New poll puts Green Party US Senate and gubernatorial candidates at about 5% in Illinois

A new poll from We Ask America puts Green Party US Senate candidate in Illinois LeAlan Jones’ support at 5.32 percent, while gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney (who received over 10 percent of the vote in 2006) at 4.81 percent.  In a similar poll just for the Senate race in March, 3.59 percent of respondants supported Jones (it’s also worth noting that there is a poll from mid-March in various swing districts in Illinois that includes Green candidates).

Jones and Whitney each received much higher support from independents than Democrats or Republicans, and a lot more support from men than women.  In each race, somewhere between 17 and 18 percent of voters remain undecided, and the Republican candidate is ahead of the Democrat by a greater percentage than the Green received.

12 thoughts on “New poll puts Green Party US Senate and gubernatorial candidates at about 5% in Illinois

  1. Nate

    I’m surprised Whitney isn’t doing better as well. I’m also surprised that more men than women would vote Green.

  2. RobertB

    LeAlan Jones is the only black candidate in the Illinois Senate race. Many blacks are upset as to how current appointed Senator Roland Burris has been treated by the news media and the Chicago City Hall Democratic establishment. It would not be surprising to see Jones get over 10% and surpass Whitney’s totals in 2006 based on protest votes from the black community alone. It does not matter for the final results of this race as Republican Mark Kirk will easily win this thing over bumbling Democratic machine creature and banker Alexi Giannoulias.

  3. RobertB

    One more thing: Jones needs to start aggresively making himself known in the black communities of Illinois if he wants to break the 10 percent barrier. Roland Burris is still very popular amongst blacks and neither the Dems or GOP Senate candidates have offered anything concrete to black voters. In my opinion, the Democrats would have been better off to go with Burris instead of the lightweight Giannoulias. In fact, Burris has become quite progressive in his stands during his Sentate stint. I would vote for him. Be that as it may, LeAlan Jones is in a good position to inherit the Burris base if he and the Green Party market themselves appropriately.

  4. Green Party Conservative

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