Rev. Billy prophetic: Reports say Bloomberg spent $102 million dollars

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On election day, November 3, 2009, a whimsical post appeared at the Reverend Billy for Mayor of NYC website. Reverend Billy’s campaign claimed that, since he had just won $100 million dollars in the lottery, Reverend Billy now had a fair chance to beat Mayor Bloomberg for Mayor. Here is the headline: “REV. BILLY TALEN ANNOUNCES $100 MILLION LOTTERY WIN: “I am now a legitimate candidate!” Exclaims the Green Party nominee for Mayor”

Well, the post campaign reports are out: Mayor Bloomberg literally spent $102,000,000 dollars on his re-election campaign. Reverend Billy was on to something.

(excerpt from) The Daily News
Mayor Bloomberg spent $102M on campaign to win third term – or $175 per vote

By Celeste Katz / Saturday, November 28th 2009, 4:00 AM

Mayor Bloomberg’s third campaign for mayor has become the most expensive political campaign in American history.

Mayor Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign spending of more than $102 million to win a third term shatters a record previously set by … Mayor Bloomberg.

The mayor – who has spent more of his own cash pursuing elected office than anyone in U.S. history – blazed through $18.7 million between Oct. 20 and Thursday, new figures show.

There’s a mixed message in the bang Bloomberg got for his buck this year after angering some voters by pushing the City Council to overturn the two-term limit for mayors, said Prof. David Birdsell of Baruch College.

Although it may be “bad for democracy” to have one candidate with so much more financial firepower than any rival, he said, the slim margin suggests there’s “hope for people who can run tough, effective campaigns to exploit the weaknesses of even extraordinarily well-financed candidates.”…

One thought on “Rev. Billy prophetic: Reports say Bloomberg spent $102 million dollars

  1. Truth Teller

    … and Bloomberg still has nearly $18 Billion.

    A record of outstanding leadership.

    A record of giving hundreds of millions, nearly $1 Billion to charity, like medical centers, aid to children.

    Bloomberg has a record of a life time of service to this country.

    Now while I enjoyed Reverend Billy’s Green Party campaign, the good Rev’s creative and entertaining style…How does’ the Rev’s real life record stack up?

    …Michael Bloomberg is a great American.

    Reverend Billy, if he keeps running for office as a Green Party candidate, has the opportunity to become a great American…

    That’s the view from here..

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