Press Release: Florida Whig Party Endorses Snitker, Calls For Ridings Resignation

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Florida Whig Party Chairman Paul Truesdell released a public video message on Friday calling for the resignation of Florida Press Association (FPA) President Dean Ridings. The Whig Party was responding to the FPA’s exclusion of Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker in a candidate forum at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota Thursday.

In the video message, Truesdell asked Ridings, “How dare you on Thursday refuse to allow Libertarian candidate Alex Snitker from appearing on stage?”

Snitker attended the forum and stood during the meeting to request equal speaking time. Ridings denied him the opportunity to speak, and called security to have Snitker removed.

The forum included Senate candidates Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene. However, Snitker was not invited. Ridings attributed that to Snitker not having attained 10% support in a “credible” general election poll.

An investigation revealed that Jeff Greene had not met the FPA requirement for inclusion, but was allowed to speak at the event anyway. Greene had received 27% in a Democratic primary poll by Quinnipiac that only included registered Democrats. Since Snitker does not have a primary challenge, it is virtually assured that he would have greater than 10% support within the Libertarian Party, the third largest political party in Florida.

Snitker also countered that the media has not included him in any polls that they have commissioned, therefore they have no standing to exclude him.  “Shame on you,” said Truesdell said to Ridings, “It is wrong what you’ve done, and you should resign as President of the Florida Press Association.”

However, Ridings’ refusal to allow Snitker to speak appears to have benefited him. Snitker’s impromptu and passionate address to the assembly sparked far-reaching media coverage, and resulted in a huge increase in public interest in his campaign.

“The Florida Whig Party has endorsed Alex Snitker as its candidate for the U.S. Senate,” said Truesdell, “ and we encourage you to vote and spread the word.”

7 thoughts on “Press Release: Florida Whig Party Endorses Snitker, Calls For Ridings Resignation

  1. Austin Cassidy

    By what measurement is the Libertarian Party the third largest party in Florida?

  2. ........ news: More Austin Cassidy spills (via Lake)

    and this is the [REPUBLICAN] founder of the manipulated, contorted, failed, disgraced Third Party Watch.

    ……… Just when the *light bulb fuzzes on* and the rank and file s l o w l y realize the extent of the damage of the Democans and the Republicrats. The general public HUNGERS for the third way.

    Let’s pledge our selves to be better, waaaaaaaay better than the Dems and GOP ——- not just as bad!

  3. ........ news: Glimmers of hope in the Heart Land (Lake)

    ‘draggon drops …….’ from Saint Richard Winger and ‘Ballot Access News’ :

    On June 19, the Montana Newspaper Association hosted a debate for the three candidates on the November 2010 ballot for U.S. House-at-large * ……. Democratic, Republican and Libertarian Parties.

    * [Lake: Like Wyoming and other low population states, the Big Sky / Few People of Montana have two federal senators but only one Congress Person (cough, cough, gag, gag, Dick less Cheneny) and thus three Electoral votes.]

  4. Justin Payne

    I found that there are only a handfull of registered Whigs in Florida, and that the NPA is the third largest in registered voters in Florida with the Independents fourth and the Independence party fifth and so on, anyway what is a Whig, I Whig my tail, I Whig my nose, I think i will start a party and call it the boy night out party, them everyone will know what it stands for and is about. will you join?

  5. Don Lake and Citizens For A Better Veterans Home wonders .....

    *personal experience* the national and or west coast version of the same have been the biggest groups of do nothings since the Post Patrick and [sister] Baye Buchanan deform movement of 2000! I personally sent in a completely filled out (postage free / prepaid) California Voter Registation form. All DC had to do was drop it in the mail. (They did not!)

    These guys make Obama, my Yokohoma Momma, look skilled and decisive!

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