Independence Party of Minnesota holds balance of power in close race for Governor

According to the New York Times election results board, with 100% of precincts reporting, only 0.5% separates the Democratic and Republican candidates. Additional votes which may be counted, such as provisional ballots, make this race too close to call.

Tom Horner of the Independence Party got 11.9% in this race, with several other candidates in the race:

Chris Wright Grassroots Party 7,513 0.4%
Farheen Hakeem Green Party 6,188 0.3%
Ken Pentel Ecology Democracy Party 6,178 0.3%
Linda Eno Resource Party 4,092 0.2%

In the other three gubernatorial races which the NY Times considers too close to call at this time:

Illinois, 99% reporting – 0.5% separate the Democrat and Republican

Scott Lee Cohen Independent 134,219 3.6%
Rich Whitney Green Party 99,625 2.7%
Lex Green Libertarian Party 34,293 0.9%

In Connecitcut, again 0.5% separate the Democratic and Republican candidates. With 99% reporting, Independent Party candidate Thomas Marsh has 17,223 votes for 1.5%.

Finally, in Vermont, with 98% reporting, NY Times lists the following results:

Peter Shumlin
Dem. 115,485 49.4%
Brian Dubie
Rep. 111,988 47.9%
Dennis Steele
Ind. 1,868 0.8%
Cris Ericson
Ind. 1,773 0.8%
Dan Feliciano
Ind. 1,289 0.6%
Em Peyton
Ind. 853 0.4%
Ben Mitchell
L.U. 423 0.2%

I believe that, as with some of the other states above, some of what the NY Times labels “Ind.” candidates actually did have a party label, but that’s all the time I’m going to put into researching this post at the moment. The names I recognize there are Dennis Steele, who is affiliated with a secessionist movement that wants to take Vermont out of the United States, and Cris Ericson, a libertarian/marijuana candidate. L.U. stands for Liberty Union, which is a socialist party in Vermont only.

Democrats are in the lead in all four races.

4 thoughts on “Independence Party of Minnesota holds balance of power in close race for Governor

  1. MN Indy

    I voted for Horner because the main two options were so distasteful.

    And, just as I predicted, it was a total wipe out for the non-Democratic left third parties. Talk about splitting an already limited voting base.

    MN went from being one of the few states where Nader pulled better than 5% ten years ago in a heated Presidential election, to a place where the alternative left cannot pull 1% in a mid-term. Pentel and the Greens should just hang it up next time if they can’t unify behind one ticket and agree to challenge the Dems without regard for the consequences.

  2. Cris Ericson

    I am shocked that Brian Dubie would concede the race for Governor of Vermont without
    (1) asking for a vote recount because it is so close, and
    (2) taking it to the Legislature under the Vermont Constitution which requires that when no one receives a majority
    (50% plus one vote)
    that the full State Legislature SHALL
    (the word shall in the law means it is mandatory) take a vote on a ballot which includes the THREE top vote getters.

    The Constitution of Vermont requires that the State Legislature SHALL decide this race.

    Brian Dubie has NO Constitutional right to “concede” at this time.

    Furthermore, this wrongful action of Brian Dubie is meant to strip Dennis Steele,
    presumed to be in 3rd place so far,
    (and when the last 2% of the votes are counted, it could be ME in 3rd place)
    of his RIGHT to be on a ballot voted on by the full State Legislature under,
    I think its Section 47 in the VT Constitution.

    there is no “secret” ballot under the VT Constitution in this situation where NO ONE got the majority vote for Governor.

    Oh, and how many of you got the ROBO call from Brian Dubie’s wife?

    She stated that Brian has never cheated on her in 25 years of marriage.

    I swear it sounded more like:
    oh! please! don’t vote him in for Governor because then women will want him like Bill Clinton and I am so scared! He’s mine, mine, mine!

    She probably had something BIG TIME to do with him calling it quits so early in the vote count, so early in the day.

    Oh, and Dennis Steele’s wife?
    Oh, please!
    I called him and asked him if he would run again, and he said IF HIS WIFE LETS HIM.



    Cris Ericson

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