NY Green Gov. candidate Howie Hawkins calls for Green New Deal in oped

Printed in the Oneida Daily Dispatch:

I want a Green New Deal, one that builds on the economic rights that FDR championed to build upon his initial New Deal. If the private sector can’t provide jobs, then the government needs to put people to work — fixing up houses, taking care of the elderly and children, cleaning up our parks and neighborhoods, doing things to improve our quality of life.

We need a tax system where people support essential services based on their ability to pay. We don’t need New York’s present tax system with loopholes for the wealthy and multi-state big businesses and back-breaking high property and sales taxes for working families, those on fixed income, and small businesses.

Career politicians who cater to the needs of corporate special interests hold our state government captive. In recent years numerous lawmakers of both major parties in Albany have been guilty of corruption or forced to resign for unethical behavior.

7 thoughts on “NY Green Gov. candidate Howie Hawkins calls for Green New Deal in oped

  1. ........ news: Glimmers of hope in the East Coast (Lake)

    as possibly true as each and every sentence might be, the greenies, have an on going more pressing Public Relations problem. Image.

    As the Centennial of Teddy Roosevelt’s HISTORIC Bull Moose effort of 1912 approaches, the GP USA still presents it self as an ineffectual commune of effeminate gardeners.

    As some one whom hails from Kansas I think the Sunflower (and I’m growing some from seed —– as I type ………..) is and always has been the wrong message.

    The Theodore plush toy bear as an effective and efficient fund raiser! The [green colored ????] three bladed electricity producing wind mill as a peace sign / partisan / clean energy symbol.

    Personal icon ??????? The GOP has Lincoln / Pacadyrm, the Dems have FDR / Donkey, and the Libs have Thomas Jefferson / Liberty Bell! No wonder the greenies are with out direction — as they are with out a personal leader!

    Ansel Adams, Johnny Apple Seed, hey how about flawed [but famous] Theodore Roosevelt [and the Bull Moose] ??????

    May be the greens, with ‘leaders’ like Cobb [easy on the Democrats in close races] and LaMarshe [‘don’t vote for me!’] are just so rudderless [and so ‘Room Temperature IQ] that they are just not capable of progress ………..

  2. Green Party Conservative

    The Green Party is about creating jobs! jobs! jobs!

    The Green New Deal is all about jobs!

    The Green New Deal is more than a great slogan.

    It’s a superb and successful platform for the Green Party.

    Since 2008 Green Parties around the world have run on the Green New Deal and won record numbers of votes.

    The Green Party’s Green New Deal seeks to create private sector jobs in solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power. Cut oil dependence by building new High Speed Rail nationwide.

    And getting out of the insane wasteful wars…

  3. Deran

    So, is the IGV LaRouchies or former Fulanites?

    it is a good laugh when they post here claiming to be inspired by all the other, real existing, Green Party efforts.

    Oh! maybe it’s really Dear Leader Imperato?

  4. Starchild

    Please… the United States is still suffering the effects of FDR’s “New Deal” in the form of a bankrupt Social “Security” Ponzi scheme, etc. Can’t you at least wait until the economic recession is over?

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