Uncovered Politics profiles Billy Roper of the Nationalist Party

From former IPR editor Austin Cassidy, posting on the site he created with IPR writer Darcy Richardson, Uncovered Politics:

This week, we’re taking a look at Billy Roper.

This Mr. Roper doesn’t live downstairs and participate in wacky sit-com antics. No, he’s running as a write-in candidate for Governor of Arkansas this year and a candidate for President in 2012.

Roper, or “Future Race Conscious White Mister President” as he’s called on his website, claims to represent something called the Nationalist Party.

Weirdly, the first two items on the party’s platform deal with repealing digital copyright laws. Perhaps he was an early fan of Napster?

Aside from the usual themes of limiting immigration and protecting white people from the dangers of non-white people, the party offers up a host of positions on the issues of the day.

On the issue of Crime: “We would establish two degrees of guilt in legal judgements: “Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”, which would allow an appeal, and “Guilty Beyond a Shadow Of Doubt”, which would not allow appeal.”

They also have a plank on Military Service: “No male can enlist in any combat or combat-related duty in the armed forces of the United States unless he has a son to carry on his name. Further, no females can enlist in the armed forces but as nurses, doctors, or other non-combat related roles. Homosexuals and non-citizens will be prohibited from serving in the military. The Home Guard, similar in duty to the National Guard, but not deployable overseas, may include males without male offspring. Home Guard service will also satisfy National Service citizenship requirements, and rank may be transferred to the regular armed forces if and when a male heir is born.”

The party has also posted a handful of web video ads promoting Roper’s campaign for President. Not surprisingly, they repeatedly strike racial themes.

As an example, this one suggests that “In 2042, America comes to an end…” and then filters together a collection of grainy video images of African-American and Hispanic people with various headlines about white people losing their majority.

To see this video and one other, continue reading at Uncovered Politics. While you’re there, check out the rest of the site, too.

7 thoughts on “Uncovered Politics profiles Billy Roper of the Nationalist Party

  1. paulie Post author

    Indeed, that was the point of the original article. I thought it would strike too editorial a tone for IPR.

    Whack Job: Billy Roper of the Nationalist Party
    Posted by Austin F. Cassidy • May 19, 2010 •

    This is a new feature for Uncovered Politics called the “Whack Job of the Week” in which I plan to throw the spotlight onto someone who is either crazy, stupid or a little bit of both. Far too frequently the media ignores or even gives credible coverage to people who are, quite frankly, deserving of our collective scorn or mocking.

    Some of them are plain old scam artists. Others are conspiracy theorists or avowed racists.

  2. Vernon

    When is it your turn as whack job of the week. The two degrees of guilt is used in Texas right now. I have read this platform, perhaps you would point out what is insane or stupid about it.

  3. Matt Hale

    Brother Roper is a stand up guy! Read Natures Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen. Dont be a bigot and closed minded. Learn the history of the real white world and your people. He did and now he fights with his heart. Can you say the same?

  4. Jeffrey Garten

    Still does not hold up to criticism. All is well.

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