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Meet the Whigs: Will Cain Interviews Andrew Evans, Chairman of the Modern Whig Party

From Cain and Table, earlier this month via TPID:

Last week I spoke to Andrew Evans, Chairman of the Modern Whig Party. The Modern Whig Party is a centrist political party that hopes to focus on each issue individually – without any tie to ideology – and to “find solutions that work.” But I worry, and ask, if Modern Whigs are unprincipled. I also ask Andrew if Modern Whigs are closeted Democrats? What is the Whig position on abortion? The War on Drugs? What is the Whig position on entitlements? Check out the interview and find out more about Modern Whigs at

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  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist September 21, 2010

    What do these guys ever do? The only time I ever hear anything about them is here at IPR.

  2. d.eris d.eris September 21, 2010

    There was just a front page WSJ profile of them a few weeks ago. That piece led to a fair amount of coverage in a number of other outlets. See links at this Modern Whig post at TPID.

  3. Raymond Aute Raymond Aute September 21, 2010

    Umm. Apart from the front page of the Wall Street Journal, all the other media, their candidates, and the Will Cain interview that IPR is covering here, I’m not sure what the federalist is getting at.

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