Ralph Nader asked if he will run in the future

Ralph Nader has run for President of the United States with the Green Party, and more recently as an independent candidate.

from Ballot Access News
Nader Evades Interview Question About Running for Office in Future
/ March 9th, 2010

Ralph Nader appeared on Curtis Sliwa’s New York city radio talk show, on the morning of March 9. Here is the recording, which lasts 13 minutes. Nader, who is celebrating his 76th birthday, was asked if he might run for office in the future. He merely said, “I wish someone else would take up that agenda.”

Nader was asked about the Tea Party movement. He said, “Anything in the citizenry that has a pulse is good…the more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned.” He also brought up the Coffee Party movement.

About the health care bill, he seemed to acknowledge that it is an improvement on the status quo, but said it still leaves in place perverse incentives that motivate private health insurance companies to treat their customers badly. He urged people to visit www.singlepayeraction.org.

On Iraq, he said that the cost to the people of Iraq, and the people of the United States, has been staggering, and that “We have to pay attention here, to our country.”

4 thoughts on “Ralph Nader asked if he will run in the future

  1. Robert Milnes

    “I wish someone else would tke up that agenda.” That would be me, Ralph, for President. I would like you to run in Connecticutt for U.S. Senate. & Tom K. in MO for U.S. Senate. PLAS/FET/FDS. You had enough ballot access in 2008 & name recognition. But a third party/independent win in USA is very complicated. You did not coordinate the libertrian & progressive vote. You did not select a fusion vp. You had no downticket coattails. I will correct your mistakes. Unless everyone gives Ron Paul et al another 35 million.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Now, before I forget, I saw Jesse Ventura on Today this morning interviewed by Ann Curry. He was plugging his book American Conspiracies which is ok. It took a lot of guts to say what he did. I personally am convinced that Pearl Harbor was too convenient & the Select Committee on Assasinations was right about a fourth shot at JFK. So, it is not a quantum leap to be suspicious about a lot of other things the government is involved in. & incidentally, it occurred to me that it was very convenient that Sam Houston delayed rescuing the Alamo where his chief potential rival for presidency of any new Texas country was surrounded, Davy Crockett. So, Go Jesse Go!

  3. Green Party fan

    Enjoyed the Green Party story…and always nice to read of Ralph.

    Many have suggested that Ralph Nader could continue to expand, and grow the Green Party and unify many -bring in real tea party folks..not just the corporate flacks… by taking over Chairmanship of the National Green Party

    Green Party national Chairman Ralph Nader..


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