Green candidate for state legislature in Philadelphia draws a crowd at candidate forum

Green Party state legislative candidate Hugh Giordano recently participated in a candidate forum.  He was the only non-Democrat in attendance, and he also had the largest crowd.  (Disclosure: I was there myself, in support of Hugh Giordano, and he did have the biggest crowd!)  Montgomery Media wrote a report on the event (in the picture, Giordano is on the right):

Green Party Candidate Hugh Giordano also attended the forum despite the fact that he has clinched his party’s nomination and is not on the primary ballot this May. He is working to be on the ballot in November.

Candidates all had their own cheering section but its Giordano’s that was the most vocal.

“You make it really, hard to follow you,” said Bill Morris, in good humor.

Morris often had to follow Giordano in the line of questioning…

Green Party Candidate Hugh Giordano made it abundantly clear that he is an independent man. The vocal young man is for public school reform, good jobs and single payer healthcare…

The first question dealt with underfunded schools in Philadelphia. Candidates agreed that the distribution of funding should reflect the needs of the districts but taxpayers should be getting full value for money.

“Parents should not have to pay thousands of dollars to pay for their kids to go to Catholic School when there is a perfectly good public school down the street,” said Giordano…

The third question dealt with a dedicated stream of funding for public transit. Giordano proposed a gas tax citing it would help people from using their cars unnecessarily…

The fourth question was the quickest one answered concerning a constituency office. Almost all candidates gave an unequivocal yes. Cohen took it one step further and wanted to make the constituency office a one-stop shop for municipal, state and federal constituencies. Giordano said he would have an office but would “be on the street anyway.”

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  1. Green Party Conservative

    Excellent Green Party news.

    Giordano is an impressive Green Party candidate.

    As a former Airborne veteran, I especially appreciate that another Green Party person understands a good “high and tight” airborne haircut.

    In other big Green Party news tonight…

    The national Green Party announced in email to members tonight this year’s Meeting in Detroit..

    Here’s the email I received.

    Join the Green Party in Detroit This June!

    The Green Party of the United States will be holding its Annual National Meeting this June in Detroit. Will you be there?

    In order to spread the Green message as widely as possible, our meeting will be held in conjunction with the U.S. Social Forum, a gathering of tens of thousands of people working to build people’s solutions to economic and ecological crisis.

    The Green Party will be meeting from June 24-27, 2010, in downtown Detroit, Michigan. We hope you can make it.

    Yes, I would like to register now!

    Sorry, I can’t make it. Let me support the Green Party by making a contribution now.

    Here’s what to expect in Detroit:

    Tens of thousands of activists meeting to discuss solutions, alternatives and visions for the problems people face. (Want to learn more about the U.S. Social Forum? Check out

    Workshops on issue activism, campaign skills, fundraising, and media access run by Greens in conjunction with the U.S. Social Forum.

    Great sights, sounds, and attractions! Detroit is the 11th-largest city in America, and home to theater and art, great music, sports, and diverse culture.

    Here’s how to register for the Green Party’s Annual National Meeting:

    Check out the meeting’s homepage. Use the links at the top to register for the meeting
    and secure lodging. Discount hotel rates and dormitory-style accommodations are available.

    Plus, here’s a BONUS: if you register for the Green Party meeting, your registration for the U.S. Social is included. You will get access to hundreds of workshops sponsored by the Social Forum on dozens of vital topics, in addition to the meetings of the Green Party National Committee.

    Hurry! Registration will go up $25 on May 1st. Register now and save!

    We hope to see in Detroit.

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  2. Green Party Conservative

    Green Party Watch is LOADED with news tonight.

    The New York Green Party’s Howie Hawkins is their Governor nominee.

    Howie is off to a fast Green Party start

    NY Green governor hopeful questions Cuomo’s Adirondack investigation
    April 14th, 2010 by Dave Schwab · No Comments
    From On the Wilder Side (and scooped by Liz Benjamin of Capital Tonight):

    Howie Hawkins, who recently qualified for the Green Party nomination for Governor, said today that it was improper for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to be investigating the recent purchase of nature preserve land in the Adirondacks, a purchase which the Attorney General approved before it occurred.

  3. Green Party Conservative

    New Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate

    Green Party of Arizona…

    Arizona Taxpayer Plans to Take Complaints to U.S. Senate

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — While everyone complains about income taxes, one Arizona taxpayer is doing something about it: he’s running for John McCain’s Senate seat. Jerry Joslyn recently joined the Green Party. He believes Democrats and Republicans have created a tax system that is far too complicated, and grossly unfair to middle-class Americans. “Tax breaks and loopholes are 100 times worse than earmarks when it comes to out-of-control budget deficits,” says Joslyn, “and both major parties are guilty of cutting special deals for special interests.”

    Joslyn will announce his candidacy, and his new tax plan on tax day, Thursday, April 15th. Under Joslyn’s plan every taxpayer would get one $20,000 deduction and be taxed 24% on all income above that. That’s it, no payroll tax, capital gains tax or estate tax. “Today,” says Joslyn, “the richest Americans enjoy a lower tax rate than the middle class. That’s not the way it was supposed to work; the Bush tax cuts were supposed to be across the board”.

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