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[Wayne Root:] “MISS ME YET?” King George III – It’s Time to Throw Out King Obama

“MISS ME YET?” King George III
It’s Time to Throw Out King Obama

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling Author

We’ve all seen the billboards with former President George W. Bush’s smiling face, and the words “Miss me yet?” But this President Obama and his cabal of socialists and fascists are so bad, so oppressive, so corrupt, I’m actually starting to miss King George III, the ruler of the original American colonies.

King George III may have taxed the colonies too much with his Stamp Act, thereby inspiring the history-changing American Revolution. But as oppressive as King George was…he did provide something in return for the taxes: military protection and a navy. Yet our forefathers were willing to risk death and losing everything they owned to break free of an oppressive dictator, loss of freedom, and “taxation without representation.”

The question for taxpayers today is…Are things really any better? Have we traded King George for a series of homegrown despots? What are we willing to endure in return for an oppressive federal government taking over our lives? What exactly do we get in return for today’s high level of taxation? The reality is that today’s tax rates makes the rates under King George III look like “chump change.”

What has the federal government done for you lately? Are they really protecting us or do we have more to fear from our own government than foreign invaders and terrorists? Is Julian Assange of Wikileaks really a “threat to national security” or is Obama and the United States Congress a bigger threat to the average taxpayer?

What will Obama give us in return for all those huge tax increases he so badly wants to impose? I am a citizen of the great state of Nevada. We have zero state income taxes, zero business income taxes, zero capital gains taxes, zero death taxes, and the 16th lowest property taxes in America. Overall our tax burden is among the lowest of any state in America. Study after study rates Nevada as among the Top 5 states to do business in — because of those low taxes.

So the question is: What is my life missing here in Nevada versus when I lived in the big tax, big spending, big union, big government states of New York and California? The answer of course is nothing. That’s precisely why I escaped from New York and California. The taxes that I paid to those two states did not improve my quality of life. To the contrary, the oppressive taxes damaged my life. I had less money to enjoy the things I value in life, less money to provide my family with the best life has to offer, less money to eventually retire on. Worst of all, I received nothing in return. It’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that my money was stolen and wasted by the high tax states of New York and California.

Is there any difference on the federal level? What do you get for your federal income taxes? Will you get more if Obama raises them? If not, where is the money going? Taxation with representation sure doesn’t seem like an improvement – they’re certainly not representing you and me.

What will we get from a deadly new VAT tax on every product we buy? Nothing. What will we get from new Obamacare taxes? Nothing, except lower quality health care. What will we get if Obama takes the cap off Social Security taxes? Nothing. What will we get if Obama takes away our home mortgage deduction? Nothing. What will we get in return for new IRS tax filing requirements demanding every business must report every item we buy or sell in excess of $600 in the course of a year? Nothing. The list goes on and on.

Government is getting bigger and more powerful every day. Big Brother is taking over our lives and taking away our freedoms. High taxes are at the root of all of it. Government needs to steal more of our money and property to “feed the beast.” They need to brainwash us into believing high taxes are normal and fair, in order to pay for their fat salaries, pet projects, massive budgets (that make them more powerful), as well as stimulus and bailouts paid to political supporters. Wouldn’t you like to know how many Obama supporters made millions from the stimulus spending?

Now the U.S. Senate is voting on a new 2000 page $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill that contains over 6,000 earmarks. That’s in addition to the new “tax cut bill” that is so loaded with pork and bribes that it will cost almost another $1 trillion. That’s in addition to the trillions that Ben Bernanke and the Fed are spending to debase our currency, in order to prop up our economy in time for Obama’s re-election.

It’s getting so bad nowadays, I actually long for days of King George III, when taxes were far lower, and in return at least England was protecting us from France and Spain. Can you imagine, I prefer King George to Obama — and George was insane! Well I’m starting to think today’s leaders are insane too. We just held a Tea Party and they’re still not listening. Now is the time for a second American Revolution to throw out King Obama and every politician who votes for this new pork filled, record-setting, $1.2 trillion budget.

