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Warren Redlich Calls Gov. Paterson’s Soda Tax Wrong

Ryan Morden (2010-02-05)
OSWEGO, NY (WRVO) – While weak revenue collections last month have left lawmakers in Albany working to close an $8.2 billion budget gap, an anti-tax candidate running for governor is offering new ways to save the state money.

Warren Redlich is running for the republican and libertarian party nominations for governor. He says he would eliminate what he calls “corporate welfare” and adds that the governor’s soda tax is the wrong way to collect money for the state.

“Price Chopper cola costs 88 cents for a 2 liter bottle. And David Paterson wants to put a 68-cent tax on a 2 liter bottle of Price Chopper cola and Wegmans cola. Do you know who buys Price Chopper and Wegmans cola? People who can’t afford Coke. That’s not the place you stick it to when you have economic problems. You don’t stick it to the poor people. You don’t stick it to the regular people who are trying to get by,” said Redlich.

Redlich spoke with Susan Arbetter on The Capitol Pressroom.

Redlich said he is different than the other candidates because he wants to eliminate spending, not just control it. Governor Paterson has until February 9th to submit any amendments to his proposal to close the budget gap.

Libertarian Republican Explains His Political Strategy in Empire Page Interview
by PoliticalNewsToday.com

ALBANY, NY (02/04/2010)– Warren Redlich, a Guilderland lawyer and businessman who has twice run unsuccessfully for Congress, announced his intention to seek the Republican and Libertarian nominations for governor earlier this week. In an interview published today on the Empire Page website Redlich explained why he’s running, what he would do as governor to solve the state’s financial crisis and why he’s not seeking the Conservative Party nod.

“I’m not interested in any of the three recognized third parties,” Redlich said. “The Independence Party is not really independent. The Conservatives pretend to be conservative but then they endorse someone like Pataki or Lazio. And don’t get me started on WFP [Working Families Party].”

The entire interview with Warren Redlich can be found in the Improving New York section of the Empire Page website.

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And from the Blog “unconfirmed sources,” NickFun writes…

Guilderland, NY Board Member Warren Redlich Losing His Hair

Political opponents of Guilderland, NY board member Warren Redlich noted today that the aspiring Libertarian gubernatorial candidate appears to be in the early stages of losing his hair.

“It won’t be long before he’s completely bald!”, said Guilderland political rival Democrat Donald Csaposs (pro: Zap-Us). “Everyone knows a good politician needs a good head of hair”.

Csaposs pointed out that John F Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton George W. Bush and Barack Obama have or did have thick, luxurious heads of hair. Balding, he said, shows cowardice and indecisiveness. He also noted that George H.W. Bush had a receding hairline and was not reelected to a second term. Nixon, even though slightly balding, won the election because he only ran against candidates who had less hair than he did.

Another board member, who asked not to be named, claims she likes Redlich’s balding pate. “It’s a sign of testosterone and manliness! He drives me wild!” she stated.

Yet others claim that Redich is not going bald at all and simply possesses a high forehead. “It’s a sign of intelligence!” said Albany, NY mayor Jerry Jennings. “Just look at the size of his brain!”

After examining footage of Redlich in a recent debate, hair expert Joel Biggins stated that he suspects the candidate may be using some sort of hair restoration product such as Rogaine or Propecia.

“If he hires me as a campaign manager and follows my advice he could be headed for the White House!” Biggins declared.

NickFun also writes:

New York Press Trying to Ignore Libertarian Warren Redlich

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other New York newspapers and television stations are trying to maintain their journalistic bias by attempting to ignore Libertarian Candidate Warren Redlich in his bid for governor.
New York Times reporter Jimmy Francobitch stated that the newspaper will only report on Democrats and Republicans. “The Times only prints all the news that’s fit to print”, Francobitch stated. “Third parties and especially them godless Libertarians ain’t fit to print!”

Francobitch also stated that readers become confused if offered more than two choices for a political candidate.

“We did a very good job of ignoring Ron Paul”, said New York Times correspondent Judith Wilcox. “A lot of people didn’t even know he was running even though he made more money in one day than any candidate in history! Out of site, out of mind.”

For those of you who read the papers, Ron Paul was running for president as a Republican but most news reporters knew he was actually a Libertarian and chose to ignore him.

Special interest groups also stated that the Libertarians wanted to do away with their influence and threatened to withdraw support from candidates if they even discussed the matter.

I would say more but I am a member of the press and I have said too much already.

Kristin Davis is also running for the Libertarian nomination for Governor of New York.

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  1. Eric Sundwall

    The last two article examples in this entry were created by conscious spoofers . . . are you equating them to real news ? If so, you’re political perception is worse than I previously assumed.

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    The last two article examples in this entry were created by conscious spoofers . . . are you equating them to real news ?


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