Video: Libertarian Revolution Brewing in Lake Tahoe

Official Release from the Steve Kubby Campaign

There’s a Libertarian Revolution Brewing in Lake Tahoe
by Steve Kubby

There’s a Libertarian revolution brewing in the City of South Lake Tahoe, California. A county grand jury has found the current city council to be “dysfunctional” and probably guilty of malfeasance. Three of five seats are up for grabs. People want new faces and new ideas.

People here are forced to live with the most tightly regulated real estate zone in the entire United States and they are fed up. Seriously fed up and ready to listen to someone with a way out of this regulatory nightmare. My plan for balancing the need to Protect the Environment with our Sworn Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution has been enthusiastically received by local business leaders.

Those who would like to dismiss me as a one issue medical marijuana candidate totally miss the point. I helped lead and direct a voter initiative that challenged the supremacy of the Federal government on the issue of the medical use of marijuana. Despite all the propaganda and raids, the Supreme Court of the United States has repeatedly upheld our right as a state to make our own laws regarding medical marijuana, regardless of federal law.

I believe that Round Two is about to take place in South Lake Tahoe. This is a unique city with the biggest ski development company (Vail Resorts), biggest hotel (Marriot), biggest casino owner, all sitting on a border between pro-gun Nevada and pro-pot California. The annual budget is over $100 million, yet the City has a structural debt of $3 million and $200 million in bonds that syphons away all the money needed to repair the badly decaying streets, sidewalks and bike paths. This city is, without a doubt, the most libertarian town I’ve ever seen.

Now that you know the back story, you’ll have a better idea of what we have done to reach voters in our 30 second video.

Steve Kubby for SLT City Council

79 thoughts on “Video: Libertarian Revolution Brewing in Lake Tahoe

  1. Bruce Cohen Post author

    Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens and Independents support Steve Kubby.

    My guess is Tea Party folks do as well.

    Steve’s Campaign could use your support and donations so they can reach out to his constituents and tell them why it’s important to Elect Mister Kubby.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Mr. Kubby sees a brewing libertarian revolution. No, I don’t think so. Libertarians are @13%. They can’t do much of anything. The radicals including Kubby, can’t even manage the LP being dominated by rightists as it is. The best bet for libertarians is to take their place in an inclusive progressive movement.
    I’ll tell you what I see brewing. If there is no inclusive progressive movement…vey possibly very terrible things. The One Nation rally today in Washington clearly delineates the 2 sides. Along with Dave Schultz & Glenn Beck.
    On the left, the left progressives & associated blacks & hispanics including the President. They think they have the moral & ethical right & the Constitution on their side. Mostly youth oriented.
    On the right the tea party people et al. Mostly white, elderly & rightist. They think they have the moral, ethical right & the Constitution on their side too.
    Geographically it is the civil war areas 150 years later. & closely tied to known progressive areas as showed by Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. Basically the northeast + the west coast v. the south & midwest.
    These 2 sides hate the other & this is one very possible catastrophe in the brewing.
    I personally would be like many others, torn between these 2 sides. However I believe the rightists would win this war, if it came to that.
    & it just might.
    Unless there is an inclusive progressive movement that votes out the dems & reps. This would dramatically change the situation for the better. If the new progressive government could avoid a coup d’etat or a military coup, it could very well resolve many of the disputes now brewing.
    So when I say I’m seeing the dems & reps getting reelected on November, I believe I’m seeing imminent catastrophe. I’m making plans to move to the Yukon. & I don’t like the cold.

  3. Andy

    It’s great to see that Steve Kubby is still out there fighting for freedom in local politics. Way to go Kubby!

  4. Larry Rogers

    Milnes: Run for something locally like Kubby and build some credibility aside from just being a nutjob who announces he’s running for president 4 freaking years in advance..

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m really excited about Kubby’s chances to win! If he does, I think the city could get some national attention, right away and over the course of his term.

  6. Robert Milnes

    Jill Pyeatt, Kubby is not going to win.
    Libertarians are @13%. They can’t do much about anything….
    Wait a minute. Maybe I’m approaching this from the wrong direction.
    Jill Pyeatt, hello. how are you?
    Do you know something I do not know? About Kubby’s chances to win? Has there been some polling? Is there a precedent? Does he have a secret stash…of campaign $?

