IPR Exclusive: Democrats turn to dirty tricks against Green in PA state rep. race, DA might investigate

I am a volunteer for Hugh Giordano’s campaign for state legislature in Philadelphia, and today we had some interesting events unfold.  What I’m writing here I know from talking to Hugh and one of our campaign workers.

The campaign worker was in the Philadelphia neighborhood Wynnefield, and she noticed that some of Hugh’s signs which he had just put up the night before were missing.  She decided to go look at some of the signs which were still there, and she saw Democratic committeeperson Steve Jones swapping out one of Hugh’s signs for one of the Democrat’s signs.  After a small confrontation, Jones left, only for another Democrat to come and do the same thing a short while later.  The campaign worker then met up with Hugh and as the day went on the two Democrats took several steps – for example, parking near the campaign worker and staring her down – to intimidate her.  She called the police and the Committee of Seventy, a political watchdog group, which then called the District Attorney’s Office.  The DA’s Office has started looking into it, although it is unclear whether there will be an investigation or not.

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