for state representative holding ‘campaign kickoff event’ tonight

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TUESDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 8pm-11pm
COLE’S BAR, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave

CONTACT: David Sacks – Campaign Manager – 773-557-9411

This Tuesday, August 25th, Jeremy Karpen will be holding his 2010 Campaign Kickoff Event, from 8pm-11pm at Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Avenue. The event will feature various speakers, including Jeremy Karpen, and three bands: Roy Ivy, Lindsay Weinberg, and The Dust Bunnies.

Jeremy Karpen is a Green Party candidate for 39th state representative. He previously ran in 2008, taking 21% of the vote. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, currently working as a therapist for troubled youth at a residential treatment center in Chicago. In addition, Jeremy volunteers his time as a Partner Abuse Intervention Facilitator at a local domestic violence agency.

29 thoughts on “Illinois Green candidate for state representative holding ‘campaign kickoff event’ tonight

  1. Robert Milnes

    Jeremy, want to win this time? Declare you support the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy & ask the libertarians for their vote. They will see you already have 21% & could possibly reach 34% which could win in a close three way race. Actively support a Libertarian candidate on another ballot with no Green competitor. The libs will see you are serious.

  2. Deran

    Dude, you’re a serious nut case. I often wonder if your some retired CIA operative, with nothing better to do with your retirement then muck up reasoned discourse among the opposition.

  3. Jeremy Young

    Now this is exciting. I would dearly love to see Karpen pull this off. Maybe he would actually keep his GP affiliation after he was elected, unlike the turncoat Richard Carroll.

  4. Robert Milnes

    Jeremy, tell us more about this Richard Carroll person. I’m not familiar. Year? State, Illinois? Was Carroll a Green then won & switched to Dem? Illinois seems very open to greens/progressives. Kind of like Vermont.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert, Carroll was a Green Party candidate for state representative in Arkansas last year (2008) and won because the Democratic candidate had to drop out over a scandal, and Carroll became the only person on the ballot, while the Democrats had write-in candidates (if I remember correctly they couldn’t even agree on one). Carroll did stay green for a few months but switched to the Democratic Party. He showed why third parties are useless. Even if someone using your strategy won, they would probably be the kind of person to switch to one of the major parties. That is why you need to add the Christian right, the socialists and the Ronulons to your strategy, thus obtaining as much as 70% of the vote and garunteeing a win.

  6. Morgan Brykein

    About Carroll, I think his switch was possible because of how similar the Democrats and the Greens seem to be. Certainly there are big differences, but they have the same center-left position.

  7. Jeremy Young

    Morgan, but in Arkansas? Surely the Dems there aren’t as liberal as in the rest of the nation. That’s Blanche Lincoln/Mark Pryor country.

  8. Ross Levin Post author

    Morgan, he switched because he was only a Green to get a ballot line in the first place and the Dems were going to challenge him if he didn’t switch (he’ll still probably have a primary opponent or two).

  9. Catholic Trotskyist

    Jeremy, the greens in Arkansas probably aren’t as liberal as the greens in the rest of the country either. So Carroll could become a member of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in Arkansas, just slightly to the left of Clinton.

    TPR, I never had the word “party” in my name. I just mention the party in a lot of my posts. The CTP is growing in strength every day as our Revolutionary General Barack Obama moves closer to our agenda. However, the CTP has become the first political party to choose a presidential slate for 2012.
    Robert Milnes for President, Jimmy Carter for vice-president.
    However, if either refuse our nominations, we will co-nominate Obama again.
    I am also running for Congress in a yet-to-be-determined district in California in 2012.

  10. Robert Milnes

    Morgan Brykein, did you just coin GINO? Jeremy Young @18, LOL! About Mesplay, he is one of very few pres. candidates who showed some interest in the P-L-A-Strategy.

  11. Jeremy Young

    Mesplay is a good guy, and a very serious activist. If I could give him any advice, it would be to do what George Phillies did and work very hard on improving his speaking ability. He is like Phillies in that the main thing that is holding him back is his limited oratorical skill. (Like Phillies ca. 2004, that is. Not now.)

  12. Morgan Brykein

    Yes I just coined GINO, as well as LINO. I’m normally a person who will not criticize an individual but rather their political beliefs, unless A) The person is a dick, and/or B) I’m in a pissy mood.

    I don’t think Donny F is a bad guy, so I resisted calling him a LINO. I don’t like how Carroll “used” the third party title to get elected, so maybe I’m warranted in calling him a GINO.

  13. Ross Levin Post author

    Morgan – he used the Green ballot line to get on the ballot because he couldn’t get on as a Democrat and is very far from being a Republican. I don’t think there’s any animosity toward Carroll, though, and he didn’t say anything negative about the Greens. I think the biggest factor in him switching parties was actually that there was going to be a Democratic challenger.

