‘Making Greens the Opposition’

At Green Mass Group, GreenDem writes, “If the Green Party became a dominant party here in Massachusetts it would not only force the Democratic Party more to the left but maybe even the Republicans.”  The blogger talks about focusing on state legislative races rather than statewide races, because it is easy to make the ballot for those races and, the blogger says, a Green governor will never happen without support from lower offices.  The basic message of the piece is that Greens could become the opposition party – currently Massachusetts is something of a one party Democratic state – if they strategized and worked hard.

9 thoughts on “‘Making Greens the Opposition’

  1. Vaughn

    With our first primary coming up this year, the Green Party of Ohio is going to try to out register the Republicans in some counties. Counties like Mahoning, Trumbull, and Athens only have about 10% of their voting
    population registered as Republicans. We can’t be disregarded if there are more Greens than Republicans in a given county. If we
    can get around a quarter of the independent voters into our party and get some
    the progressives who have been settling for ‘change’ from the Democrats as well,
    we might be able to surpass the GOP in those counties.

  2. Richard Winger

    This is off the subject, but we had the first minor party ballot access lawsuit victory of 2010 today, and except for Ballot Access News, no news source has covered it, not even this good ol’ Independent Political Report.

  3. Libervention Price Club

    That’s a good point, Mr. Winger.

    Any way we can sign you up as an author here so you can cross-post stories directly when IPR writers aren’t getting the job done?

  4. Richard Winger

    Thanks for asking. But I have a perhaps selfish interest in motivating people to read BAN as well as IPR, so if I did that, people would be less likely to go to BAN.

  5. Don Lake .......... More FYI

    I consider Mister Winger a secular saint.

    I also think that BAN and IPR are not equal.

    I consider them more complimentary.

    They are both important, but different.

    They are similar but different.

    If too much BAN technicalities get posted
    on IPR, then it dilutes the specific and
    unique features of BAN.

    On guy’s opinion

  6. BrownChickenBrownCow


    That’s certainly understandable.

    But if the story is posted here at all, it will have whatever impact it has on BAN, positive or negative, regardless of who posts it.

  7. Ross Levin Post author

    I’ll post it, Richard, if someone hasn’t already.

    Vaughn – that’s great. That’s work that needs to be done, but unfortunately isn’t in many places.

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