Former Libertarian Party of Alabama Chair Steve Gordon on Rachel Maddow again discussing Tea Parties

From last night’s show (warning: Maddow spends most of the segment on her introduction):

Gordon was on Maddow to talk about tea parties at least one other time…

Discussed on IPR here.

Meanwhile, Bud Kennedy writes in the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

The political “Newcomer of the Year” must be the Tea Party protester.

But when you peek behind the new “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, some of the local Tea Party and 912 Project groups are looking more like the same old political factions.

When you sign up for e-mail from the supposedly nonpartisan Common Sense Texans network of Tea Party members, you’re giving your address to a Dallas Republican lawyer and social-networking-campaign expert who has been an activist for private-school vouchers.

Turns out I’m not the only person who’s leery of these fake grassroots activist groups sprouting on every block.

Robert Butler is the new state Libertarian Party executive director. He sounded frustrated Tuesday.

“The Libertarians started this thing, and now Republicans want to get ahead of the parade and take it over,” Butler said by phone from Austin.

“Their brand name is held in such disregard that they’ve started marketing under the Tea Party banner. Then, behind the scenes, their organizers are getting in there and co-opting the Tea Parties.”

Butler, a former Republican who switched parties in 2003, is particularly burned about the Dallas Tea Party. That group also operates the Grapevine-based NE Tarrant Tea Party, one of at least four Tea Party groups serving the Keller-Grapevine-Southlake area.

“We have evidence that Republicans are using the Dallas Tea Party to collect names and information,” Butler said.

For example, the Web site, a sign-up and information site for 34 Tea Party and 912 Project groups in Texas, is registered to Dallas lawyer and Tea Party coordinator Ken Emanuelson, a Fred Thompson campaigner and veteran Republican organizer.

The Dallas Tea Party has not included Libertarians in events since July 4, Butler said.

About one-third of Tea Party attendees generally claim libertarian views, Butler said. The split usually comes on religious issues such as gay marriage, where the Libertarian Party opposes government involvement.

Some Tea Party groups completely avoid religious issues. Yet others, particularly 912 Project groups, openly promote religious books and call for rule under “God’s law.”

“There’s just a very disorganized hodgepodge of groups out there,” Butler said.

“If they ever had their own political party, they wouldn’t all be in the same room.”

Libertarians will choose their nominee for governor June 11-13 at their state convention in Austin.

They’ll bring their own brand of tea.

Additional coverage at Raw Story.

For further background see Libertarian Party: we had the Tea Party idea first

Libertarian Party of Illinois: We gave Rick Santelli the idea for the Tax Day Tea Parties

21 thoughts on “Former Libertarian Party of Alabama Chair Steve Gordon on Rachel Maddow again discussing Tea Parties

  1. Vortex of Freedom

    The republicanized tea parties don’t talk about cutting spending nearly as much as they do tax cuts.

  2. Rob

    Agreed Vortex. If the Tea Party folks are serious about cutting spending, they will have to consider the possibility of slashing the defense budget and ask serious questions like why are we pouring out billions to defense contractors while being told it is our charitable duty to provide toys for the children of soldiers stationed abroad. I’m not going to hold my breath for these questions to be asked.


    Note from Paulie

    The original author of the email that was reproduced in this comment called me to ask that it be removed because it was a private email that was posted here unauthorized.

    I commented it off in case Trent wants to override me later, the text is still there inside comment marks.

    This is getting around, I just got words and it looks like the Media also knows about this.
    I am suggesting these people get removed otherwise there is going to be a major problem.

    I can’t make this stuff up.

    If you don’t want your stomach to turn and to get a terrible
    headache, please delete this mail right now and don’t read.

    On the other hand…
    If your morbid curiousity forces you to read on, I will
    keep it short and to the point.

    More information is coming out about Matthew Barnes.
    Above and beyond the multiple convictions for being a
    serial child molester of little boys 12 and under.

    It appears that the rumors of him being the leader
    of a mind-controlled cult is actually true.

    One of the escapees is in contact with me at this time
    and is hopefully going to give me more information
    about the inner workings of this cult.

    How is this relevant to you?

    As I understand it, 30 of them are going to the Long
    Beach Convention, in matching clothing, to take
    over things, including the Judicial Committee and
    to take as many board seats as possible.

