US Taxpayers Party of Michigan: No Connection to fake “Tea Party”

Press release:

Monday’s Michigan Court of Appeals ruling that denies ballot qualification to “The Tea Party” might cause voter confusion at the polls at the November General Election this fall.

The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM) has been a ballot qualified party since its organization in 1982, though then known as the Tisch Independent Party. Voters are being confused over party names and candidate affiliations because of the new popularity of the Tea Party and the recent news of the so called, fake Tea Party known as “The Tea Party” which attempted to gain ballot access this election cycle.

The USTPM would like to let voters know that it has no affiliation with either group, though it does share some of the ideology of the activist group, the “Tea Party”. The USTPM, together with its national affiliate, the Constitution Party is, according to Ballot Access News, the third largest political party in America.

Numerous USTPM candidates will appear on the ballot this November including Stacey Mathia for Governor, as well as Congressional, state Representative and local candidates.

The USTPM has made several attempts to change its name to the “Constitution Party of Michigan” to match its affiliation with the Constitution Party. Secretary of State, Terri Lynn Land, has repeatedly denied the requests adding to voter confusion. The USTPM encourages voters to elect Robert Gale for Secretary of State this November to ensure fair and reasonable treatment of minor political parties and encourage the free flow of ideas much needed in the state of Michigan.

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