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  1. wolfefan wolfefan December 16, 2010

    More proof that Wayne is running in 2012 – he wants to move to DC where, just like under King George, citizens are taxed without representation! (joke)

  2. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi December 16, 2010

    Nice. It appears that Root is not moved by the “national security” argument that some make re: Assange and WikiLeaks.

    He doesn’t weigh in on the question of whether what Manning is alleged to’ve done should be praised or sanctioned. I don’t have an opinion on the specifics either, although it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect that a person with national security clearances is expected to keep secrets.

    I do take Root’s point that high state taxes don’t necessarily correlate to a better quality of life, but he might overstate a bit here. State taxes are generally the smaller piece of individual taxation. Some people would simply not want to live in a desert, like NV. They’ll live with the higher taxes in NY or CA for other reasons. Quality of life is a subjective thing.

    More interesting is that low tax states are growing faster than high tax states generally, although until recent years, CA was a bit of an exception, as I recall. The weather, scenery and opportunities made it a magnet. Even those things seemed to’ve slowed/stopped CA’s growth, and so even paradise CA is turning for the worse.

    Still, I’d rather be alive today than in King George’s day. Life is much more interesting.

  3. paulie paulie December 16, 2010

    I haven’t had time to read the whole article, but props to Wayne for not going in for the Dondero/MSM take on WikiLeaks. Obama and Congress are indeed the true threat, Assange and Manning are the heroes.

    Hope to see a lot more Libertarian support for WikiLeaks.

    College Park, MD

  4. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes December 16, 2010

    Another Root forRoot regurgitation by Root lackey Starr.

  5. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson December 16, 2010

    Much improved over his previous efforts.

  6. Paul Baresel Paul Baresel December 16, 2010

    So Mr. Root, a supposed free market man, supports a royal monarchy establishing laws that create a monopoly for it’s own companies. After all, the real anger over the Tea Act as not the fee attached to it but that fact that the East India Tea Company, needing an economic stimulus, was given preferential treatment in paying taxed duties on importing it’s tea to the colonies.

    I assumed that Mr. Root opposed TARP and the stimulus package, but all George III did in the 1760s and 1770s (and not really George III but Charles Townsend and Prime Minister Frederick North) was create laws that gave bail outs to British industries. After all, the Sugar Act, Tea Act and even parts of the Stamp Act were aimed primarily at foreign goods (those from the Dutch Colonies in the Caribbean especially) and not at British companies.

    So from this article I can make out that Wayne Allyn Root, somehow the VP nominee of the free market, anti-monopoly, anti-state Libertarian Party in 2008, now believes that a state monopoly is okay is the state protects citizens so they may enjoy the state sanctioned monopoly. Patrick Henry and Richard Yates would be proud I am sure.

  7. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi December 16, 2010

    pb7: So from this article I can make out that Wayne Allyn Root, somehow the VP nominee of the free market, anti-monopoly, anti-state Libertarian Party in 2008, now believes that a state monopoly is okay is the state protects citizens so they may enjoy the state sanctioned monopoly.

    me: [sound of head being scratched] I’m not sure how you reach your conclusion. I’d say the money line in Root’s column is: “The reality is that today’s tax rates makes the rates under King George III look like ‘chump change.'”

    I can’t speak for Root, but I think his point is one that most Ls would agree with: Much lower taxes are preferable to high ones.

    Maybe you could rephrase your comment so we can better understand your perspective.

  8. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist December 16, 2010

    I freely admit that if I was around during the Revolution, I would have stayed neutral or supported the British. The British and Canadians got towards socialism much faster than the Americans, they abolished slavery faster than the Americans, and most of the people wining about taxes were rich atheistic capitalists anyway.