    Also, a report about last night from the candidate:

    AUGUST 26, 2009


    CONTACT: David Sacks – Campaign Manager – 773-557-9411

    -Criticizes Incumbent Berrios And Springfield

    Mr. Jeremy Karpen officially launched his 2010 campaign for 39th state
    representative last night, at Cole’s Bar in Logan Square. The Green
    Party event featured local musicians, and highlighted Mr. Karpen’s
    message of universal healthcare, affordable housing, and full funding
    for education and social services.

    Mr. Karpen ran for the same office in 2008, taking 21% of the vote. He
    is a Licensed Professional Counselor, working as a therapist for
    troubled youth at a residential treatment center in Chicago. Mr.
    Karpen also volunteers his time as a Partner Abuse Intervention
    Facilitator at a local domestic violence agency.

    “The 2008 election ended almost 10 months ago. And for almost 10
    months, people have been asking me if I’m running again in 2010,” said
    Karpen. “The answer is yes. I still believe health care, education,
    and affordable housing are human rights. Toni Berrios and Springfield
    continue to push gambling on our communities instead of helping

    “Even without Blagojevich, this year was unfortunately all too
    typical,” said Phil Huckelberry, Chair of the Illinois Green Party.
    “The General Assembly does nothing all session, ties up funding for
    social services and public works, then they pass a massive gambling
    expansion at the last minute that will barely fund either.”

    The incumbent, Ms. Maria Antonia “Toni” Berrios, receives thousands of
    dollars every election cycle from casinos, race tracks, and gambling
    interests. Her father, Mr. Joseph Berrios, is simultaneously chair of
    the Cook County Democratic Party, Commissioner on the Cook County
    Board of Review, and a paid lobbyist for the Illinois Coin Machine
    Operators Association, one of the largest pro-gambling outfits in
    Illinois. Ms. Berrios sits on committees and votes on bills that
    potentially benefit her dad’s clients, including the recently passed
    Video Gaming Act.

    Mr. Karpen finds Ms. Berrios’ personal connection to the gambling
    legislation particularly troubling. “It’s highly unlikely that Ms.
    Berrios is going to provide the kind of independent and principled
    leadership people are looking for,” says Karpen.

    Mr. Karpen argues that he’s not only independent and principled, but
    offers real solutions, and is willing to fight for them. He’s been an
    activist in the community, marching with the Logan Square Neighborhood
    Association last year during their attempt to secure funding for
    supportive housing. He collaborates with Chicago Single-Payer Action
    Network and Logan Square Neighbors for Peace and Justice on healthcare
    and human rights issues. And he’s a strong advocate for the
    income-property tax swap.

    “A child’s education shouldn’t be dependent on the value of his
    parent’s home,” says Karpen. “I said that two years ago, and it’s even
    worse in our current housing crisis. More education funding must come
    from a statewide progressive income tax.”

    The Illinois Green Party received major party status after the 2006
    election, in which Rich Whitney took 10.5% of the vote for Governor.
    Mr. Karpen is excited about the current campaign, and looks forward to
    growing the party, while giving voters an alternative to Springfield

    “The response from people in the neighborhood has been overwhelmingly
    positive,” says Karpen. “Living and working in the community is a
    wonderful experience, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to
    represent it.

  14. Dave Schwab

    Of course the Catholic Trotskyist Party is defunct. CT always prattles on about how he’s going to switch to Democrat. Voters don’t respect a third party when its founder openly admits that his party sucks worse than the Democrats.

    As for Jeremy Karpen, he’s a winner.

  15. Robert Milnes

    Dave Schwab @24, “As for Jeremy Karpen, he’s a winner.” Well, come on now. He hasn’t won yet. On the contrary, he probably will not win. So what makes you say that? He’s a good candidate & person & deserves to win. But he won’t. Because that is the nature of the dem/rep duopoly. Do you say that out of some sort of wishful thinking?; delusion? What?

  16. Dave Schwab

    Robert, I said that Jeremy Karpen is a winner because I believe he has a good chance to be elected to Illinois state government. For a Green candidate to garner 21% in a state leg race builds credibility; people respect that kind of result, knowing that the average non-Republicrat gets 1/10 that. Karpen is intelligent and active in the community. Furthermore, the incumbent is in her seat because of nepotism, and everyone knows it. She also has some foul-smelling connections with the gambling industry.

    This time, Karpen is getting his campaign started over a year before the election. He will certainly raise more money and mobilize more volunteers, and probably garner some decent endorsements. If you think it’s impossible to turn 21% in 2008 in Obama’s backyard into 51% in 2010, you’ll have to explain yourself.

  17. Robert Milnes

    Dave Schwab, he only needs 34%(minimum) to win in a close 3 way race. Of course the closer to 51% the better. However if he got 21% before, that is very close to ALL the available progressive/leftist/Green vote which I estimate is about 27%. So for him to get ALL the progressive/leftist/Green vote PLUS 7% minimum would be extremely difficult. UNLESS he gets most of the libertarian vote which is Cato Institute Study 13%. That would put him at around 40%. THAT has a good chance of winning in a close 3 way race.

  18. paulie

    Robert, even if any of that were true, there is a big difference among different districts. That 27% nationwide may be 70% in that particular area.

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