Socialist Equality Party criticizes Detroit mayor

The Socialist Equality Party issued a statement criticizing Detroit Mayor David Bing for calling on “the city’s 13,000 employees to accept pay cuts of 10 to 20 percent through furloughs and workweek reductions.” The SEP said, “The demands of this multimillionaire businessman for ‘sacrifice’ from workers should be rejected with contempt. Bing has no popular mandate to carry out this policy. Last month’s primary elections were a mockery of democracy. Only 15 percent of the population voted, a sign of the mass disaffection of Detroit’s population with the entire political structure.”

The SEP said it “ran its own candidate, D’Artagnan Collier, a Detroit Water & Sewerage worker and member of AFSCME Local 207,” in this year’s mayor election, but its campaign “is by no means over following the primary elections. The aim of the SEP is to unify workers in the Untied States and internationally in the common struggle for socialism — that is, for equality and the rational and democratic utilization of the wealth of the planet.”

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