Green Senatorial Candidate in Illinois Polls 14%

A new poll from Public Policy Polling on the Illinois Senatorial contest has been released. The poll chose to include the Democratic, Republican, and Green nominees, but not other nominees who will likely qualify for the ballot. The Green Party nominee, LeAlan Jones, scored 14% in that poll.

The poll’s returns are strange–LeAlan Jones scores highest amongst those who self-identified as conservative. Jones’ favorables are hovering around 2 or 3%, with 80+% saying say they don’t know the candidate.

10 thoughts on “Green Senatorial Candidate in Illinois Polls 14%

  1. Green Party Conservative

    As a Green Party conservative, I do not find the results strange at all.

    Conservatives helped found the Green Party.

    The Green Party is the most fiscally conservative of the parties. Greens have long called for stopping the most wasteful federal spending, where one of every three tax dollars disappears…the very misnamed – Department of Defense…..

    Thanks for the great green party news.

    Glad to see sensible, intelligent conservatives are moving to the Green Party.

    This will make America stronger, and the world safer.

  2. Derek

    Plead for PLAS/Fusion!! This poll strengthens many people’s wish (mainly Bob Milnes) that a united third party/independent ticket can potentially win a Congressional race!

  3. Green Party Conservative

    Yes, Indeed.

    LeAlan Jones of the Green Party has a real opportunity here.

    Send that fellow money folks.

    And the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate is polling 9 per cent in South Carolina…

  4. Real California Conservtaive

    Include the theocrats/Constitution Party in PLAS this time if any are interested. Lots of conservatives don’t like Republican Mark Kirk.

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    This poll is likely skewed, guys. Many conservative voters are dissatisfied with Kirk as the GOP nominee, they wanted the teaparty candidate to be the nominee. My guess is that they chose Jones in order to show they would vote “other”–this is supported by the large number of conservatives who said they’d vote for Jones. I suspect if Stufflebeam (of the CP) gets on the ballot, he’ll pull much of that support away. Similarly, if Rebecca Sink-Burris gets on as the LP candidate, she will split this percentage down. I suspect, though, that Illinois might have 3 third party candidates who all exceed 3-4%.

  6. Ross

    There’s supposedly some conservative independent with over $1 million in funds who’s entering the race.

    This is still good news though. Jones has 26% of the support of African Americans, meaning that it’s not just conservatives supporting him in large numbers (that is, African Americans really tend to be liberal), and he had double digit support in many other categories, too.

    Anyway, here’s an interview of him with an ABC affiliate that he posted on his facebook:

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    I suspect that despite Burris running, she won’t catch much support. She isn’t really the teaparty type. Jones will continue to get substantial support from the more progressive voters who are upset with the Dem nominee. Stufflebeam, of the CP, will likely get the teaparty voters who are upset with Kirk as the GOP nominee–with both scoring…5-7%. Could be interesting.

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