Newspaper covers 12 candidates for Governor in NJ

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New Jersey Newspaper Feature Story on All Gubernatorial Candidates

October 26th, 2009

The Morristown, New Jersey Daily Record has this [see link below] very long and complete story about the nine candidates for New Jersey Governor who have not been getting much publicity. The story, of course, features the Libertarian Party candidate and the Socialist Party candidate, and also the seven independent candidates other than Chris Daggett.

(excerpt from) The Daily Record on-line
Three choices for governor not enough? Here are another nine

…Most will gather this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Clifton High School, Passaic County,for their second self-organized debate of the campaign — a mix of idealists, populists, realists and conspiracy theorists who agree two-party politics needs an alternative and believe, most of them at least, that an independent could win…

On page 6 of the Daily Record article is a link to candidate ballot statements, and a listing and link of all the third party/independent candidates.

The list of all candidates running for Governor of New Jersey for November 2009 are: Kenneth Kaplan – Libertarian; Gregory Pason – Socialist Party USA; Independents – Gary Steele, Kostas Petris, Joshua Leinsdorf, David Meiswinkle, Gary Stein, Alvin Lindsay, Jr., Jason Cullen, and Chris Daggett; Republican Chris Christie; and Democrat Jon Corzine.

5 thoughts on “Newspaper covers 12 candidates for Governor in NJ

  1. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    flout: to treat with contempuous disregard.
    Cloud used to refer to this as macho-flashing.
    I guess we need candidates to point out the emperor is naked…as long as the candidate also suggests tasteful new fashions. We know the Party cannot be successful if all the voters know is what we are against without knowing what we are for.

  2. NewFederalist

    I guess I must have been around the block a few more times… when I knew Michael he was still Emerling before he changed to Cloud.

  3. HS

    Seems like more newspapers are giving some more coverage to non D and R candidates. A Sunday article in a daily Florida newspaper on the race to unseat Allan Boyd put Paul McKain on equal footing with the others, and the Trentonian last week did a feature story on Gene Baldassari.

    Wondering if the Daggett/Hoffman races may prove to be a watershed moment as opposed to Ventura who was more of a personality.

  4. Robert Milnes

    HS, that may very well be true. & possibly due to newspapers losing readership & having to expand their coverage to attract readers./// I’d like to take this opportunity to recap. I applied for LP nomination for Governor of NJ. Ken Kaplan got the nomination. I decided to not pursue write in candidacy for several reasons one being I’m too broke & depressed to campaign much. I’m looking forward to a small inheritance soon to improve my situation. However I could be doing fine if I got more political support-on the level of Ron Paul. As his “opposite”. He is counterrevolutionary, I am revolutionary or at least progressive. I have taken a lot of ideas & from many perspectives-most notably Milsted & Teddy Roosevelt-& come up with The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. IMO it is not too late to pursue this strategy this election. There would have to be a press conference in Washington with LP & Green party officials, candidates , activists & supporters, preferably famous/celebrity types or scholarly professor types(Prof Long). With some support I have offered to attend such a press conference. Also to campaign for the Libertarian in NJ, Ken Kaplan. Also for the Green for Mayor of NYC, Billy Talen and 2 Libertarians for NYC offices. So, at this late date, if anyone is inclined to support The Strategy or such a press conference, please do so asap.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Also I am in desperate need of a motorhome. I have moved into my van & it is very cramped & inadequate. I’m looking for a 1980-1991 Ford chassis with a back bedroom. Poor interior is ok as I intend to have my 4 cats with me. Fixerupper fine. I would use it as a campaign vehicle also. & I’m looking for solar panels. I can afford as high as 6000. Or donate!

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