Daggett ‘polling in double digits’ in New Jersey gubernatorial bid

Political Wire reports that a Public Policy Polling survey on the New Jersey gubernatorial race, to be released today, shows independent Chris Daggett “polling in double digits”. Most of Daggett’s supporters “say they voted for Barack Obama last year” and for Democrat Jon Corzine for governor in 2005.

UPDATE: The poll shows Daggett at 13 percent. Corzine is at 35 percent, with Republican Chris Christie leading with 44 percent.

5 thoughts on “Daggett ‘polling in double digits’ in New Jersey gubernatorial bid

  1. Trent Hill

    13% is much higher than I expected Daggett to achieve. I expected him to score in the high single digits, but never reach double digits. If he can get 13%, he can get 30%.

  2. Christopher

    Daggett has been between 7% and 13%. Come election day he will poll under 10%. The Democrats who say they will vote for Daggett will pull the lever for Corzine on election day. Planned Parenthood just endorsed Corzine. The Sierra Club has endorsed Daggett.

    Christie is pro-life. For the majority of Democrats abortion trumps everything. Daggett is emphasizing environmental issues, a balanced budget and focusing on government waste and corruption, but the Democratic faithful will and have always put abortion on demand above everything else. Corzine will lose, but only by a few points.

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