Progressive Party member to leave Burlington City Council

Burlington City Councilor Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, a Progressive from Ward 2, will be leaving her city council seat on December 15.  She is moving from the ward, so she can no longer represent it.  There will be two Progressives on the Burlington City Council after she leaves.  The mayor of Burlington, Bob Kiss, is also a Progressive.  The seat will remain vacant until next March, when elections are held.

4 thoughts on “Progressive Party member to leave Burlington City Council

  1. Mike Indiana

    Sad news for the Vermont Progressives.

    hopefully the party can find a strong candidate to run for the seat. In theory this shouldn’t be to hard, after all the Vermont Progressives are the strongest third party (at the state level, party is not national) in the country and there base is Burlington.

  2. Mike Indiana

    Third Party Revolution,

    The linked article clearly states that under the terms of the city charter, when a councilor moves from the ward in which he or she was elected, the council seat becomes vacant.

    The remaining year in her term will be filled during the city election in March 2010. So the seat will only be vacant from Dec. 15 through March.

    So in answer to your question Kiss can’t appoint someone to fill the empty seat.

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