  9. Dennis Dennis December 16, 2010

    @ 9, I honestly can’t figure out if you are a troll or not.

  10. Hair Club for Men Hair Club for Men December 16, 2010

    @8 As best I can tell, pb thinks Wayne root meant that he really wants the British Monarchy back. Of course, it seems obvious to me that he meant that Obama and co. are even worse than 18th century British rule, and the title is a rhetorical device, not meant to be taken literally.

    @10 The answer is not binary.

  11. Hair Club for Men Hair Club for Men December 16, 2010

    “Hi. This is Sarah Palin. Is Senator Lieberman in?”

    “No, governor. This is Yom Kippur.”

    “Well, hello, Yom. Can I leave a message?”

  12. Harry V. Joiner Harry V. Joiner December 16, 2010

    Very well written article and right on the money. Couldn’t have said it any better!

  13. Lex Luthor Lex Luthor December 16, 2010

    Harry v. Joiner….red the briefs, interesting case.

  14. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton December 16, 2010

    The Wayne asks:

    What has the federal government done for you lately?

    I’ve asked myself that question for at least 30 years and the answer is always the same – NOTHING!

    Assuming you have an IQ over 60, you would then ask:

    Why not just abolish the federal government?

    The Wayne never gets around to asking that question. Even though the “evolving” Wayne seems to understand that there is some connection between the tax cuts he craves and the government spending that he has no objection to, in principle, he seems to be stuck in the statist gear, unable to even to make to the level of minarchist.

    If Wayne really wants to hang on to his money, I’d advise him to quit donating money to Joe Lieberman and to avoid costly long term commitments like the Global War Against Islamofascism that he wanted so badly.

    Is Julian Assange of Wikileaks really a “threat to national security” or is Obama and the United States Congress a bigger threat to the average taxpayer?

    Of course Obama and Congress are not “bigger” threats than Assange. Assange is no threat at all, so there is no “bigger” there.

    The biggest threat is the entire federal government and it has been for generations.

    Perhaps the “evolving” Wayne understands all this, but if he does then why doesn’t he bring this to the attention of his readers which are primarily right-wing Republican types that read his stuff at NewsMax? Surely he isn’t just pandering to them out of self-interest.

    However, I’m sure his NewsMax readers loved this article since it only attacked Obama and a Congress with a 13% approval rating. The article faithfully repeated everything they say to each other and everything they hear on right-wing talk radio every day.

    So, while Wayne is selflessly promoting the LP and converting conservatives into libertarians, Rush Limbaugh is also converting his conservative audience into libertarians without even intending to do so – assuming that tax cuts are the central tenet of libertarianism.

  15. Lex Luthor Lex Luthor December 16, 2010


    Wow. Are you sure we read the same article.

    I just read it again to make sure, and I’m not getting that sense from it at all.

  16. George Whitfield George Whitfield December 16, 2010

    Good article, Wayne.

  17. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson December 17, 2010

    Maybe one of the things to consider is that the British Crown had to keep a large part of its army in Ireland at the time of the Revolutionary War. This was a large expense to the Crown at that time.

    Maybe we need to point out that the U.S. is keeping a large part of our army deployed overseas at a large expense.

  18. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton December 17, 2010

    No Lex, we are not reading the same article.

    You are reading the article you want to read through a lens that filters out certain obvious realities.

    I’m reading the article through a telescope from another world in another dimension where Wayne Root is merely a distracting animated cartoon figure selling imaginary trinkets.

    Of course we are reading the same article. I’d say there is no sense to get from the article. It is merely a poorly drafted script designed to elicit an emotional response.

  19. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi December 17, 2010

    tb: …designed to elicit an emotional response.

    me: Yep, that’s politics!

  20. Hardcore libertarian Hardcore libertarian December 21, 2010

    What was really funny was how Root freaked out because LP leaders were meeting with representatives of a Muslim group. Wonder why he didn’t blog on that here. ha ha ha

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