From Tancredo for Governor: “Fighting a Sanctuary City Mayor”

Bay Buchanan of Tancredo for Governor 2010 sends this along:

Tom Tancredo needs our help! And he needs it now!

As you probably know, Tom is running for Governor of Colorado against Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Let me tell you something about Hickenlooper:

  • For seven years Hickenlooper has run a sanctuary city, which has encouraged hundreds of thousands of illegals to its city limits.

  • He owns a restaurant that hires illegals.

  • He supports full amnesty for illegals!

  • And when it comes to responsibility for the consequences of his own awful policies Hickenlooper accepts none!

But it gets so much worse.

On Mother’s Day 2005, Raul Garcia-Gomez assassinated Denver Police Detective Donald Young with a point blank shot to the back of his head.

Police believe 19-year-old Gomez-Garcia was in the country 10 months — most of that time he worked for Hickenlooper’s restaurant.

Social Security offices advised the restaurant’s management that Garcia-Gomez had a false SSN. But no action was taken.

Garcia-Gomez lived with his girlfriend and their anchor baby and had been stopped for traffic violations three times in seven months. Sanctuary city policies protected him from deportation.

When asked about the incident, Hickenlooper took no responsibility! His own words: “That buck doesn’t stop here!”

Now he wants to be Governor!

In 2008 Francis Hernandez, an illegal alien living in Denver, crashed his car into an ice cream shop killing three year old Martin Kudlos and two adults.

Hernandez had been stopped 16 times — at least 3 times by Denver Police — but was never turned over to ICE.

The Mayor’s response, “Denver isn’t a sanctuary city”!! “Deny and Lie” when babies are killed and police officers murdered — that is the Hickenlooper style.

Now he wants to be Governor!

Friend, the only person who can stop Hickenlooper is Tom Tancredo. And Tom is in the fight of his life and needs our help!

Another fact about Tom’s race: Last week, Colorado’s Republicans had the unenviable task of choosing from two of the worst candidates in recent memory.

In the contest choosing which candidate was less embarrassing, Dan Maes barely won. But what kind of candidate is Dan Maes?

  • Maes claims to be an executive and yet he has had no executive experience.

  • He claims to be a businessman but made less than the poverty level the past two years.

  • Maes boasts about his record as police officer in Kansas where he was fired after only a short period of time.

  • He claims to be against amnesty, but a few short months ago he was for it.

  • Incredibly, the Maes campaign has reported that over $42,000 in campaign contributions were slipped directly into his own pockets for “mileage reimbursement.”

In short, Maes is a man with no discernible credentials to be a candidate, much less a Governor.

As I said before, only Tom can stop Hickenlooper! But he can’t win without our help. And friend, Tom deserves all our support.

No one has done more in our national fight against illegal immigration than Tom — no one!

From the floor of the Congress of the United States, Tom was for years the lone voice speaking out against illegal immigration.

He traveled the county at every opportunity to get the issue into the national debate. He even ran for President to force the other candidates to address the issue.

And against all odds he led the charge against amnesty twice, and won! This couldn’t have happened without Tom’s years of sacrifice.

Tom accomplished all he could in Washington and now wants to continue the battle in his home state of Colorado. He wants to free it of the burden of illegal immigrants — just like Arizona is doing.

Friend, to take America back, we have to do it state by state.

Washington has failed us too long — we can’t wait any longer. To win the battle against illegal immigration we have to get the states to take action and then face down the feds.

Tom has always been there for us — now it is our turn to be there for him. I hope you will join me and be there for Tom at this critical time.

Please make a contribution today, as generous as you can. Let Tom know you are with him, just as he has been with us all these years.

I have told Tom I will do everything I can to help him. I hope you will tell him the same.

Thank you so much for your support. I will keep you updated on campaign developments.

Warmest personal regards,

Bay Buchanan
Senior Adviser to Tancredo for Governor
[emphasis in original]

9 thoughts on “From Tancredo for Governor: “Fighting a Sanctuary City Mayor”

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Tancredo is an awful man, but he is doing a service to Catholic Trotskyism by taking votes away from the Republican.

    God bless the pope, God bless the UN, and God bless Barack Obama, amen.

  2. Deran

    It’s interesting to see what Bay Buchanan is up to. And it is interesting to see Tancredo is so focused on the Democratic opponent.

  3. Steve

    Tancredo would be much better for Colorado than Hickenlooper. Most of Hickenlooper’s public positions are lies when investigated. What does that tell us about him being our Governor?

    We’ve had Ritter for a term, it’s time for a fresh change.

  4. Edward Nelson

    For many years, Colorado has been a primary destination for illegal aliens. And now that some states are passing Arizona-type laws, Colorado will be swamped with illegals — unless you elect a real fighter like Tom Tancredo for Governor.

  5. Charles D Hanks

    The 2005 murder of Denver Police Detective Donald Young is reason enough that John Hickenlooper has absolute NO business setting foot anywhere near the Colorado Governor’s Mansion. Send Mayor John back to the Cherry Cricket and make him wash his OWN dishes.

  6. wolfefan

    This “sanctuary city” meme is ridiculous and dishonest. Tancredo lowers himself by repeating it ad infinitum.

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