    There are several journalists working on this, NONE
    of which I have been in contact with, despite what
    Takenaga is saying and Tom Knapp is writing.

    Please, please, think about what this all means
    to the LP and the LPCA.

    Current board members are primarily protecting
    Matthew and covering up for him.

    That’s all I can say at this time, but there is very
    very bad news going to come out soon.

    And, worse, if nobody stops them from taking
    over in Long Beach.


  4. White Power Libertaryan

    Bruce Cohen was my friend and gay lover in Canadian prison, where he was doing time for cocaine smuggling. It was a time in my life I will always look back on fondly.

    Later on, I introduced Bruce to Joe Cobb at a gay ecstasy party/orgy. and the rest is history, as they say.

  5. Barney the gay purple dinosaur

    What’s Paul Ireland doing these days?

    Is he the real power behind Matthew Barnes?

    Back in 2006 Paul Ireland wrote


    Over the years, the LP has had one thing that made it better than all
    other parties. It’s the one thing that made it stand out, and which
    made it the only viable option for making peaceful change in America
    and that thing is our libertarian principles.

    Last weekend those principles were sold out. There was a transparant
    plan on the part of a small pro-war minority in the party to take over
    and toss our principles out the window. They planned this cruise to
    exclude as many real libertarians as they could and to outnumber us
    and outvote us. They succeeded and now the LP is dead.

    M. Carling and his little bitch Aaron Star refused to seat delegates
    who filled out the membership application, signed and dated the
    pledge, and who paid their membership to not one, but 2 members of the
    Ex-Com acting in their official capacity as representatives of the
    Libertarian Party of California. Aaron Star said that their
    application wasn’t valid because it wasn’t “postmarked” as if that
    mattered. There was no written rule requiring a post mark. These
    people were told that they were members by an official representative
    of the party and bought tickets to the convention based on this, and
    the fact that they were told that in the history of the Libertarian
    Party of California, no member has ever been refused a seat as a
    delegate. M(idget) and Aaron said that they weren’t members for 90
    days so they couldn’t be seated. They ignore the fact that Gail
    Lightfoot’s son (who wasn’t a member before) registered on the spot at
    the last convention and was allowed to be a delegate.

    These 2 people were the youngest in the room and were among very few
    who weren’t white. I suspect both racial and age descrimination, and
    not seating them specifically because they were with me.

    They will be taking the LP of CA to court to sue for re-imbursement of
    the money they spent on membership, and the more than $400 each they
    spent to take the cruise, and I will be a witness for them. This is
    another story though.

    John Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
    make violent revolution inevitable.”

    I agree with this and since the door has been closed for peaceful
    change by the scummiest, dirtiest, most worthless people ever to join
    the LP, I will use the only option I have left. Any blood spilled
    will be on their heads.

    I have a lot of respect for Rodney Austin, but a lot of this was his
    fault. He was on the judicial committee and he allowed this
    anti-libertarian cabal to violate our bylaws which state the
    convention must be within the state of California or in another state
    (aka within the USA) with the involvement of the LP in charge of that
    region. Since there is no International LP, having the convention in
    International Waters invalidates the entire thing. If Rodney had
    actually stuck to the bylaws, they wouldn’t have gotten away with
    this… and trust me, they still might not get away with it.

    I’m running for Congress, and right now I am considering dropping out.
    But before I drop out, I am very tempted to do something so
    outrageous and horrific during a televised interview, it would give
    the California LP a black eye it might never recover from. I’d rather
    see the LP destroyed entirely than to see it misused and have its
    principles tossed out the window.


    Hmmm, maybe instead of doing something himself, what he did was get Matthew Barnes recruited to replace him as San Bernadino County Chair?

  6. Bruce Cohen

    It’s quite true that Rick Nichols and Paul Ireland were big supporters of Matthew Barnes and did push for him to take higher position and office in the San Berdoo LP.

    Kevin Takenaga and company, including Norm Westwell, were the ones who supported and promoted Mister Barnes as a State Officer.

    Nobody wanted to listen to me regarding any of the three men.

    WEll?… I TOLD YOU SO!

    As far as the reprinted Paul Ireland letter above, Paul wanted his wife’s relatives to be able to vote, and a ruling against him was made.

    Paul is a very enthusiastic and emotional person, and wrote that article to vent his steam regarding losing that battle.