  7. Bruce Cohen Post author

    Mister Kubby won a (non-scientific) poll put on by the leading newspaper there.

    Mister Kubby has the most support of anyone.

    He is considered the favorite about now.

    He has a secret stash of campaign supporters.

    Oh, and he’s not full of PLAS like some nutjobs.

  8. Robert Milnes

    Kubby may very well have a lot of name recognition in CA.
    But to actually go to the polling place & pull a lever for him? I don’t think so.
    He’s going to need a lot of shrooms to win anywhere but in his own mind.

  9. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “Kubby is not going to win.”

    Would you care to enter into a small wager on that prediction? If so, let’s talk amounts.

    Kubby was the best known of 11 candidates for three seats as of filing time and he’s even better known in South Lake Tahoe now because he’s running a real campaign — door-knocking, yard signs, direct mail, etc. — on a common sense, smaller-government platform, in a city that recently got royally screwed by local big-governmentalism (tens of businesses eminent domained, hundreds of jobs destroyed, on a convention center deal that fell apart).

    There’s no such thing as a sure thing, but as someone who, unlike you, has actually done the work to win local elections before, I’m very confident in my expectation that Steve Kubby will be elected to the South Lake Tahoe city council next month.

  10. Robert Capozzi

    this ad looks like the work of a moderate L. I suspect if he wins, that’s part of the reason for success. Being pro-pot and pro-gun can take the form of Kubby’s ad does, or it could take a much more aggressive, extreme, and threatening form.

    (BTW, while I get the short-hand, I’d suggest it’s not accurate. Ls are not “pro” those things, only pro the right to adults possess and use those things, subject to other rights. The image of stoners walking the streets of S. Lake Tahoe firing machine gun bursts randomly is not something to encourage. I suggest being careful with the rhetorical signaling.)

  11. NewFederalist

    Milnes moving to the Yukon? I hear Dawson City is really nice in December! Be sure to write…

  12. Bruce Cohen Post author

    Mister Milnes…
    You sound quite Milnsane.
    Please don’t skip taking your meds again.

    Who is a ‘fascisto-rightist’ in this conversation?

    Are you insinuating I am a ‘fascisto’ and a ‘rightist’?.

    Is Steve Kubby a ‘Radical’?
    What do these terms mean?
    What do they mean to the average Liberarian?
    Do they mean something special or different to you? Or are we talking what they mean in a Dictionary, say for example, Columbia?

    I have my Grandmother’s 1940 Edition right here.

    Do you get to make up your own defenitions, Senyour?

    Is your question, really a nastily snarky one and it’s you wanting to pick a fight with me by yanking my chain?

    Are you bored and have no phone calls to make or precincts to walk and you just want to stir things up and waste the time of those of us who are actually burning up tires and shoes and phones trying to get votes for our friends and the people they are helping?

    [Yeah, answer my questions, you jerk!]

    Go on FaceBook and friend some people you support and do something positive.

    Stop making ‘shroom’ comments about other people because their ideas and hopes and dreams and support concepts are different than yours.

    Why do you stoop to such low class Clintonian ‘politics of personal destruction’ by innunendo?

    I say bully for Steve Kubby and I for being friends and helping each other.

    We have quite different concepts of how Government should handle some parts of Foreign Policy.

    So what?
    We don’t care and we joke about our differences.
    None of us hate America.
    Both of us love the LP, the Constitution (the one on hemp paper, not the Party) the Bill of Rights, and agree on most things.

    I support Steve because he’s a nice guy.
    He’s an honest person who keeps his word, works his ass off and shows up, as promised, when promised, how promised.

    I like people who do that.
    Steve doesn’t owe people money, he doesn’t have problems with folks he does business with, he remains friends with his ex-wife and his ex-landlords and ex-neighbors.

    That’s more than I can say for myself.

    Would you do me and all of us a favor, Mister Milnes?

    Would you try and sometimes contribute something positive to the conversation instead of being a troll?

    Do you have hooves and hide under a bridge?
    Do you have shaggy, stinky, dirty fur?

    Because that’s the total impression I have of you, Mister M-Plas.

    Go find a new sandbox to play in so I am not tempted to throw any more intellecual sand in your face.

    You started it.

