Stephen Unger: Can Progressives Declare Independence?

Posted at OpEdNews (read the full thing here):

For decades now, the great majority of progressives, particularly those in leadership roles, as well as, labor unions, have supported the Democrats unconditionally. No matter what terrible things the Democrats do, progressives have thus far made it clear that they will continue to back them, because they feel the Republicans are worse. All they ask for is a few soothing words now and then.

Progressives obviously have no influence at all with the Obama administration. But the converse is not true. A great many liberals now support, or at least accept, policies such as the wars and gross Bill of Rights violations, that they previously opposed, because they do not want to weaken the administration they helped elect. Thus a “lesser evil” victory is turning out to be worse than a greater evil victory might have been, because virtually the same bad policies are being followed, but now with much less opposition.

It seems obvious that continuing allegiance to the Democratic Party is a dead-end strategy. Progressives should stop playing games with slick politicians and stand up for what they believe in. The time has come for them to devote their energy to developing a new party that will represent their views which, even now, are shared by large numbers of Americans. Those views would surely become even more popular if promulgated by a substantial, coherent party.

23 thoughts on “Stephen Unger: Can Progressives Declare Independence?

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    For the record, myself and about 40 other regulars, including managing co-editor Rady Ananda were booted off of Op Ed News for saying this, and pointing out just how bad Obama and the Democrats were BEFORE the election.

    Michael Cavlan RN

  2. Ross Levin Post author

    Is that the only reason you were kicked off OpEdNews? Because I remember them being relatively third party friendly during the elections.

  3. Robert Milnes

    Teddy Roosevelt proved a progressive party will fail without PLAS. 100 years ago. Simply not quite enough votes. @27%. The Libertarian Vote @13%.

  4. Middle School Dropout

    PLAS is teh onnly chance for thrid paties to work.

    Shuut up Kavlan U R fag losser; porgressives will always B Dems so shuut uup.

  5. paulie

    LOL, now the ad is something about impressing french girls.

    I am pretty sure that it is not a part of the article…

  6. Michael Cavlan RN


    In answer to your point. In a word no.

    About 40 of us (COTO folks) who had been very open about Obama and the Dems were banned, in one fell swoop. In fact I remember that on the day of the O-BOMBer selection, we were told, in no uncertain terms that our “doom and gloom club’ would not be allowed to post, except in a thread that was created for us. Under threat that is we did not that w would be banned.

    The managing Editor, Rob Kall banned us all anyway, a week later. One of those who was banned was Op Ed’s former managing Co-Editor Rady Ananda.

  7. Robert Milnes

    paulie, I just tried to call your #. “not in service”. What does that mean? Do you want/need TinyBook & is it enough processor for your needs?

  8. paulie

    Not sure what number you called.

    My number is 415-690-6352, and it is in service.

    I can’t talk on the phone now as I am in a library, but you can leave a message.

    I do need a tinybook, and I expect it would probably be fine.

  9. Other Mr. T.

    Yes, they can… if their television sets tell them to. Or, if they lose everything, are homeless and stop watching TV long enouogh to span out of the political consensus trance. Mystery Quote of the day: “The ‘right’ is wrong and there’s no ‘left’ left here!”

  10. paulie

    paulie, as soon as you call with an address, I’ll send TinyBook. I asked Tom if I send it to him can he get it to you. no response yet.

    Tom would not be in any better position to send it to me than you would. I should have an address where I will be for at least 2-3 weeks by some time on Thursday.

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