New national political party: The Humane Party

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the tip.

from the Humane Party web-site:

Five Things that Make Us Unique

The Humane Party is a new political party in the United States of America.  We are the first American political party committed to the rights of all animals, not just the human kind.

We will run our first U.S. Senatorial candidate in 2012 and our first Presidential candidate in 2016. Voter registration for the Humane Party begins in California in June, 2009. And we need volunteers nationwide right now!

Described below are five traits that distinguish the Humane Party from other U.S. political parties.

Distinction #1
Our platform is humane.

At this special moment in history, the highest ethical path also happens to be the most practical one. And that path is “humane.”

The Humane Party, therefore, embraces the moral and eminently practical position that it is wrong to contribute, in any way, to the exploitation or suffering of other sentient beings. In particular, we recognize the scientific reality that this very exploitation is at the heart of the environmental, economic and health problems our nation—and planet—face today.

Distinction #2
Our candidates live in accord with humane principles.

We believe integrity to be an essential character trait for modern political officials. Each Humane Party candidate must, therefore, publicly declare that he or she personally adheres to humane principles in his or her own personal choices, such as those relating to food, clothing and entertainment. This commitment entails that candidates abstain from any manner of exploitation of animals and the use or consumption of animal products.

Distinction #3
We set the new standard for a “green” political party.

In striking at the roots of the environmental crisis, the Humane platform serves as the new benchmark against which the platforms of all other U.S. parties will be measured. Readers who wish to learn more about why the Humane Party approach represents the most environmentally sound position of any U.S. political party are encouraged to read the United Nations’ report Livestock’s Long Shadow and other material related to the true environmental cost of inhumanity.

Distinction #4
Our health care plan cares about your health.

We believe a health care plan should address sources, not just symptoms. It should ask, “What’s the best choice”, not just “How will the bill be paid”. Accordingly, a national health care plan must emphasize disease prevention and wellness promotion, a proactive approach that is significantly more cost-effective than that of simply waiting for health problems to arise and then treating them.

While the other parties have focused the health care debate almost exclusively on how to pay for services, the Humane Party directly targets the sources of the health problems that plague our nation, from obesity to heart disease.

Distinction #5
Our economic stimulus plan provides a lasting solution.

Having already amassed a record-breaking national debt exceeding $10 trillion, the major U.S. parties continue to espouse the view that incurring even more debt will solve our economic problems. The Humane Party disagrees. True and lasting economic recovery will require an approach that is rational, realistic and scientifically viable.

Specifically, while the human population continues to grow, the planet Earth does not. As a result, every nation now faces an increasing need to preserve and restore its natural resources in order to protect both its economy and its national security interests.

The Humane Party addresses these needs by providing a solution that allows our nation’s natural resources—including land, water, air, flora and fauna—to serve as a source for economic strength and national security for future generations.

32 thoughts on “New national political party: The Humane Party

  1. Donald R. Lake

    Bryan: Here’s that ham sandwich you ordered!

    Reason Number 6, Like the Owl of the Modern Whigs, PETA’s Political Action Committee did not stupidly stick with the ubiquitous Eagle and Eagle Head [and thus mimicking the corrupt federal government]! Out side of the Green Sunflower [we’re not in Kansas any more] and my 21st Century Peace Symbol [three bladed electricity generating wind mill] these are more [much more] unique and specific icons than the Constitutionalists, Veterans Party, Reform Movement, and others with a room temperature IQ!

  2. Jeremy Young

    Great — another leftist third party to split the votes of the existing ones. There’s a reason the leftist parties never do as well as the rightist ones, with the sole exception of Nader in 2000. I’m all for competition, but these people should be working within the GP as a Humane Caucus. That would involve less signature-gathering and more electoral success.

  3. Donald R. Lake

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home has tried mightily to work with California Greens and Green Party USA on abused veterans [Working Committees] in 2005.

    Like start pushing an automobile with the parking break set on ………

  4. Michael Seebeck

    Wonderful. The ARistas and PETArds and their terrorist friends in the ALF, ALB, and ELF have decided they need their version of a Sinn Fein.

    I hope the other left-leaning parties out there marginalize and ridicule these nutcases endlessly, because they deserve it.

    For example, “This commitment entails that candidates abstain from any manner of exploitation of animals and the use or consumption of animal products.”

    That means: no leather, no meat, no dairy, no poultry, no down-filled clothing or bedding, no makeup, no fish, no sustainable agriculture whatsoever, no animals in their advertising (including people, and including their own logo!), no vitamins or supplements of certain types, NO PETS, no employing other people (that’s exploiting human animals!), etc.