  13. Robert E. Milnes

    I completely reject conversation on any other terms than that I am right , I am the winner, and I will not by judged by your norms of incremental success or functional sanity.

  14. Robert Milnes

    NF, yes, I am making plans to explore my options in the Yukon.
    I will need a place to go if the USA goes south.
    I do not want to have to chose between the 2 sides.
    YOU LIBERTARIAN assholes are failing the USA & making this necessary.
    Refusing to get control of your party.
    Refusing a PLAS campaign for 2010.
    All but refusing to help find a lib woman vp for fusion ticket.
    Etc.Libs would rather waste time on Kubby.

  15. Robert Milnes

    Tom, I already conceded Kubby may very well have a lot of name recognition. But the more he campaigns the more he’s going to get out the anti-Kubby vote too!
    People who are anti-stoners. & there are a LOT.
    People who are pro environment-and there are a LOT.
    People who are pro gun control-& there are a LOT.
    Kubby campaigning with a progressive in order to elect BOTH, that I would suggest & endorse. People would elect BOTH in order to take the sharp edge off BOTH.
    Convince Kubby to run a PLAS campaign. Find out if one of the other 2 candidates is a progressive. Or get a progressive to run a write-in campaign. I’d be glad to help.

  16. Robert Milnes

    NF, actually underground is naturally warm. @55 degrees constant or therebouts. With some modifications, like warming the water while panning, I could be quite comfortable in a cave in December near Dawson City mining gold!

  17. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert, this is a local election. With the right kind of campaign, Kubby is one of the few libertarians who can win without PLAS or another unique strategy. You don’t know the specific situation on the ground in South Lake Tahoe. I don’t either, but a few commenters here seem to know a lot about it.

  18. Nikola Tesla

    Robert is right about the coils of aether unfurling from his shankara.

    Under the influence of the aurora borealis, his light will peep out and envelope the world in Love.


  19. Robert Milnes

    CT,agreed. The lower level races are possible to win for Greens or even libs.
    Depending on several variables.
    But why screw around with variables & such when you can plug in an overall strategy that one size fits all?

  20. Robert Milnes

    People are demanding I try it first-alone. & they are waiting for their hero-Kubby to try Goliath. & sending a few paltry too little too late $ to Stein-including me. & hoping Whitney this & Nolan that.
    Meanwhile they are letting the PLAS train leave the station empty.
    This is going to totally waste the 2010 elections which COULD be used to set up a COMPLETE SWEEP in 2012.

  21. Thomas L. Knapp


    I’m not sure why you think “pro-environment” voters won’t support Kubby. He has an extensive record both personally and politically as an environmentalist (I was surprised in 2008 that nobody in the LP took notice of his anti-GMO position).

  22. Thomas L. Knapp


    I don’t know everything, but I do know two things:

    1) Steve Kubby has demonstrated his ability to get things done politically in spite of extreme obstacles.

    2) Bob Milnes has demonstrated nothing but the ability to bitch that if only the Libertarian Party could wave a magic wand to change the facts of reality, then hand him its presidential nomination on a silver platter, 1+1 would equal 34.

  23. Robert Milnes

    CT, do you have any wherewithall at all?
    Friends in high places? Rich daddy? Grandpa? Grandma? Trust fund?
    That you could support a PLAS effort?
    e.g. maybe you or your dad knows Whitney or Nolan.
    Maybe you have some sort of contact with a campaign & could offer Trust fund $ in exchange for a PLAS try.

  24. Curious Observer

    What happened to Catholic Trotskyist? He actually made an intelligent comment!

  25. Robert Milnes

    & Kubby does have name recognition that the fool voters often translate into a vote.
    & that is one of several reasons I resent Kubby.
    He has name recognition because he has a rare form of cancer that only weed can save his life?!!! How can I compete with that?

  26. NewFederalist

    Bob- I have in fact panned for gold in the Yukon. I would guess a constant 55 degree cave would be most cozy in December. You won’t even need a fridge to keep your Klondike Bars cold! Just leave them at the cave entrance… they will do just fine.

  27. Robert Milnes

    Why wasn’t I born with a pro pot gene or a silver spoon in my mouth or a Johnny Wadd?
    No, I was born & within day 1 somebody sliced off my foreskin.

