The Huffington Post interviews Green candidate for US Senate LeAlan Jones

As part of a series of interviews with interesting Chicagoans, the Huffington Post recently interviewed the Green Party candidate for US Senate in Illinois, LeAlan Jones.  He recently polled 14 percent and has been getting a lot of coverage because of it.  Read the whole thing here.

HP: Do a lot of Illinois voters know about the Green Party?

LJ: It’s a combination of people who have some knowledge and people who know very little [about the party.] I spend a lot of time talking about what the party is, what it stands for and how it is well-suited for the every day citizen.

HP: Democrats have somewhat of a stranglehold on Chicago politics in particular, how did you get involved with the Green Party?

LJ: I became involved after [finding out] what Rod Blagojevich tried to do with the Senate seat. I’ve always been very observant of the political process, and thought there [had to be] an alternative.

HP: Do you think the Green Party can emerge victorious in Illinois?

LJ: There has been Green Party success. Rich [Whitney] put us in the position we are in now…I would not be surprised if [my numbers] are in the mid-to-low 20s going into the fall. I have 16 percent of the people who voted for [President] Obama. With media attention, being mentioned in every [Senate] story going forward, I have more opportunities to interface with those voters…show them my platform. [Media attention] allows people to have a greater understanding of who I am.

3 thoughts on “The Huffington Post interviews Green candidate for US Senate LeAlan Jones

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Thanks for post.

    Green Party’s LeAlan Jones is candidate for U.S. Senate.

    This is the first time the guy has run for public office and he is polling near 20 per cent…

    The Green Party’s LeAlan Jones appears to be a natural…

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