Arkansas Greens likely to pick up Saline County collector seat this November

From the Benton Courier:

Joy Ballard was nominated for the collector position at a meeting July 17.

Ballard said she never has claimed an affiliation with any political party and has considered herself as an independent.  However, to have her name actually appear on the ballot required her to affiliate with a political party.  Both the Republican and Democratic filing deadlines had passed.

“Upon exploring viable options to become a candidate, it became apparent that running under the Green Party label was the best option,” she said…

Asked how she feels about the platform of the Green Party, Ballard said: “The Green Party stands for kind of like saving the earth. They’re into recycling, caring for the earth, and not using all of our materials. They’re about leaving something for the next generation and are strong advocates for women’s rights — equal pay for equal work. And they’re strong on labor and support safety in the work place.

“I’m not supportive of everything the party stands for 100 percent, nor can I say that about Democrats or Republicans,” she said…

Ballard has a working relationship with Arkansas’ Congressional delegation, elected state officials and mayors of Saline County’s various municipalities.  For eight years she has chaired the Saline County Celebration of Lights and chaired the Courthouse Centennial Celebration.

She is a member of the Single Parent Scholarship Committee, secretary of the Saline County Watershed Alliance and chair of the Women Can Run Committee.

Her current position in the judge’s office requires the preparation and submission of various federal and state grant applications. She said she has been successful in obtaining funding for the Veterans Memorial, Arkansas Historic Preservation Grants for courthouse improvements, bulletproof vests for Saline County law enforcement, local law enforcement block grants, mitigation grants from FEMA for the Canney Creek Bridge and Post Oak subdivisions and energy grants for courthouse conservation efforts, “to name just a few.”

Before working in county government, Ballard was in bank management…

One write-in candidate, James Ward, owner of COP Security, withdrew from the race after learning of Ballard’s candidacy for the Green Party. Other write-in candidates who, to date, are continuing in the race are: Dwight Fite, 66, a former state representative who served three terms and who was head coach at Benton, Bryant and Bauxite high schools; Saline County Justice of the Peace Doug Curtis, 50, and owner of Curtis Auto Glass Inc.; Lisa Dodson, 40, an agent with Baxley-Penfield-Moudy Real Estate; and Georgine Hester McKim, 60, supervisor of the Arkansas Revenue Department’s Bryant office.

16 thoughts on “Arkansas Greens likely to pick up Saline County collector seat this November

  1. paulie

    Comment by Jim Lendall at BAN:

    Green Party Candidates
    (I apologize for the lack of caps)
    u.s.senate-john gray
    congress-district 1-ken adler
    congress district 2-lewis kennedy
    congress district 4-joshua drake
    governor- jim lendall
    secretary of state- david orr
    attorney general- rebekah kennedy
    state auditor- mary willis
    state treasurer- bobby tullis
    state senate district 18- greg slocum
    state rep. district 33- conrad harvin
    state rep. district 90- mark swaney
    saline county collector- joy ballard
    johnson county coronor- ray wood

    howard smith- west memphis city council
    jacob hollaway- jonesboro city council

  2. Green Party Conservative

    The more Green Party candidates on the ballot across the nation….the more Green Party candidates will be elected….

    That’s the solution…on the ballot as a Green Party candidate at all levels…

  3. Andy

    This will be the 3rd election in a row where the Green Party obtained full party status in Arkansas. This allows them to run a full slate of candidates with the Green Party label next to their names.

    Constrast this with the Libertarian Party who has never had full party status in Arkansas. The only Libertarian Party candidates for the past 6 years was the Barr/Root Presidential ticket. The Libertarian Party of Arkansas won’t have any candidates on the ballot for 2010.

    The Libertarian Party should wake up and learn a lesson from this. One of the biggest keys to success – that is getting ahead as a political party – is to get candidates on the ballot. The Green Party in Arkansas is getting ahead while the Libertarian Party in Arkansas is going nowhere.

  4. paulie

    Actually, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas is showing new signs of life after a recent change in leadership. They may be doing some ballot access next year.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    What would a Green Party county coroner do differently from another county coroner?

    The Green Party even wants to make death more green, how about that.

  6. Green Party Conservative

    From what I’ve seen and heard…most libertarians in Arkansas are inside the Green Party and running and working as libertarian Green Party membes and candidates…

    Check out their Green Party candidates and see the proof..

    …a libertarian conservative Green Party in many races, and cases…

  7. Zeleni

    Oftentimes, the coroner gets to decide whether to call for an inquest and further investigation into a death. This can be useful when the police or politicians were involved and and abuse of power would typically shut down the case. I’ve also heard the coroner has the authority to arrest the sheriff, kind of like the spies in Stratego.

  8. paulie

    most libertarians in Arkansas are inside the Green Party and running and working as libertarian Green Party membes and candidates…

    Check out their Green Party candidates and see the proof..

    …a libertarian conservative Green Party in many races, and cases…

    1) Libertarians are not conservative

    2) Arkansas Libertarians have their own party

    3) I know Arkansas Greens, have been to meetings and am on their yahoo group, got them on the ballot twice with a few friends I recruited plus got them a thousand signatures this last time. Their candidates are not conservative or libertarian.

    Many of them do support gun owners rights, though.

  9. Ray Wood, Green Party Candidate for Coroner

    Paulie, I will do alot of things differently. First and formost I will have respect and dignity for not only the deceased but also the family. This county does not have that at this point. The current coroner works for a funeral home and pries the coroner calls there. I will not. I will carry 7 price list of the funeral homes in the area and the family will decide who to use. I am also not a drinker and that is a plus. I want what is best for my families in Johnson County. I may not win this race but I want everyone taken care of and deaths investigated. Not everyone dies from a heart attack as is the norm here now. I would discuss further if so needed, just email me. Thanks you for your time.

  10. Ray Wood, Green Party Candidate for Coroner

    No its not legal. But no body is going to fight them over it. We have the good ole boy system here. Its who you know and who’s rear you kiss.

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