Friday: An inclusive Illinois Governor debate

from a Free and Equal Press release:

Illinois Gubernatorial Debate for 2010 Candidates to be Held Friday

Event to be Streamed LIVE @

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation will hold a Gubernatorial Debate for 2010 Candidates in Du Quoin, IL this FRIDAY,October 9th, 2009 at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds.

Beginning at 6 PM on Friday, the Gubernatorial Debate will be streamed LIVE on the foundation’s website:

The debate will be held as part of the Midwest Liberty  Fest. Free & Equal Founder and Chair Christina Tobin will serve as the moderator for the debate.

“This debate will be unique in that ALL the candidates are invited to participate, not just the Democrats and Republicans.” said Tobin.”We are excited that voters all across Illinois will have the opportunity to hear the candidates speak in person, or online via web stream.”

The debate will include members of the Democratic and Republican parties as well as the Constitution and Green Parties, and one Independent.

As of Wednesday October 7th, the following SIX candidates have confirmed:

Adam Andrzejewski
Republican Party Candidate

Dan Proft
Republican Party Candidate

Randall Stufflebeam
Constitution Party Candidate

Bill “Dock” Walls, III
Democratic Party Candidate

Michael White
Independent Candidate

Rich Whitney
Green Party Candidate

ALL 13 candidates who have announced their intentions of running in the race are invited to participate.

Two candidates, Republicans Bill Brady and Frank Edwards, did not reply despite repeated attempts to contact them.

Other candidates expressed interested, but could not accommodate the debate schedule.

“Free & Equal is committed to giving all candidates a forum, regardless of political ideology or partisan affiliation,” said Tobin. “It is imperative that the voters have a chance to hear all the candidates, not just those who may appear in the headlines regularly.”

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is a non partisan, non-profit  501 (c)4 public policy advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating restrictive ballot access laws that target Independent and Third-Party Candidates.

Free & Equal is committed to reforming restrictive ballot access laws across the nation, so that all candidates have a chance to be heard, regardless of political affiliation.

During the 2008 election, Free & Equal held an independent Presidential Debate in Washington, DC. The Free & Equal debate was the ONLY Presidential debate featuring Independent and Third-Party candidates held during the 2008 election to be broadcast to a national audience. The debate was broadcast Live by C-SPAN.

31 thoughts on “Friday: An inclusive Illinois Governor debate

  1. Robert Milnes

    Does anyone know what happened to the Libertarian candidate here? No lib. candidate? Can’t find time to participate? What? Now if there are 4 republican candidates-how did that happen?-one would think, that would make the democrat most favored. OR it might make the Green look more viable. Would the libs then vote for the more viable Green? I doubt it. They would more likely pick from the reps what they thought was the more libertarian leaning one. It might make some somewhat interesting analysis post election loss. & even if the Green did, One Green governor? No Green legislature or judiciary. Sounds like Jesse Ventura. Rendered ineffective. Let’s hear Rich Whitney have the balls to declare support for the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy & call for the libertarian vote. THAT would make this debate interesting!

  2. Robert Milnes

    Ventura was associated with the Reform party. Generally thought to be centrist to right of center party, what with Buchanan as presidential nominee. Ventura turned out to go very far right. To the revolutionary libertarian right. Again, little political support. No Reform or Libertarian legislature or judiciary.

  3. Robert Milnes

    TPR, that’s what I thought. No Libertarian candidate on this ballot. Does anyone know how 4 republicans got on? Just curious. Whitney could have still declared support for the PLAS. & I might as well start using that initialism. If anyone can come up with an appropriate word formation, please do, making it an acronym. In that case he would also withdraw or request the Lib. to withdraw depending on which was on the ballot first. But yes, the fact of no Lib on the ballot simplifies it. & 4 reps might help split the vote, leaving it between the Green & dem. The actual reality is that on election day a LOT of the vote that goes to the dem is the progressive vote. The progressive vote got Obama the dem nomination. That added to the liberal and black vote. Liberals knew and planned that well. Now it is long past time for the progressives to know their voting possibilities. If the progressive vote really is 27%, it is a matter of convincing that 27% to vote for a certain genuine progressive on the ballot, not a fake progressive like Obama. & that candidate could win hence their vote would not be “wasted”. Whitney could start a powerful change in the voting dynamic by declaring support for the PLAS an calling for the libertarian & saying that the libertarian vote has been estimated by the Cato Institute to be 13%. So, somebody needs to communicate to Whitney that this debate is a golden opportunity for him to set in motion the real possibility for him to win & be a catalyst for other genuine progressives, not fake progressives, as well as libertarians on other ballots to possibly win. For example he could SPECIFICALLY MENTION that there is no Green on New Jersey governor’s ballot also. He should ask progressive voters in NJ to vote for the Libertarian, Ken Kaplan. Then Libertarian voters can see the direct mutual benefit of progressive and libertarian vote coordination. I, for one, will be watching & waiting & hoping for Whitney to make such an announcement soon or at the debate. Third party activists, contact Whitney & ask him to make this announcement. This is a rare opportunity. Let’s not blow it. & yes, I just heard Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Makes no difference to me on what I’ve written and believe. Obama was elected by shrewd political tactics which took advantage of the politics of racism and he should resign asap. For the good of the country because if he wre to be assassinated, the USA would almost certainly be plunged into riots & catastrophic civil war. In fact I think it is very possible this could be in the planning by those who would seek power through declaration of martial law. So third party activists had better get with the program. No less than a genuine nonviolent progressive/revolutionary movement v. the possibility of martial law is at stake.

