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AP story on growing Green and Conservative influence in NY State runs in several papers

As the title suggests, an Associated Press story about the growing influence of the Green and Conservative Parties – through their better ballot placement – since the 2010 election ran in several newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal:

The big winners after November’s elections were the state’s Conservative and the Green parties.

The Green Party secured an automatic ballot line for the next four years, while the Conservatives attracted more votes than any other minor party and seized the No. 3 spot on ballots behind Democrats and Republicans, also for the next four years.


  1. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | December 29, 2010

    Carey, this is about the Green Party and the Conservative Party, not a Green/Conservative Party.

    I guess you could say I’m a progressive. But I hate to call myself that…I do have some conservative values like what you were talking about and some libertarian values and some anarchist values and other things.

  2. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 29, 2010

    Green Party leader calls,

    “Come clean on political money” , says Gormley?

    Sunday December 26 2010

    IN AN exclusive interview with the Sunday Independent, Green Party leader John Gormley has called on Fianna Fail and other parties to reveal exactly how much money they have received from big business and banks in recent years. In a move guaranteed to increase tensions within the Coalition partners, Deputy Gormley said that ”any political party that took money from developers or the banks or builders must come clean. Come clean and put your hands up. How much did you get, from who and when?”

  3. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 29, 2010

    The Green Party’s Howie Hawkins is impressive indeed. His discipline, focus, work ethic, intelligence is widely respected. Some of us might say the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins is a shinning American example of conservative green party values of dedicated civic involvement, and daily work.

    …and in other Green Party news from across the big pond…

    Heiner Geissler, a conservative Christian, and leader of Germany’s conservative party is reported as saying, “The conservative Green Party alliance is the model of the future”.

    Here’s the story.

  4. Scott West Scott West December 29, 2010

    @1: Contrary to the spirit of the article as always. The AP article credits Howie Hawkins’ strong performance in the gubernatorial debate with the 50,000 votes. Howie Hawkins has been a strong progressive on the left of the Greens for a long time. That combined with grassroots work in the Upstate got the GPNY where it is.

  5. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 28, 2010

    Great headline.

    As someone who knew both Petra Kelly, and Herbert Gruehl, Green Party Conservative and founders of the Green Party this headline strikes a chord. As state Chairman of Virginia’s conservative Independent Green Party , I understand the draw for conservatives to Green fundamentals like decentralization, term limits, building More Trains, Less Traffic, and balanced budgets.

    I understand that Ross is a Green Party progressive.

    Still that the headline combined the two: conservative and Green Party is basically most true. Whether intended or not, it is applauded and appreciated here.

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