Whitney Calls for Political Reform on Heels of Blago Verdict

A press release from Rich Whitney, Green party candidate for governor of Illinois.  Sent to IPR via email:

Carbondale, IL— Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney reacted to
the outcome of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s trial today by
calling for reform of the Illinois political system. For Whitney, the
actions of Blagojevich are a result of a corrupt political system that
fosters such behavior. He explained that “Rod Blagojevich’s conduct is a
symptom of a much more widespread disease. There is a pervasive mentality—in
the corporate media and in the two corporate-sponsored parties—that politics
and political success is all about raising money and almost nothing else.”

Mr. Whitney believes this same system encouraged the
attitude of the former governor. He stated that “Blagojevich’s other
unethical behavior—rewarding supporters with jobs or contracts, i.e.
pay-to-play, ultimately including a U.S. Senate seat as a golden prize—all
flows from that same premise. The issue for Illinois voters today is not
whether Blagojevich was found guilty or innocent. There is no question that
he engaged in unethical behavior: trafficking in the awarding of political
favors in exchange for campaign cash.”

Whitney continued that “This is verdict is not exoneration.
That Blagojevich was not convicted of these particular crimes at this time
does not mean he is innocent. Corruption is still corruption. Pay-to-play is
still wrong and unethical. And a political system completely overrun by an
overwhelming and obscene focus on raising tons of cash, above all else, is
still a disease that we must combat and overcome.”

He continued that “we have to stop this and through the
Green Party and my campaign, we can stop this. This is a systemic problem
that demands a systemic solution. And the way to do that is by building a
grassroots political party that is beholden and accountable only to the
people. It is the Green Party that has stood up for the principle of not
accepting any corporate campaign contributions whatsoever and that has stood
firmly on a platform of making serious campaign ethics reform a top
priority. This devotion to grassroots democracy is what makes me and the
other Green Party candidates the best choice for voters who seriously want
to clean up Illinois government.”

Rich Whitney is a 55-year-old civil rights and employment
lawyer from Carbondale. As a lawyer, he has fought for working people who
have lost their jobs or had their rights violated. A founder of the Illinois
Green Party, he has long been politically active in support of the labor,
health-care reform, environmental, civil rights, and peace movements. In
2006, he served as the Green Party’s first candidate for Governor, winning
over 360,000 votes and making it possible for Illinois voters to have a
third choice on the ballot statewide.

7 thoughts on “Whitney Calls for Political Reform on Heels of Blago Verdict

  1. Robert Milnes

    Rich Whitney is going to lose. As a loser his words mean little before the election even less after.
    His only excuse for not implementing a PLAS to win campaign would be that he doesn’t know about it. Would someone please tell him?

  2. NewFederalist

    Sure thing, Bob! Hey Rich… Rich Whitney… there is a guy who wants to talk with you about PLAS. PLAS… yeah I know but that’s what he said. How the hell should I know what that is? Here, you talk to him. 😉

  3. NewFederalist

    Good one, Bob! You can’t be that depressed… you still have a good sense of humor!

  4. NewFederalist

    Danny S- How does polling at 11% equal a victory? If there were ten candidates with roughly equal support maybe but with only three… I don’t get it.

  5. Green Party Conservative

    An impressive, and inspiring statement from the Green Party’s Rich Whitney.

    Rich Whitney has the positive Green Party solution. All voters need do is recognize the Green Party candidate as the best solution.

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