Green City Council candidate Schwartzman challenges Catania to a running race across DC on Oct. 31

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WASHINGTON, DC — David Schwartzman, DC Statehood Green Party nominee for the City Council of the District of Columbia, has challenged David Catania to a foot race across Washington, DC on October 31. Dr. Schwartzman is running against Mr. Catania in the race for the At-Large Council seat.

Dr. Schwartzman said, “I challenge my opponent David Catania to a running race from Adams Morgan, 18th and Columbia Road NW, starting at 8:30 am this Sunday, Oct. 31 to Anacostia. Oct. 31 is my 67th birthday.”

“This is a race for DC Statehood and Human Rights. Let’s realize the promise made by the District government in December, 2008, upon becoming a Human Rights City, to reverse the continuing violation of human rights, especially the violation of the rights of children now living in poverty.”

In 2008, the last time he ran for Council At-Large Council, David Schwartzman challenged his competitors to a race across the District. None accepted his dare, and Dr. Schwartzman completed the run alone.

“All supporters of DC statehood and human rIghts are invited to join me in my run!” said Dr. Schwartzman, who will run whether or not David Catania accepts his challenge.

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CORRECTION In a release with the headline “At-Large Council candidate David Schwartzman: Councilmember Catania is dangerous to DC’s health” issued on Oct. 28, the sixth paragraph should have read: “Mr. Catania initially opposed the closing of DC General Hospital, but later flip-flopped and opposed reopening, despite the fact that medical services are neither accessible nor affordable for many of the City’s neediest residents — the poor and medically underserved (uninsured and under-insured) populations. Instead, he has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the private Greater Southeast Hospital at a time when DC is in a budget crisis.”


David Schwartzman, Candidate for At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia

The DC Statehood Green Party

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One thought on “Green City Council candidate Schwartzman challenges Catania to a running race across DC on Oct. 31

  1. Gene Berkman

    Just so IPR readers don’t think David Catania is some kind of establishment politico, he is actually quite interesting.

    A leader in Log Cabin Republicans, he was the first Republican elected in a contested election in DC. Other Republicans have only won seats reserved for the minority party.

    David Catania quit the Republican Party in 2004 in protest over the homophobic campaign run by George W Bush and his campaign manager Ken Mehlman. David Catania became an Independent and endorsed John Kerry for President.

    David Catania has led the fight in the City Council against a stadium built with taxpayers money on land taken by eminent domain. Councilman Catania is one of the better elected officials on the Atlantic seaboard.

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