  28. Rich Vanier

    As someone who just returned from South Lake Tahoe after spending a weekend working on The Kubby Campaign, we have a real chance to elect Steve Kubby to The SLT City Council.

    This is a not a radical or reform campaign. It is a campaign to return control of their community to the Citizens of South Lake Tahoe. It is a campaign to fight back against the onerous regulations The Tahoe Regional Planning Authority(A Federal Agency) forces upon the resident of the Tahoe Basin. This is a campaign for freedom and local control.

    If you have ever driven around South Lake Tahoe and wondered why some of the businesses and homes look run down and out of date? It is usually because TRPA will not allow them to remodel or they have to go through so much red tape, they don’t even try to upgrade their buildings.

    The McDonald’s on South Lake Tahoe Blvd doesn’t have a drive through window because the TRPA did not allow them to have a drive through window when they built the restaurant. This is just one example of how The TRPA dictates how business owners and residents can build.

    Steve Kubby knows how to fight the Federal Government and bring local control back to the citizens of South Lake Tahoe.

    There are many ways you can help. Your donations are always need and welcome. Go to to make a generous donation.

    You can also help by volunteering to make campaign phone calls to potential SLT voters. And finally, if you live close, spend a weekend in South Lake Tahoe helping the campaign. Steve could always use more boots on the ground spreading his message of freedom. I spent the weekend going by local businesses promoting Steve Kubby and found the business community very receptive to Steve’s message. Tahoe is also very beautiful this time of year

    Go to to learn more about the campaign and how you can help.

  29. NewFederalist

    “NF, what are your plans if/when the USA goes south?”

    I plan to do just fine with the hard assets I have already squirreled away. Thanks for asking!

  30. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert, I do have some friends in high places in the Catholic church and the Democratic party and the academic world. I have my own apartment and can live comfortably on my own as a graduate student, but not enough to support a campaign. My parents are interested in politics and are doing ok, but I don’t have a trust fund. Most of the connections I do have, I made on my own. I don’t think my dad knows the Nolan or Whitney. My parents do each have some loose connections to the Chicago Daley family, but that probably wouldn’t help.

  31. Robert Milnes

    CT is one of VERY few who have consistently supported me & PLAS. So if I was one of you losers out there I would find out what makes him tick & spread it around liberally.

  32. Robert Milnes

    Rich Vanier, spent a whole weekend with the Kubby campaign in SLT, did you?
    Was SLT all run down & overridden by deer & pidgeon poop & the unemployed & homeless?
    Are you related to Smoothe Operator?
    Or Poor Boy, Earl of Sandwich?

  33. Robert Milnes

    With PLAS you do not have to disguise being a radical. You don’t have to fake being a progressive like Obama. Because you aren.t trying to get reactionaries to vote for you. Just the real progressives & libertarians.
    In fact I’m trying to assemble an anarchist fusion ticket.

  34. Catholic Trotskyist

    Thanks for the kind words Robert.
    Dennis, I am in my 20s. But don’t be so surprised; a lot of the greatest artistic, musical, literary and philosophical work was written by people in their 20s. Lots of great work has been done by older people too. Don’t be ageist.

  35. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    The campaign is not radical, you say?
    But, but, but…I thought Kubby was a radical?

    And your point is?

    At the level of local politics, the scope is generally narrow enough that there’s not room for much light between “radical” and “common sense.”

    Kubby is not running on issues like non-interventionism and open borders because the South Lake Tahoe City Council has no power on those issues.

    The issues he is running on — getting the city government out of the “taxpayer subsidized economic development” business, for example — are generally treated as radical when presented as part of an over-arching ideology, but at the local level they’re basic meat and potatoes stuff.

  36. Thomas L. Knapp

    And as far as PLAS is concerned, it’s completely inapplicable to this election.

    First of all, the election is non-partisan — there’s no ballot access to “split” between parties.

    Secondly, it is not a single-winner election. Three of eleven candidates will win, meaning that there’s no particular need for convergence between two ideological groups on a single candidate … although I expect that if such a convergence occurs on its own (and it probably will), Kubby will be the beneficiary at the polling place.

