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Joe Kennedy thanks supporters

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Thank You

I want to send a huge THANK YOU out to my supporters and congratulate Senator Brown on his new role in the U.S. Senate. Senator Brown ran a very aggressive campaign and was able to get the support and funds needed to pull a huge upset in Massachusetts. May he represent the people well.

As for me, I have already been asked by a large number of people “What’s Next”? I have been asked to run for Auditor (I am backing Kamal Jain for Auditor), Governor (The field for Governor already is full with multimillionaires), to run against Brown in 2012, to run against Kerry in 2014, to run against Barney Frank and many other positions. All I can say is I am flattered and honored by this show of continued support. Before I run for other positions, I need to talk this race, some of the lessons learned, and the steps necessary for me to consider running in the future.

This was a learning experience. We ran the best race for Senate possible given the limited fundraising budget of a meager $18,000. With each step in the process, we learned and many times by trial and error. In addition, we faced obstacles never imagined. During the campaign, we faced sharp criticism and a change of heart from key supporters. Tea Party supporters turned their back on our campaign, despite my personal commitments in the past to numerous local events. Fellow Libertarians sent email after email asking me to drop out and support Brown. Members of the Independent party requested that we throw our support to Scott Brown. The negative email campaign from Tea Parties and Brown supporters from across the country impacted us greatly and we did not have the staff to compete against it. For those who are not aware, my unpaid campaign staff consisted of part-timers with limited campaign experience, and faced with the unmanageable task of coordinating campaign efforts across the state.

Here is my promise to you; I will do what needs to be done in Washington. I will go down there and file legislation to cut spending, hack jobs, useless departments and anything I find that is wasteful. I will fight lobbyists, cut my own salary and work to bring the Washington aristocracy back to earth. I will work to eliminate the FED, end any wars and ensure equal rights for all. I want to do this. And, I want your help.

Our biggest lesson learned is support and backing are essential. I will not run a losing campaign again. I need you to take an active role in mobilizing resources across the state while raising funds to pay for staff and advertising amongst other campaign costs. We can do this together. I will keep this site up, spread my own word, join organizations and sacrifice my own time. I ask of you, what are you willing to sacrifice for your country, your state, and your liberties?

If you want me to run again, I leave it up to you. Find me events, spread the word, and find a way to assist in funding my next campaign. When elected I will work harder for you and your wallet than anyone in government today. If you want me to run again we need to start today. Spread the word, get more people to join the site and keep the energy flowing. Let us together continue what we started and bring back a government of and for the people.

Thank you again.
Joseph L Kennedy

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  1. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi January 26, 2010

    It seems I’ve seen self-styled radical Ls were supporting JK, as was I, a different sort of radical. I’m surprised, however, that the self-styled radicals give JK so many passes for his plumbline deviations…like these:

    “I ask of you, what are you willing to sacrifice for your country, your state, and your liberties?”

    “Let us together continue what we started and bring back a government of and for the people.”

    If I or another reformer had written these words, one would anticipate howls of protest. ***Sacrifice?*** ***Since when has government been anything but “parasites” or “thugs” or “a gang”? the plumbliners would be expected to say.***

    Even I — moderate TAAAList L — probably wouldn’t use JK’s rhetoric, though I’m OK with it, and I’d certainly not want to send him to Plumbline Re-education Camp 😉 In fact, I think he did a great job, ATC.

    But this plumbliner double-standard thing is awfully bewildering sometimes. Can anyone make heads or tails out of it?

  2. Jake Jake January 26, 2010

    I believe Joe ran a campaign while not great; nobody ever expected this race, a month out, to happen like it did.

    Joe, in my opinion, was prepared for a little Republican/Tea Party uprise which would have given him an extra 2-3% in my opinion. Then the name confusion could have garnered him an additional 1-3%.

    The run that means he could have done 4-7% which is not bad by all means, but we all know what happened in the MA race during that last month which knocke him down anywhere from 3-6% in my opinion.

    Of course, this is all my opinion and there is no real great proof to back it up, but it makes sense to me at least. A less mainstream covered race would have helped Kennedy out a lot more than what happened.

  3. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi January 26, 2010

    bw, another ex. of the narcissism of small differences acted out…

  4. Bill Wood Bill Wood January 26, 2010

    “Say it ain’t so Joe!” you got e-mails from fellow “Libertarians” asking you to drop out of the race. In my time as a LP Member and watching other Libertarian Candidates/ Campaigns , I learned that the most attacks on the Candidate will come from “fellow Libertarians”, in fact this was the first thing I told the good people helping with my campaign. I would say over all we were treated better by the republicans and democrats.

  5. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg January 26, 2010

    Joe Kennedy should run again. As anything. We need leaders like him in office to help curtail the growth of government.

  6. Hal Hal January 25, 2010

    Very constructive, Milnes….

  7. Dennis Dennis January 25, 2010


    Good work, and good luck!

  8. Gary Gary January 25, 2010


    Thanks from California. The Tea Party people turning against you is expected. They are not believers in Classical Liberalism / Libertarianism. They were simply tick off Statist Republicans.

    You did well in the debates. Keep up the fight.

  9. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman January 25, 2010

    Thanks Joe for running a good campaign, and reminding people there is a Libertarian Option.

    I encourage you to stay active in the fight against big government, and build the Libertarian Movemen locally throughout Massachusetts. Maybe a run for Congress or State Senate is in your future.

  10. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes January 25, 2010

    Joe, just join the Crazy Losers Club & pass the lube.

  11. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes January 25, 2010

    “We ran the best race for Senate possible given…” No you didn’t. You didn’t run a PLAS campaign. So, you want to do all those things, do you? Kind of like me 35 years ago? Would you like to do them…next year? So, you say you want a revolution?…We all want to change the world. Wrong. A LOT of people don’t want to change the world. They are called reactionaries. AKA: dems & reps.

  12. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes January 25, 2010

    “I will not run a losing campaign again.”
    Huh? What does this mean? He’s not going to run again? He’s not going to run as a libertarian again? He IS going to run a PLAS campaign? But nobody can guarantee a PLAS campaign will win. What?

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