    And they also refer to their platform, but don’t list it, either, and their website is way too sparse–only an overview and a volunteer/contact form.

    I hope that this idea dies a slow death, because militant ARista vegans like these generally tend to be a couple of tamales short of a combo plate.

  5. Jeremy Young

    I have no particular love for the GP, and I’ve never been a member. The reason I suggest the GP, rather than some other leftist third party, should be the vehicle is that it is the only one with positive brand name recognition. You could theoretically make that argument about the PFP, but it’s nowhere near a national party. If you could have a national Progressive Party built out of the one in VT, that might work. But creating new parties with new names (yes, this includes the WFP) is not going to do the job in this media-driven age.

  6. paulie

    Wonderful. The ARistas and PETArds and their terrorist friends in the ALF, ALB, and ELF have decided they need their version of a Sinn Fein.

    All movements have their extremists and terrorists, which says nothing about the mainstream of any movement.

    PETA is no more connected to the Animal Liberation Front than libertarians and constitutionalists are to Timothy McVeigh.

  7. Bryan


    These guys are pro-animal, but if you “really” look at it, they seem to claim some more conservative views on economic policy…#’s 4 and 5.

    In number 4, they fly totally against the GP single payer health care beliefs.

    In number 5, as it stands now, the GP is going further left…they may have had common ground before so many of the “centrist”, “economic conservative” GPers left to follow Nader.

  8. Michael H. Wilson

    paulie writes; ” All movements have their extremists and terrorists…”

    Does that include bowel movements?

  9. Robert Milnes

    Jeremy Young, I considered”…a national progressive Party built out of the one in vermont,…”. Also Milsted’s “New Upper Left Party” a new progressive + libertarian party. In both cases you would have an additional party competing with the Green and/or Libertarian Party. I rejected that in favor of an Alliance for purpose of vote coordination.

  10. Jake Witmer

    Thanks to ballot access news for the tip. The sirloin tip, that is. LOL. I was going to have fish, but then I read this, and jogged out to the grocery store to celebrate.

    (BTW: Why is their logo a cut in half cow, with the bottom half all bloody? Not very humane. It would have been more humane to just cut the head off, I think. Actually, the ol’ “spike through the forehead” is probably good enough…)

    But seriously, I think the humane party will give use some wonderful political theater. After all the heartbreaking infighting and idiocy in the LP the last year, I need a nice relaxing laugh. In that regard, I wish them the very best of luck, and sincerely hope they access the ballot in all 50 states. Plus, they’ll make a nice “floor” by which the LP can judge how hard the various states are trying. (As well as indicating how certifiably insane that state’s electorate is.)

    Also, this opens the door for my personal favorite party name (the euthanasia party) to make a wonderful merger (Or was that murdger!?) that will really capture the minds of the infirMajority: “the humane euthanasia party”. We could even extend an olive branch to liberal-tarians: distinct-shun #7 “We only euthanize people (and dolphins) who voluntarily agree to be euthanized.”

    And hey, if the singularity happens, and hyper-intelligent chimps break out of their cages and enslave humanity, then I’m just joking and I love my animal friends.

    I will say this though: I am apalled at the lack of creativity in political party naming conventions. Why doesn’t anyone take even a cursory look at the average voter before naming their party? It’s not all about you, it’s all about Joe Sixpack! He needs representation in how his money is stolen and then given back to him with part of it missing! (And we could all use a good laugh. Geez. Why so serious about something as laughably pathetic as the American political process?)

    We need a “Free Beer Party”, or a “Rebublican Party” (that gets the lever pulled and wins elections simply by virtue of alphabetical order + senile mistake). I’d also like to see the “Soylent Green Party” just add it to the ballot right below “Green Party”. …And whatever happened to “Freak Power” did they off themselves or something?

    C’mon kids, have fun with the system! (After all, in a few more “bailout” years, it’ll be having some real fun with you.)

    In closing,

    Search Engine Spiders, I Give Thee:
    Humane Euthanasia Party
    Humane Euthanization Party
    Humane Execution Party
    Humane Killing Party
    Humanertarian Party
    Humane Insemination Party

  11. Jake Witmer

    So if I want to put the exact opposite philosophy on the ballot, should I go through the trouble of putting “The Inhumane Party” on the ballot, or just “infiltrate” one of the major parties? Are the other parties (Libertarians included?) inhumane enough to qualify? Are all the other parties “too inhumane” for you? I mean, the libertarians have been half-way trying to let the nonviolent victimless crime offenders out of prison for about 30 years. Wouldn’t that be a step in the “humane” direction? I’m no expert, but wouldn’t that be worth allying yourself with our tiny minority that is way way way bigger than your tiny minority will ever be? Just a thought.