    He later ended up getting kicked out of the LP for making violent threats serially, against many people in the LP, even Board members.

    Kevin Takenaga made the motion to kick out
    Mr. Ireland and voted YES on the motion.

    Time to do the same with Matthew the Child Molester.

  7. Joey G. Dauben

    This is the same LPCA that had Allen Hacker in an official capacity, right? Then what is the big surprise? Hell, “Starchild” isn’t a surprise, but this Matthew guy is?

    Sigh. All of the Tom McClintock Libertarians are in the RLC, thankfully.

  8. libertariangirl

    Joey , your an arrogant douche sometimes , I mostly like you but come on . Don’t put Starchild and that child molester together in the same sentence , there is NO comparison between the two Its just rude.

  9. Bruce Cohen

    Starchild is openly defending Matthew Barnes. Most of the LPCA Board (incorrectly called an Executive Committee) is privately and tacitly supporting Matthew’s right to stay a Member.

    He is still on his Committee Assignments, too.

    But back to Starchild. Since Star is defending Matthew, and Mister Child thinks Mister Barnes did no wrong… At this point, Starchild has put himself in the same sentence, LG.

  10. bubba gump

    Land of fruits and nuts, like I said.

    If the South would have won we’d have had it made.

  11. libertarianblue

    This what I’ve feared for awhile a Neocon take over of Ron Paul’s movement. Libertarians need to push the the non-interventionist message along with the anti-tax message. I’ve read articles in which Libertarians have chosen not to bring up foreign policy in order to coexist with Conservatives. I say enough is enough, because you can’t control the size of government when your crusading all over the damm planet. It’s time for Libertarians to stand up to Conservative statists and Interventionists before it’s too late or we will be back to where we started. Here is a C4L article that I think you guys should read.

  12. paulie Post author


    All of the Tom McClintock Libertarians are in the RLC

    McClintock is a Republican, not a Libertarian.

  13. Irv Rubin lives

    “As of 11:39 am, Pacific Time, Bruce Cohen, and as of 8:07 pm, Pacific
    Time, Matthew Barnes, have had their memberships in the Libertarian
    Party of California suspended for cause.”

  14. Rorschach

    Since it is fairly obvious that none of the California Executive Committee members traveled to a meeting place this last weekend, this seems to indicate an e-mail vote as permitted in their Bylaws, right next to the 120 hour voting window requirement for such an action.

    Also note that suspension requires a 2/3 vote.

    This demonstrates fairly definitively that Mr. Cohen is completely out of touch with the workings of the California State Party, as it is almost certain that the same group he condemns for lack of action were already in the midst of decision when he made his accusations. It demonstrates further that his claims above amount to little more than him ranting out his ass when he claims that the members of the Executive Committee, some members of whom he invoked by name, were “privately and tacitly” supporting “Matthew the Child Molester”, as obviously a supermajority of them acted in exactly the opposite manner.

    As they say, actions speak louder than words. No matter how loudly those words are shouted.

    Given his history of histrionics, contrasted with an impressive surge in fundraising and networking activity within the California party, I believe it is safe to say that Mr. Cohen is little more than a raving lunatic with an axe to grind. No doubt his dramatic display of verbal vitriol only hastened his inevitable inglorious removal in the same breath as such scum as that disgusting and deplorable pederast.

  15. Carolyn Marbry

    #17, what makes you believe they should have done it sooner, other than your Cartman-like distaste for Jews? If you can find an answer to that, you may find your answer to why they chose to remove him. If not, you may want to reexamine your assumptions.

    #3, I cannot fault the CA leadership on their treatment of this situation. They acted with caution to protect Barnes in case it was a false accusation (something I was concerned enough about to go into L.A. myself and look at the file), and they acted with decisiveness once they had all the facts and were certain of their authority under the CA by-laws.

    #5, Barnes was never chair of SBC. He was vice chair. Sorry. But thanks for playing.

    #10, If you sincerely believe Starchild’s defending boy scout leaders molesting scouts under their leadership on camping trips, why not ask him point blank instead of making these assumptions and assertions to cause drama?

  16. paulie Post author

    I asked around and haven’t been told why they canned Bruce, so for now I am assuming it was confidential.

    I asked him and he said he was not told either and didn’t know why.

    To me it would seem they should have told him, but I really don’t really know anything about the situation as I have an outside perspective.

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