  37. Robert Milnes

    There is no ballot access involved. But there still is voting blocs and the possibility of adding them. & maximizing them. at least one or two of the 11 other than Kubby should be a libertarian or a progressive. Probably at least 2 progressives. Kubby shouls seek them out & campaign with them. 3 seats filled by a PLAS variant strategy, at least one being a libertarian.
    So if radicalism/ideology and/or ballot/party politics is not involved, then it is mostly a name recognition/popularity contest with somewhat the ability to pander? Every politician for himself/herself?
    He may very well do well then.

  38. Robert Capozzi

    tk: Kubby is not running on issues like non-interventionism and open borders because the South Lake Tahoe City Council has no power on those issues

    me: I hear you, and I certainly wish SK godspeed in the election. He could be running on a platform of making SLT a nuclear-free zone and a sanctuary city. I applaud his decision to not hold high those banners, even if I have some sympathies on the nuke-free zone front.

  39. Robert Milnes

    You are welcome, CT.
    I was going to guestimate your age at 24.
    At first I thought you were the libertarian genius Dr. Carl Milsted.
    But unless you are very good at deception, you had certain differences from Carl. So I stopped thinking that.

  40. Robert Milnes

    So what do we have?
    Kubby might win. So what?
    Nolan, Whitney, Cavlan, Stein et al think they have a possibility. NOT.
    They are deluded.
    It is going to be another election day catastrophe for the LP & GP.
    & this is news? I don’t think so.

  41. Robert Milnes

    & what about post-election voting on SLT city council? Kubby going to wind up everybody v Kubby 1?
    At least if a lib and 2 progressives got elected they’d have a three vote bloc, possibly more.

  42. Robert Milnes

    Lose, lose, lose,
    Everybody lose!
    Ahhhh, ha, ha, ha,ha!

    Oh my, did I get soda pop & spit & snot on my keyboard from laughing so hard?
    Now I have a good excuse for typos!

  43. Robert Milnes

    Good (losers),
    Never let it rest!
    Until your good is better & your better is your best!
    Gotta go now & get some Walmart bean burritos & Classic coke to wash them down!

  44. Robert Milnes

    Tom, you know damn well that is zero.
    But The Nolan hasn’t won an election either.Or Kubby.
    Or Nader or Whitney or Cavlan etc.
    That is not a very good measure of what we are talking about.& I could counter with it is far easier to count my losses than count the LP’s losses.
    But again, humorous, but not a good measure.
    & look who HAS won-Ron & Rand, Barr etc. & Tancredo is pretty close! OMG!

  45. Michael H. Wilson

    Well # 66 it might be worth remembering that U.S. foreign policy was at one time based on manifest destiny and converting others to Christianity. Then there was a guy I once worked with who thought the U.S. should be a theocracy. And how about the religious people on school boards who want to make sure the books meet a particular standard or the Blue laws that had their origins in the religious community. I could go on but I think you might get the idea.

  46. Robert Milnes

    Greens & Libertarians, we need a joint press conference in Washington announcing PLAS asap.
    Individual candidates should announce they support PLAS asap at a press conference.
    Ask early voters to wait until they have heard more from your campaign before voting for the dem or rep before Nov. 2.
    Individual party members and/or activists, contact your party and/or candidates. Make this happen. you are running out of time.
    Party officials in Washington, get off your asses sitting around waiting to lose.

  47. paulie

    U.S. foreign policy was at one time based on manifest destiny and converting others to Christianity.

    Still appears that way to many, esp. in the Muslim world and environs.

  48. paulie

    what about post-election voting on SLT city council? Kubby going to wind up everybody v Kubby 1?

    Steve has a good record of being able to find points of agreement and getting results on them with bodies of people with whom he disagrees on a lot. I think he’ll make an excellent and productive member of his city council. Not everything is about national/international issues….often times it’s about mundane things like fixing potholes, traffic detours, etc.

  49. Robert Milnes

    paulie, paulie, I conjure thy name to summon thee hence.
    Whatsa mat, paulie. Nothing for #69?
    No LOL!?
    No criticism, correction, addition or opinion?
    When are you going to come out against The Pauls?
    What is your internet access status? Mini?

  50. Richard Lee

    “Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens and Independents support Steve Kubby.” But in the end the VOTERS OF SLT SPOKE! and no resident of SLT supports Mr. Steve Kubby. Thank god for that. Hey Steve! (Mr. So Called SLT, Resident) Move along little dogie, we have leash laws in this town.

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