    I still think “Stop the Killing” would have caught more people’s attention. (Especially when it was shouted at them from behind a sandwich-board with the same thing spraypainted on it.) Plus, a few people might have thought you were referring to the killing of people in Iraq, and accidentally confused you with compassionate people with a clue. As it is, expressing moral outrage for dead animals while people are being murdered is kind of disrespectful to the human victims of the UN, etc…

    Don’t commit bacteriocide today, God and the UN are watching. If even a thousand bacteria die, you’re gonna burn in hell for washing. On the other hand, it’s hard to get people to sign a dirty petition.

    …Should you betray your principles or go for the power and glory that surely await?

  12. Michael Seebeck

    Bryan, the tacos are on the combo plate already.

    Hasta burrito, see ya tamale!

  13. NonKimberlyWilder


    Wilder you’ve gone plumb looney…

    this isn’t a serious political party..


    Get back to posting Green Party News…or leave us in peace…

  14. Michael Seebeck

    If it’s only a parody, it’s pretty close to accurate.

    If it’s an attempt to make ARistas look stupid, then bring it on!

    If it’s serious, then they already look stupid anyway.

  15. Jake Witmer

    All new political parties deserve to be reported on, because it lets us know:

    1) What parties the state will fight against, and what parties they will allow on the ballot without much opposition. For instance, in IL, GOP partisan hacks on the IL elections board illegally kept Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Jim Tobin off the ballot in 1998, because they knew he would cost George Ryan the election if he was on. (And it came down to less than a percentage point that he won by: less than Jim Tobin’s anti-tax mailing list…)

    Then, after the IL LP won their lawsuit, the Green Party won major party status because everyone hated Barr and Topinka. I would have liked to have seen the Humane Party on the ballot in 1998, because if the GOP hacks on the IL division of elections had allowed them on, but not us, their fraud would have been more obvious.

    More parties on the ballot = freer elections, and more sunlight from multiple self-interested groups of people.

    2) It also lets us know if the State is favoring a certain ideology. (Other than simple power-grubbing and theiving, which is a constant.)

    3) If the State allows nonserious parties on the ballot, it often does so to divide serious opposition. (As in Chicago’s previous mayoral election, when Daley –in his generosity–“allowed” several nonserious candidates to skip the 25,000 signature requirement to access the ballot. This sent a message: Those who are serious about opposing me, don’t even start gathering the signatures, because it’s likely I’ll just knock you off the ballot, like I knocked Humberto Prado off the ballot in the 10th ward in 2002. Unless there are several people on the ballot who all have no campaign teams. Then, I’ll let them divide the anti-Daley vote amongst themselves.) This is a high-level tactic, and if shown as one, it can backfire.

    BTW: Free Aaron Patterson (the US political prisoner)!

  16. Jake Witmer

    *because everyone hated Barr and Topinka
    should read
    “because everyone hated Blago and Topinka”
    Topinka’s middle name is Barr, so that better explains the “double” Freudian slip…

  17. Donald R. Lake

    Well they did not act in a logical, sane manner ——- much like the looney brigade of the [so called] ‘Independent [so called] Green Party’, whom also are ‘Bloomberg Idiots’!

  18. Robert Milnes

    I think it is far more likely that the government quashed Unity 08. As part of their campaign against the Progressive Libertarian Alliance, which could win. A significant Unity 08 could have taken a lot of centrist votes from the dems & reps, which if the Alliance became viable, would make it a 4 way race which the Alliance would have a much better chance of winning.

  19. mdh

    I remember voting on unity 08 for Paul/Gravel and Paul/Kucinich. Thatb would’ve been a cool fucking ticket right there eh guys?

  20. V

    Wow! What very cool idea. Liberty and justice for ALL. Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before. I think the point that is being missed by most of the responses here so far is that ‘humane’ includes kindness to people — and simply by being kind to animals (by not raising them for slaughter) we’d be able to end deforestation and replant 90% of our forests, stop the number one polluter of water and the number one polluter of water (animal agribusiness), feed everyone on the planet instead of causing 40,000 to die every single day because we feed edible grains to animals instead of people, stop the number cause of plant species extinction, make cancer and heart disease a rarity instead of something we all pay for with our money and lives (virtually cleaning up the broken healthcare system), helping stop global warming (raising animals for food contributes more to global warming than all the cars, trucks, planes and other transportation on the planet combined), and just sets a new tone for the U.S. — one based on compassion, community, and personal responsibility rather on death and destruction… just because we can.

    I know this posting will be attacked and brutalized as goofy. And that just proves my point.

    Congrats to the Humane Party. Finally a party that takes a real stand.

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