Former Workers World presidential candidates meet with Abu-Jamal

Larry Holmes and Monica Moorehead of the Workers World Party met with Mumia Abu-Jamal at the State Correctional Institution-Greene Supermax prison in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, last week, the Workers World website reports. Abu-Jamal was convicted in 1982 of the killing of a Philadelphia police officer in December 1981 in a case that remains controversial.

Workers World says the “four-hour meeting with Abu-Jamal, known as ‘the voice of the voiceless,’ included such topics as the racist, right-wing attacks on the Obama administration; the growing capitalist economic crisis here and worldwide; the role of Black culture in the struggle; and the current letter and petition campaign to demand that the U.S. Department of Justice conduct a federal investigation into civil rights violations against Abu-Jamal. These gross violations have led to Abu-Jamal being unjustly sentenced to death row for the past 27 years.”

Holmes received 15,329 votes as the party’s presidential nominee in 1984, and 7,846 votes in 1988. He was the vice presidential nominee on the 1992 ticket, which received 181 votes. Moorehead received 29,083 votes as the party’s presidential nominee in 1996, and 4,795 votes in 2000.

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