Press Release: Rebecca Sink-Burris Wins Libertarian US Senate Nomination in Indiana

Indianapolis, IN – April 28 – The Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPIN) held its 2010 state convention in Indianapolis April 23 to April 25. The body selected Rebecca Sink-Burris to run for United States Senate. Sink-Burris will oppose Brad Ellsworth (D) and likely oppose Dan Coats (R) after the republican primary.
In a time of unmatched increase in government spending and power, Sink-Burris is running to reduce government spending across the board. Holding by the scruff of the neck a plush donkey and elephant Sink-Burris said, “The old parties have not listened. They have gone the opposite direction of what people have asked of them. They have made a mess of things and its time for them to go.”
Rebecca Sink-Burris has launched a media campaign that promises some controversial and viral messages, hoping to spark the voters to see that it is time for a change in Washington. To accompany her nomination, Sink-Burris has launched an internet campaign at When speaking about the nomination she said, “The time is right for a party that truly serves the freedom and economic security of its constituents; a party that truly represents the all the classes; a party that protects the smallest minority: the individual.”
Additional Information – Who is Rebecca Sink-Burris:
Rebecca Sink-Burris and her husband of 35 years, Mark Burris, reside on an old farm property that is surrounded by the scenic Morgan-Monroe State Forest in Bloomington, IN. Mark owns Burris Engineering Inc., which manufactures precision metal parts for turbine engines. Rebecca and Mark have two children, Matthew and Lauren.
Matt, 28, graduated from Kettering University in Michigan and is currently employed at Stimulus Engineering in southern Indiana. Lauren, 25, attended Indiana University as a history major and finished her undergraduate degree at Columbia College in Chicago. Lauren is pursuing a career in film making in Los Angles. Matt and Lauren both are Libertarians, much to the pride and pleasure of their parents.
Rebecca’s political heritage includes a great-great grandfather, who was a state legislator, as well as Sen. Richard Lugar, who is a distant relative. She is a lifelong Libertarian and advocate of free-market policies and individual rights.

10 thoughts on “Press Release: Rebecca Sink-Burris Wins Libertarian US Senate Nomination in Indiana

  1. Robert Milnes

    Has anyone had the -whatever-to tell Rebecca she is going to lose? Consideration. Honesty. Guts. Sympathy. & warn her to not mortgage the house? & hope to hit the Ron Paul jackpot. 35 million krugerands.

  2. Jeremy Young

    Sorry to be a title nazi, but it sounded to me as if Sink-Burris actually won the Senate seat. Maybe you could change “Bid” to “Nomination”?

  3. wolfefan

    I used to live in Indiana and was curious about her qualifications. Her “Who is Rebecca” page tells me next to nothing at all about her professional abilities, but does contain lots of glowing prose about how bright and smart her children are. A potential voter would know a lot about her kids and nothing about her; not a good sign.

  4. And In California .......... Lake

    I was curious about her qualifications. Her “Who is Chelene Nightingale” (faltering to a AIP primary loss on June 8th) page tells me next to nothing positive about her professional abilities …….. and I await the details of her civil trial ……….. and I live for the morning of June 9th!

    And the California Constitution Party? Does not exist, never had ……….

  5. cparx

    Her qualifications are her ideas.

    Read The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

    Qualifications for Senate….

    No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.

    She would uphold her oath, unlike her opponents.

  6. Robert Craig

    I find it extremely hard to understand how anyone can vote for any of the Dems. or Reps. who have spent their lives growing government and taking our freedom. These blood suckers will and are destroying our country. Wake up and vote the death of these two parties. They are far lefties, and leftie light! Vote those who will govern under the
    Constitution. Neither of these parties have shown the ability to do so.

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