Corsetti for Congress: ‘George Orwell spotted working at WXYZ’

19 October 2010


George Orwell was seen alive and well working at WXYZ-TV/Channel 7. Orwell, thought to be dead years ago, is the new director of the TV station’s “Democracy 2010” project. Orwell, famous for inventing catchy phrases that disguise their true meaning, called Newspeak, took credit for naming the series “Democracy 2010.”

He said his primary task at WXYZ’s Democracy 2010 is to suppress all references to third party candidates. “Whenever I see the words Green Party or Libertarians I just chuck ’em down the memory hole,” Orwell said.

“For example, none of the “Democracy 2010” video interviews include third party candidates and the “Complete Voter Guide” only has information about Democrats and Republicans,” said Orwell. “I insisted on using the word ‘complete,'” said Orwell, grinning.

He also admitted to secretly working with Democrats and Republicans for years. He claimed credit for naming the Patriot act, No Child Left Behind, and the words “free trade” as in NAFTA.

Chuck Stokes, editorial/public affairs director for WXYZ-TV/Channel 7, had no comment on the Orwell’s employment status. Stokes denied any censorship at WXYZ and claimed his TV station had, “recently installed a new computer program that automatically deletes all references to so-called third parties.”

“I heard people refer to the Democrats and Republicans as two wings of the same bird,” Stokes said, “but all that talk is downright Un-American and wont be tolerated at my station. Besides, we talk about the Tea Party all the time and they’re a kind of third Party. There’s no censorship at WXYZ.”

Paraphrasing Henry Ford he said, “People can vote for anyone they want as long as it’s a Democrat or Republican.”

See WXYZ-TV candidate bios and videos here:

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Green Party Congressional Candidate for 13th District, Michigan

4 thoughts on “Corsetti for Congress: ‘George Orwell spotted working at WXYZ’

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    I thought that they had made up the TV channel call sign as well – WXYZ. But the truth apparently is that is the call sign for Channel 7 ABC in Detroit, Michigan.

  2. wolfefan

    Are the Stokes quotes real? The release presents them as if they are, but they sound fake.

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