Westword: Jaimes Brown and Colorado’s Libertarians are bringing the party to the people for the first time

Jonathan Easley at Westword:

​At the 2008 Libertarian National Convention in Denver, some party members derisively passed around shots of Scope to wash the bad taste from their mouths following the presidential nomination of former Republican, Bob Barr.

It wasn’t just that Barr was seen as an impure strain of Libertarian; some members felt he had hi-jacked the proceedings by manipulating the sparsely attended, convention-style nomination process.

So the Colorado Libertarian Party, still bitter about controversy, decided to change the way it holds its statewide primaries, opening it up to a public vote for the first time ever.

The gubernatorial race was a two-man battle between Jaimes Brown, a realtor from Centennial, and Dan “Kilo” Sallis, an Internet entrepreneur from Littleton. Brown handily defeated Sallis for the right to join an already crowded field of candidates in a year when Democrat John Hickenlooper could have a relatively easy path to power.

Now, Brown is hitting the road alongside Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Mac Stringer and CU regent candidate Jesse Wallace for a six-week statewide tour. Labeled the “Paul Revere Liberty Tour,” it will stop in more than fifteen cities.

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5 thoughts on “Westword: Jaimes Brown and Colorado’s Libertarians are bringing the party to the people for the first time

  1. Robert Capozzi

    Is this true? Did Barr “manipulate” the vote in Denver?

    IMO, if there’s an issue that L candidates should not lead with, it’s voting methodology. Strikes me as a way to glaze the eyes of the electorate. It sounds incredibly self-serving yet technocratic at the same time!

    To be clear, agitating for an institutional change like voting methodology seems worthwhile, it’s just not a retail issue. Yes, this story covered the issue in a surface manner, but I seriously doubt minds were changed. Taking swipes at Barr two years later accomplished nothing apparent. Indeed, a lot of readers might conclude, “Physician, heal thyself.” Or, practice what you preach before preaching it.

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