  4. Robert Milnes

    I, personally, am coming into a small inheritance soon. I am planning to hook up-finally-with my disabled friend in CA & go to the mountains-perhaps the Yukon-with as many guns & bullets as I can get & gold mine & live off the land. So if/when the shit hits the fan, I’ll be as ready as I can be. & I’ll say I told you so, but nobody listens to me. You’ll be able to contact me wirelessly until the towers stop working.

  5. Robert Milnes

    I had Starband so I could get satellite internet. But I probably will not. Because it is so expensive. Plus the reception could be traced and the satellite dish would be a tell to my location & is not very portable. No, brief, intermittent wireless unless the towers fail, then do without internet.

  6. Robert Milnes

    I just got up. Had a bad night. One of the stray kittens here in the trailer park died. I really hate FHV-1, which is actually an upper respiratory herpes virus. But I have had a chance to sleep on this situation. I was wondering whether having 4 reps on the ballot is a deliberate tactic/long term strategy by the reps. Let a few fool Greens win or come close. The dems would lose a vote & it would create more tension between the progressives that work within the democratic party & progressive Greens. The reps are that desperate.

  7. Robert Milnes

    Trent, I’ve observed somewhat the NJ situation. I did apply for LP governor nomination. I did consider running independent. Now there has been a little peep about a write in campaign for me. Daggett is an Independent. However he is a former republican EPA official. So the Greens & tree huggers have tacitly endorsed him. More or less because Corzine’s environmental record is poor. + IMO an Independent who is more or less a republican or democrat is not a real Independent. They have some reason for going Independent which is not really independent.

  8. d.eris

    “Whitney could have still declared support for the PLAS. & I might as well start using that initialism. If anyone can come up with an appropriate word formation, please do, making it an acronym.”

    How about: a “PLEA” for third party unity against the Democratic-Republican Party and the duopoly system of government:

    The Progressive-Libertarian-Electoral-Alliance.

  9. d.eris

    Or, how about: PLEASE, the Progressive Libertarian Electoral Alliance Strategy Embargo. As in PLEASE cease voting for the establishmentarian stooges of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

  10. JT

    Trent @ 11: LOL! Funny.

    Milnes: Can you please tell us more things about your life? Maybe list anything you’ve eaten today or how you like to brush your teeth? I’m sure everyone here finds it fascinating like I do.

  11. Trent Hill

    Yes, how DO you brush your teeth? Vertically, horizontally, or soft-gentle circles as the dentists suggest? We’re enraptured by the details of your incredible life.

  12. Chris Bennett

    The reason why there is no LP candidate is because LPI has not nominated a candidate yet. They will 2 weeks from Sunday in Collinsville,IL at the business meeting.

  13. Robert Milnes

    Chris Bennett@20, thank you for that further clarification. I was mistaken. I thought this was debates for the Nov elections. This is still primary season for 2010. The Green, Whitney I gather, has already been nominated. So, in order for the PLAS to be pursued, the Green or the Libertarian should ideally withdraw. This is not necessary but would simplify the Strategy for the voters-to follow the EITHER one Green OR one Libertarian on EVERY ballot. First come first served-The Honor System. So nominate the Lib then decide how to proceed. I suggest the Lib withdraw and/or endorse the Green in this case. Whitney should reciprocate by endorsing the Libertarian in New Jersey Governor race. That could set the stage & get things going.

  14. Robert Milnes

    Just woke up with my usual boner, Trent. Where is Susan?…Ok, I’ve cleared my head a little. I saw the debate last evening. No mention by Whitney of The Strategy. He will lose. Just like Jesse Johnson. Very little remarkable about the debate except of course it was inclusive via However I do not think getting inclusive debates with the dems & reps is enough to break out of the duopoly stranglehold. It is more on the order of entertainment for the masses. They get to see the crazy loser candidates safely, knowing they are not going to win. & get to feel good that they allowed them to debate with the dems & reps. Anything the crazy loser candidate says goes in one ear & out the other.

  15. Coolio

    Milnes, please move to the mountains like you previously stated. And please stay there, indefinitely.

  16. Robert Milnes

    Christina Tobin, as I said above, I saw the debate. You did very well as host/moderator. It is very interesting to see you visit IPR comments. Did you visit just to tell about the debate or have you read the comments? Are you familiar with The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy? Do you have an opinion or comments about it?

  17. Christina Tobin

    Thank you Robert. I try to browse through as many websites as I can. I’m familiar with the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. Our petitioning company Free & Equal Inc. got NY Libertarian State Coordinator Chris Edes on the ballot as both a Libertarian and Democrat for Rochester school board. I support more voices and choices & wish the best of luck to The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy!

  18. Sludge puppy

    @ 22 Robert Milnes wrote; “Just woke up with my usual loner”.

    So who is this loner? Are you referring to a rubber dolly type?

  19. Mr Treat

    I have a crazy idea for government that I’m positive will work it’s called Communistic Democracy. It takes the best of both worlds for example insted of welfare there would be job placement and instead of house of reps the entire comunity would agree upon bills before being pasted on to senate and that would satify the whole comunity as a whole so thre would be less complaining.

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