Ground Report says: “Voters Face Political Cartel in US Election”

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Voters Face Political Cartel In US Election

by Richard Cooper    September 05, 2009

This year, Suffolk County (New York) voters on Long Island will have a choice of District Attorney Thomas Spota on the Democrat line. Or they could vote for Republican Thomas Spota.  If you detect a pattern here. you are right.  The other two countywide elected officials up for reelection this year, Republican County Treasurer Angie Carpenter and Democrat Sheriff Vincent DeMarco have the endorsement of the major parties.  As for the “official” alternative parties (Conservative, Independence and Working Families) all but DeMarco have the endorsements of the Little Three. What is this but a cartel arrangement?

The Libertarian Party sought to contest this election and offer Suffolk’s overtaxed and overregulated a choice.  The Libertarians nominated Christopher Garvey for District Attorney, Audrey Capozzi for Treasurer and Steve Kosin for Sheriff.

Their petitions were challenged by a member of the Democrat Party’s State Committee, a former employee of the Board of Elections, and former Democrat candidate for office.  On Friday September 4th, the petition objections were sustained by the Suffolk County Board of Election without specifying their findings with regard to any particular objection.  The Libertarian candidates will decide whether to go to court. The Board of Elections is composed solely of representatives of the Democrat and Republican Parties.  Isn’t this inherently unfair?

“We will have a Soviet-style ballot in Suffolk,” charges Libertarian D.A.candidate Chris Garvey.  (Full disclosure: Christopher Garvey is my friend and I managed his 1998 campaign for Governor).

What I do not understand is why the Democrats would even bother? There is no competition in these races.

The current and former occupants of the office of Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell) have condemned the restriction of ballot access by the Iranian authorities of challengers to the Islamic Republic conservatives.  Others have joined them in this criticism.

Is New York’s byzantine election law all that different than Iran’s in restricting voter choice by keeping inconvenient candidates off the ballot?


About the author: Richard Cooper is an international trade executive with a manufacturing firm on Long Island, New York, USA. He is active in the Libertarian Party on eminent domain and other issues. He was chair of the Libertarian Party of New York

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2 thoughts on “Ground Report says: “Voters Face Political Cartel in US Election”

  1. Robert Milnes

    We have got to sweep the dems & reps out of office. By far the most promising strategy is The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. One Libertarian OR one Green on EVERY ballot. BOTH sides vote for the one candidate.

  2. Dean Striker

    Well as a Libertarian from it’s beginning, yes this is sure wrong. It’s a two-party system, not by law but by the barriers set within laws.

    Few realize the difficulty of getting any 3rd party on the ballot, or the repeating difficulties brought in many states from having to re-register 3rd parties time after time. It’s expensive, time consuming, and distracts from our need to focus on our platforms and candidates.

    With the onrush of collectivism since Election2008, we’ll not see any improvement whatsoever until after they finally complete the move into economic collapse.

    But I wish you luck in New York on this one.

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