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Arizona Republicans Allegedly Sought to Hijack Green Party Primary


This year, the ballot-qualified Arizona Green Party, which is required under state law to nominate by primary, has in influx of candidates who are apparently not bona fide Greens, and who have refused to meet with Green Party activists and leaders. There is evidence that political consultants who are associated with Republicans recruited these candidates. See this blog post.

Arizona Green Party via Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Phoenix, AZ—On Sunday, August 22nd, 2010, the Arizona Green Party (AZGP) state committee completed endorsements for the 2010 elections. All of the candidates were interviewed, and answered questions on their campaigns, and their support for the Green Party Ten Key Values and our national Green Party-US platform. The following Green Party candidates have been endorsed by AZGP. We encourage registered voters in Arizona to vote for, support, volunteer, and donate to their campaigns:

Jerry Joslyn: U.S. Senate; William Crum: U.S. Congress (CD 2), write-in candidate for General Election; Leonard Clark: U.S. Congress (CD 3), write-in candidate; Rebecca DeWitt: U.S. Congress (CD 4); Deborah O’Dowd: State Representative (LD 6), write-in candidate; Justin Dahl: State Representative (LD 12); Luisa Valdez: State Representative (LD 15); Angel Torres: State Representative (LD 16); Gregor Knauer: State Representative (LD 17); Linda Macias: State Representative (LD 21); and Kent Solberg: State Representative (LD 27). Leonard Clark said, “I am glad to be endorsed by the Green Party. Because it’s about time that the people of Arizona have a real choice when they go to vote.”

Richard Grayson, write-in candidate for U.S. Congress (CD 6), was vetted, but remains non-endorsed by AZGP. If he is successful in the Primary Election, the Arizona Green Party may reconsider endorsing him for the General Election.

Claudia Ellquist, AZGP state co-chair, stated, “There are several Green Party candidates that are actively opposed. We strongly advise all registered Arizona voters to not waste their votes on these individuals during the August 24th Primary Election or the November 2nd General Election (assuming they advance).” The offices include: Governor, Secretary of State (write-in), Treasurer (write-in), Corporation Commission (2 write-in candidates), U.S. Congress (CD 5, write-in), State Senate (LD 10, 2 write-in candidates), State Representative (LD 17, write-in), State Senate (LD 17, write-in), State Representative (LD 20, write-in), State Representative (LD 22, write-in), and State Senate (LD 23, write-in).

Angel Torres, AZGP state co-chair and candidate for LD 16, stated, “It is absolutely critical that our candidates are interviewed, vetted and endorsed by AZGP. This lets our registered Arizona Greens know that these candidates have met our standards, and are not carpetbaggers or opportunists trying to hijack our ballot line.”

The mission of the Arizona Green Party (AZGP) is to build and sustain an alternative, progressive political party that promotes and practices the Ten Key Values. We do not accept corporate donations and uniquely rely on the generosity of individual donors and volunteers. The four pillars of the Green Party are Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, and Non-violence.

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  1. And the Democratic Party in Ole Massachusetts :

    less than 70 days until election day and this campaign is on a roll. From making the ballot to the press surrounding Jill’s performance in the Cape Wind debate, the breakthrough we need seems to be just around the corner. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without your support!

    The first televised debate of the campaign season is coming up soon and Jill will be there! Unfortunately, some other debate sponsors have issued stipulations on who will be invited to their televised debates. One of those stipulations is that our campaign must have raised $100,000 dollars by September 26th. If you saw the debate on Cape Wind, you know exactly how important it is that the only voice for a secure green future be included. Here is where you come in: please make a contribution at TODAY to ensure YOUR VOICE- is heard!

    We’ve got a busy campaign in front of us and we will do our best to keep you updated as to what you should look out for. This Sunday, if you’re in the Boston area, be sure to watch Jill on “On the Record” at 11am on WCVB Channel 5. If you’re not in Boston – check back to our website and we will post the video as soon as it’s available.

    Thank you for your continued support of this campaign. As I said before, none of it would be possible without you.

    Sincerely, Daryl Sprague, Campaign Manager

    Jill Stein for Governor


    San Leandro Chiropractor Donald J. Grundmann fights for the old, out dated, unofficial, no longer in existence, former family legacy and insular oligarchy of California American Independent Party.

    Grundmann also is promoting the ballot access of the [previously non existent] California Constitution Party. I do not know how he can be the OFFICIAL point man for CCP and still a registered California American Independent Party member.

    California is not a ‘fusion’ state. *sniff, sniff* Do I smell an irregularity, even an illegality?

    Pretty much the same thing for Nightmare Nightingale / Chelene Ward Nightingale ……..

  3. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 28, 2010

    A few Green Parties have done this for years.

    All candidates, all people willing to be candidates, should be welcomed in the Green Party.

    In Arizonia and everywhere.

  4. paulie paulie August 28, 2010

    Why should any party run candidates who stand contrary to its views? What would such a party stand for?

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