Massachusetts: Independent Tim Cahill Picks Ex-GOPer For Lieutenant Governor

By Reid Wilson
National Journal

MA Treas. Tim Cahill (I) has picked a former GOPer to serve as his running mate during his 3rd-party (sic) bid for GOV.

Cahill will tap ex-state Rep. Paul Loscocco as his running mate, choosing a conservative after several other candidates rebuffed his advances. At least 3 other candidates — including state Sen. Scott Brown (R), running for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat — turned Cahill down before Loscocco said yes.

But even aside from being turned down, Cahill will have questions to answer about his new running mate. Loscocco contributed the maximum allowed, $500, to health care company CEO Charlie Baker (R) and hosted a fundraiser on his behalf, the Boston Globe reported.

Loscocco approached Baker’s campaign about serving as his running mate, both the Globe and the Boston Herald said, leaving GOPers scratching their heads over his decision to leave the party and join forces with Cahill.

Cahill, elected in ’06 as a Dem, is challenging Gov. Deval Patrick (D) and the winner of the GOP primary. In that race, Baker faces businessman and ’06 independent candidate Christy Mihos (R). In ’06, Mihos won 7% as an independent candidate.

The race has candidates positioning themselves awkwardly before the general election. Cahill is running as a fiscal hawk and positioning himself to the right of Baker on social issues. A source points out that Cahill is the only leading candidate with a pro-life running mate, while Baker’s choice to be LG is pro-choice.

Strategists for all 3 leading candidates will then try to figure out if Cahill’s candidacy robs votes from Patrick, given Cahill’s Dem pedigree, or if he will sap GOP votes from Baker, given his issue positions. Cahill is likely to make a dent in the race, though; the source said Cahill will put some of his own money into the race.

5 thoughts on “Massachusetts: Independent Tim Cahill Picks Ex-GOPer For Lieutenant Governor

  1. RickRealtor

    Cahill’s candidacy is clearly a poorly veiled attempt to split the conservative vote in order to give his boss the governor, an insurance policy against voter dissatisfaction.

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