In NY: Six Way Governor Debate Announced

[Update 10/7/10 at 10:44pm: All seven candidates have now confirmed their participation.]

(excerpt from) A Business Wire press announcement:

October 07, 2010 04:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
News 12, Newsday, and Hofstra University Partner to Bring the First Gubernatorial Debate to New York

On Television, the Cable-Exclusive Event Will Air Live on News 12 on Monday, October 18 at 7:00 PM

WOODBURY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–News 12 Networks, Newsday, and Hofstra University have partnered to present the first New York State Gubernatorial debate on Monday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m. On television, the cable-exclusive event will air live on News 12 Long Island, News 12 Westchester, News 12 The Bronx and News 12 Brooklyn. It will also be seen at different times on Time Warner Cable’s NY1 and YNN, providing coverage throughout the state.

“We want to help enable voters to make educated decisions, and this forum will provide a deeper view of the candidates and their positions.”

The debate will be held in front of a live audience of invited guests, including community members, local leaders, and Hofstra students. All seven candidates in the race have been invited to attend, and as of today, six candidates confirmed:

* Andrew Cuomo (Democratic Party)
* Kristin Davis (Anti-Prohibition Party)
* Charles Barron (Freedom Party)
* Howie Hawkins (Green Party)
* Warren Redlich (Libertarian Party)
* Jimmy McMillan (Rent is too Damn High Party)
[Update: Carl Paladino (Republican Party) will participate.]


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17 thoughts on “In NY: Six Way Governor Debate Announced

  1. Kimberly Wilder

    So, Republican candidate, Carl Paladino, was invited, but has not confirmed. According to Daily Politics at The NY Daily News, he may still be deciding.

    Though…right now…there is a Paladino video with his announcement today. Let’s see if that sheds any light…

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    Oh, my!

    The Cuomo campaign sure won on this one! Oh, my, goodness…they must have had inside information.

    So, Carl Paladino’s media buy announcement was demanding a debate with all the candidates, and asks Cuomo to “be a man” and debate.

    While…at the same time that is airing…there is a press announcement that Cuomo has signed up for the seven-way Governor debate at Hofstra.

    Oh, my, goodness…it is all priceless.

    Cuomo buried Paladino on this one.


    Now, I wonder if Paladino will say YES to the debate? It appears that he would have to…????

  3. Steven wilson

    New yorkers got a good show. Here in Missouri Jonathan Dine and Jerry Beck were held out of the debate in Kansas city. It is the only televised debate before the election. Cheers to New York.

  4. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Steven wilson // Oct 7, 2010:
    “……….. Here in Missouri Jonathan Dine and Jerry Beck were held out of the debate ………..”

    [Lake: *from experience* the six state heart land, and especially GOP [from the pre Civil War] Kansas and the 50 / 50 Misery, drum in to citizens from six to 106 that there are only two REAL parties. Text books, magazines, news papers ………. Bastards!]

    Heads up, Corrupt insular New York Times Mayor Mark Funkenstein and Mrs Mayor Funkhouse are up for re-election Spring 2011. ‘Unclean unclean unclean’ ………..

  5. pete healey

    Will someone in this debate please, please bring up the linked issues of redistricting and a constitutional convention? Please?!?!? As in “If the legislature doesn’t come up with a fair and open redistricting process and plan (as if that’s ever gonna happen!), then will you veto the gerrymandered plan and call for a constitutional convention to rework our entire scheme of government?

  6. Richard Winger

    Happily, it’s now a 7-candidate debate. Paladino has accepted. This is great news. And it is a rebuke to major party politicians in California and Illinois, who so far aren’t willing to be in inclusive debates.

  7. Steven wilson

    The station manager at Kansas city did respond to why they were left out. They didn’t score hight enough in polling data. The station only wants SERIOUS candidates on stage who will act professionally. They have criteria to meet, but Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan both sided with the station. Carnahan wanted several debates with all candidates before the primary. Smoke on the water…

  8. Classic

    Steven @ 10: Of course, the classic political catch-22: You have to poll X% to be included in debates, but generally to poll X% you have to have the exposure that generally comes by *being in the debate*!

  9. pete healey

    Can we all let the glow subside a little, and remember that if this was a competitive race between the Dems and Reps there would be no multi-party debate. AND if there were only left-wing candidates from the minor parties (or only right-wingers) there would be no one else on the stage, or there might be no debate at all. This is nice but… can we have a reality check, please?

  10. Kimberly Wilder

    @Pete Healey at #12

    I don’t think we are all saying that everything is wonderful and the politicians and media outlets in NY have suddenly decide to be fair and inclusive.

    Of course, this probably happened partly due to someone’s conniving, political strategy.


    -It is a definite plus for each third party campaign. They are getting a direct resource of exposure and media coverage.

    -It is a good precedent to be pointed to for future NY Governor campaigns.

    -It is good to get one of these multi-candidate debates done and recorded as evidence that the world will not fall apart afterward.


    -It is something to hold up to for people in other states, to possibly create pressure, shame or a sense of “you can/should do it, too”

    So, let’s keep striving for equal coverage in every time, on every issue, in every state.

    But, I think there is room for a tiny bit of celebration about this opportunity!

  11. Steven wilson

    Some states are better at being open than others. New York is lucky. From what I know of Oklahoma, they have no room to share.

    I did find out that there will be another debate in Missouri that will include all senate candidates. It is run by the press I believe.

    I haven’t heard or seen a lot of outrage about the candidate exclusions. Maybe choice is too much responsibility for some.

  12. LPiberty

    This follows the precedent of the 2002 NYS debate. Good news for the voters of New York.

    And reality check accepted and cashed.

  13. George Tatevosyan

    KimW”: Of course, this probably happened partly due to someone’s conniving, political strategy.”
    – You got that right, lady!

    My money is on Roger Stone (love you, don’t ever change babe!)

    The idea is to have a circus of marginal neophites stammering in front of tv cameras, to make the marginal major party candidates -look less marginal !

    Talk about disappointing candidates: Let’s recall Andrew Cuomo’s disasterous gov run in 2002, OMG! He couldn’t win the Dem primary against Carl McCall, and then lost the Liberal Party ballotline – all in one election and he’s the best they’ve got?!?

    And this other clueless dirty old rich fucker from Buffalo with all his babymama drama and endless cheap shots, is that the best Republicans got to offer New Yorkers ?!?

    2010 gov candidates from major political parties are an embarrassment to every New Yorker.

    Bone up Howie!
    Mock-debate your brains out!
    Make us proud!

  14. Not Your sweetie

    What about people who don’t have Warner Cable or get News 12? Can we at least stream this on line somewhere? or only some of the voters matter? I thought it was a statewide election.

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