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Arkansas Green candidate for US Senate interviewed in Arkansas Times

From the Arkansas Times (read the full thing here):

It’s difficult to find any media reference to John Gray, Green Party candidate for Congress. Short of of an occasional brief sort of mention on the news, the lion’s share pf coverage goes to either Republican John Boozman or Democrat Blanche Lambert Lincoln. It is as if those reporting the news have already decided his fate and are not even willing to talk about his effect on the race.The fact that he has a growing number of supporters never seems to make it intro the equation. They, like John Gray, are not worthy of mention either on the nightly news or in the pages of the daily newspaper. And god forbid any local political reporters actually talk to Gray about the issues his campaign addresses, which are rarely, if ever, on the campaign literature of his opponents…

According to John Gray, Swaney was quite blunt about the Green Party’s need to change its image.

Asked for his impressions of the folks he has met in the Green Party, Gray has a lot of respect. “I’ve met a lot of people that respect tremendously. But even those who act in an embarrassing way, you sit down and listen to what they have to say, and there are some very good things mixed in with things that are off the wall.”

He laughed. We’re all that way.”

After the primary season ended, Gray’s campaign kicked into high gear. Gray noted that Blanche Lambert Lincoln had left many Democrats feeling uneasy, with some real animosity among many of her former supporters.

In reaching out to disaffected Democratic voters, Gray dexribes himself as a two-issue candidate. The first is getting jobs back to the United States, and also debunking the myth that globalization is a done-deal, and that Americans must face a future of lower wages and standard of living – except for those at the top of the economic ladder.