California: Green Party Election Results

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Election News from CA: Incumbent greens re-elected, Governor candidate Laura Wells makes a showing, and Prop 23 is defeated

The Green Party of California won on several levels on election day.

Gayle McLaughlin, a green incumbent, won re-election for Mayor of Richmond. Several incumbent and non-incumbent California greens won local offices. The Green Party CA Governor candidate, Laura Wells, received a lot of press attention for her exclusion from the debate. And, Laura Wells received 86,314 votes (one percent). In the CA Governor’s race, Jerry Brown (D) won decisively over Meg Whitman (R), a largely self-funded candidate.

In addition, the Green Party of California had taken a stand against Proposition 23. And, that measure did go down to defeat on election night.

From a September press release posted at “The GPCA overwhelmingly opposed Prop. 23 (suspension of air pollution laws)…”

More about Proposition 23 and its defeat at The San Francisco Chronicle:

Climate law suspension defeated
The San Francisco Chronicle / Wyatt Buchanan and Kelly Zito

(11-02) 23:41 PDT SACRAMENTO` — Voters rejected a controversial proposal to suspend California’s landmark greenhouse gas reduction law Tuesday, showing their support for the state’s efforts to lead the nation in confronting climate change.

The measure, Proposition 23, would have suspended the state’s climate law until unemployment dropped below 5.5 percent for 12 months, which economic analysts said was not likely to happen for several years. Proponents called the measure a responsible response to the economic slowdown, while opponents painted it as a hostile and thinly veiled attempt by Texas oil companies to kill California’s progress on the issue…

An article with local California results listed:

from Uncovered Politics – covering insurgents and underdogs
Green Party Local Officials Celebrate Re-Election Wins
On 11.03.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

Gayle McLaughlin, the Green Party’s mayor of Richmond, California was re-elected to office on Tuesday with 40% of the vote. The race is technically non-partisan, but McLaughlin is well known as a Green.

Bruce Delgado, another Green mayor in a nonpartisan race was also re-elected easily. Delgado is mayor of Marina, California.

Michael Beilstein and Richard Hervey were re-elected to the Corvallis, Oregon city council.

Pete Gleichman was re-elected as mayor of Ward, Colorado.

John Anton was re-elected to the Portland, Maine city council.

A non-incumbent, Dan Hamburg, was elected to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors in California…

An article with details about Gayle McLaughlin and the Richmond, CA race:
Richmond Mayor wins, two incumbents ousted

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