Modern Whig Party National Council Meeting Recap

This past weekend, the Modern Whig Party held its first National Council Meeting in Washington D.C., bringing together members and volunteers from across the country. At Northern Virginia Whig, Rob Withers supplied a summary of the proceedings. At The Whig blog, Septimus also provides an overview:

First, at the meeting, we had a presentation and discussion on why third parties fail. There is no shying away from the mountain of problems that a third party faces. We are under no delusions. We also had a presentation from our first candidate on how his effort was received . . .

Second, we had a presentation on how to develop the Modern Whig Party both internally and externally: how we are different, and how we can do things a better way. Going forward, we will have a method of developing party leaders and candidates from within the party. Also, party members will be able to develop the issues and priorities of the party . . . The Modern Whig approach, going forward, is to give our members a real say in party affairs and the development of party issues. Future party leaders will not be picked from above, but will be those who have participated and helped to develop the party. This bottom-up, grass-roots approach will be central to the future of the Modern Whig Party.

Third, we refined and expanded the tenets of the party. They will reflect not only our core beliefs, and how we will develop, but what kind of political party we will be: moderate, reasonable, transparent, grass-roots and member-oriented, and decentralized.

Reporters were present for some portion of the proceedings. Slate intern Andrew Dubbins writes: “America says it wants a third party. Why not the Modern Whigs?”

[Excerpt cross-posted from Poli-Tea.]

4 thoughts on “Modern Whig Party National Council Meeting Recap

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  2. Concerned Whig

    Take notice how in response to that article (Slate) the former candidate form New Jersey and the New York Chair attacked the author for writing an honest piece.

    These guys don’t want to hear that they do wrong. anyone who points it out get turned on by them. From my understanding, that’s why Florida parted from them.

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  4. Tonyinlasvegas

    It looks like the Republicans are going down the tubes and will have a serious split between moderates and conservatives. Now is the time to go after those moderates. Does the Whig party have a plan for recruiting via social media used by Republicans?

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