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Minnesota Independence Party Primary Results

The Minnesota Independence Party held a primary on August 10th.  While the party has candidates for many offices,  only the gubernatorial race had more than one candidate seeking the nomination. The MN Secretary of State’s website provides the results:

  • Tom Horner /James Mulder – 11395 – 64.27%
  • Rob Hahn / Thomas Harens – 2538 – 14.31%
  • John Uldrich / Steven Williams – 1767 – 9.97%
  • Phil Ratte / Gayle-Lynn Lemaster – 1215 – 6.85%
  • Rahn Workcuff / Mark Workcuff – 815 – 4.60%

Horner easily secured victory in the gubernatorial race. Much of the concern for party leaders that the endorsed nominee would lose was that Republicans might cross-over and vote for Hahn in the primary in order to undermine Horner, a long-time Republican. This threat did not materialize.

Tom Horner is already positioning himself for the general election now that the primary is over. The candidate claims he will need $2.5 million to win the race, so it will be interesting to see if Horner’s business connections can secure funding for his third party campaign. Now that it is certain that the Democratic nominee is former US Senator Mark Dayton and the Republican is Tom Emmer, Horner has positioned himself squarely in the middle of the field.

The MNIP also has a full statewide slate and several nominees for US Congress and the state legislature. For a description of minor party candidates in the race, see this past IPR article.

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  1. MN Indy MN Indy August 13, 2010

    I really don’t agree with Horner having the Vikings’ stadium as an issue in his campaign. The state and the country are going bankrupt. It’s obscene that Horner wants to use taxpayer money to help a bunch of steroid heads stay in state so they can keep throwing a ball around for millions of dollars per head.

    On the other hand, I hope Horner and Emmer do well enough that they capitalize on the backlash against Democrats this year. Ventura beating that nasty little tax happy snob from the DFL into third place was an added bonus in 1998. I would laugh and cheer if history repeats itself this year. The DFL’s statewide candidates are the epitome of aristocrats who think they know how best to spend other people’s money.

  2. Danny S Danny S August 12, 2010

    I found only one candidate at this page, which nevertheless contradicts my earlier statement that there were no nominees for state senate, so I must apologize for that.

  3. Peter Tharaldson Peter Tharaldson August 12, 2010

    Hi… thanks for providing the coverage and for all the good work. I just wanted to note that there are quite a few candidates for state senate and also that we are a major party under the law in Minnesota. It is not a “minor” fact, but has huge funding implications.


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