Independent Surge in Arizona: Among New Registrants Unaffiliated Voters Outumber Those of All Parties Combined

From KGUN 9:

Arizona has added nearly 27,000 registered voters between April 19th and June 1st 2010 according to figures released by the Secretary of State’s office.

As of June 1st 2010 Arizona had a total of 3,093,647 active registered voters. The GOP reported 7,852 voters added, totaling 1,116,643 active registered voters. Democratic registration climbed by 3,879 to reach 1,005,665 active registered voters. The Libertarian Party added 322 additional members totaling 24,328. And the green party grew by 121 members raising their numbers to 4,466 active registered voters.

Independent or unaffiliated with any recognized party voters rose the fastest, 14,716 new independent voters brought the total to 942,545 active registered voters.

8 thoughts on “Independent Surge in Arizona: Among New Registrants Unaffiliated Voters Outumber Those of All Parties Combined

  1. AroundtheblockAFT

    A nice goal for 2011 would be to get just 5% of the Libertarian registereds to become active in the LP = 1,200.

  2. The 'Decline To State' Syndrome, [Lake]

    oops, ‘jumped’ to post with out my ‘submit’ …..

    “unaffiliated with any recognized party voters rose the fastest …….” as Don Lake has been saying for over half a decade!

    CP as third biggest national party ????????? Bull shit, like Cody Banks ………… the hype goes on and one ………. just like the Democans and the Republicrats!

    The anti Establishment Duopoly needs to be better the ‘big two bad guys’ —– not just as bad!


  3. Cody Quirk

    The Arizona CP ought to adopt the IAP banner, then they will have no problem getting ballot access.

  4. 'Thx for the bi line' Syndrome, [Lake]

    Cody Quirk // Jul 1, 2010:
    “Arizona CP ought to adopt the IAP banner, then they will have no problem getting ballot access.”

    Huh ??????????? How ?????????? Why ????????? And just because YOU say so ??????????? Will they get Pastor Chuck Baldwin on the California P2008 ballot, OR NOT ????????

    Such mind less hype, such steer manure!

  5. Jake Witmer

    The AZ LP is a morally bankrupt bunch of politicians-as-usual. They are not libertarian in any way, shape, or form. If they hadn’t shot themselves in the foot by dishonoring their word to me, they and the National LP be in the nationwide news every day, because they would have taken over La Paz and Greenlee county, and been growing like mad. Instead, they chose to not rehire me, for a series of fabricated reasons (one of which was the suggestion from Sean Haugh, the joke of a LP Political Director, to blacklist anyone who knew about the 2006 LP defrauding of 5 petitioners and sympathized with them). So, the AZ LP has remained a political nonentity, in one of the most fiscally conservative states in existence.

    If any quasi-libertarian political party wants to take over AZ, and they have the money to pay me to do it, I can make it happen. Of course, you’ll have to sign something that says that when your leadership changes in 2 years, you won’t stab me in the back, and when the work is completed, you’ll give me a commendation in writing for the work I’ve done.

    I and my brother registered over 1,000 people in AZ in 2003 and 2005, keeping the LP on the ballot in rural areas that the non-libertarian mercenaries they hired in 2009 (“Debra De La Roca”, “Jakar”) wouldn’t even set foot in.

    The AZ LP board of directors are much less moral people than your average Democrat.

    If I knew anything about the AZ LP, and I lived in Arizona, I’d start my own political party.

    As a matter of fact, it’s such a libertarian state, I might move there and do exactly that, especially now that they have adopted Alaska’s universal concealed carry (So I wouldn’t even need to give up my guns, or take more humiliating CCW courses to beg for freedom that is already gauranteed by the 2nd amendment). Burn in hell, AZ LP backstabbers.

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