Some Christmas Fun: Poll about politics and Christmas trees

A political opinion poll by AngusReid includes political data about people’s real vs. artificial Christmas tree preferences.

Americans, Britons and Canadians Prefer Artificial Christmas Trees
December 24, 2010Nearly one third of respondents in each country will not have a Christmas tree at home at all this year…

Political preferences are a telling indicator as to whether a respondent prefers a real or artificial tree. In the United States, 20 per cent of Republicans favour an authentic tree, while only 15 per cent of Democrats concur. In Canada, a quarter of respondents who voted for the Green Party in the last federal election (24%) choose a real tree, while 63 per cent of Conservative Party voters go for the imitation tree. In Britain, only 11 per cent of Labour Party voters choose a real tree—compared to 18 per cent of Conservatives and 15 per cent of Liberal Democrats.

25 thoughts on “Some Christmas Fun: Poll about politics and Christmas trees

  1. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    What kind of tree (if any) do our IPR readers have?

    Ian and I have not had a tree for a few years. We live in a one bedroom apartment, and prefer space to decorations.

    (But, at my Mom’s house, where our family celebrates, there is an artificial tree.)

  2. wolfefan

    We’re in an apartment with limited space, so we have a 4′ high artificial tree. We used to try to do a small real tree, but I worked nights and light was pretty limited since I slept all day – the tree didn’t like that!

  3. Paulie

    We had New Year’s Trees in the USSR. Everyone would sit up and do a shot for each of the eleven time zones in the Soviet Union. I couldn’t hold eleven shots back then, especially since they were about like 4-5 USA shots each and I was a little kid. I did have a few though.

    Happy holidays everyone!

    College Park, MD

    PS Kevin Knedler sent this to IPR…

  4. Opeach Obama, I mean, is this the best we can do? [Lake]

    Don’t do most Holy Daze. Personally never, ever bought a tree, ever. Even when I made / constructed ‘Yule Logs’ on base, I did not use them my self.

    My emotional, Italian spouse went all out for most celebrations and I (and her first husband) would just quietly shake our heads. (I liked him better than her. Every thing was always a big deal with her and her family, whether it was or not!)

  5. _

    On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 nightingales and cuckoo bird in a pear tree.

    On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me 11 nightingales and a Gay bashing Don g. in a pear tree.

    (skipping to the end)

    On this Joyous Day of the Birth of Christ, let us forgive those that have offended, and pray for those with mental issues. Thanks to the IPR staff that suffered and defended to the best of their abilities. Lets us go in peace, and make amends and MAY THE BEST man win the argument in the new year! 🙂

  6. Catholic Trotskyist

    No tree in my apartment, because I visit relatives over Christmas, but they all have artificial trees.

    Merry Christmas, and may we continue our vigorous discussions throughout the next year.

  7. NewFederalist

    Bah, humbug! (Just kidding… Merry Christmas to everyone who visits this board especially those I have been hard on this past year… Robert Milnes, Don Lake, James Ogle, “Catholic Trotskyist”, Carey Campbell and anyone else I may have “dissed”. All the best.) Ho, ho ,ho!

  8. Don Grundmann

    “_”/Mark Seidenberg : Mark – The election was 7 weeks ago and you are still A) attacking Chelene, and B) cowardly writing under your fake non-name. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ who came so that we may have redemption from sin. Hence this is yet another opportunity for you to repent of your evil which manifests in so many virtually countless different ways. You can use the opportunity to change your existence into a real life.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  9. Kimberly Wilder

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

    Thanks for the wonderful sharing, interesting stories, and wishes for IPR.

    Yes, living trees are best. Some years, someone in our apartment complex decorates the tree in the courtyard across the way.

    Looking forward to a wonderful, New Year!

  10. paulie

    There is a tree in the lobby of the motel here. No idea what it’s made of. The motel breakfast, which I overslept anyway, is off today. And the restaurants around here are closed. I’ll have to find something that’s open eventually. I don’t think I’ll work today.

    We have a lot of beer in the refrigerator. Well, for a mini-sized motel room fridge, anyway. Maybe I’ll just drink a lot. Beer has calories. Yeah, I’ll drink for the nutrients, LOL.

  11. Michael H. Wilson

    I understand that the Birthers are demanding a certified birth certificate. Seems Mary and Joseph didn’t leave any proof. No credit card receipts or any thing that can prove they were anywhere near the manger. Of course the manger didn’t have the proper occupancy license. Its a mess all around.
    [Edited as per MW’s follow up comment!-KW]

  12. Michael Cavlan RN

    I am sitting here at work. I am just about ready to get off.

    Worked a 12 hour shift yesterday (Christmas Eve) and an 8 hour evening shift at the hospital, on the frigging Burn Unit no less.

    Who the hell has time for a tree?


    Merry Christmas all

  13. Opeach Obama, I mean, is this the best we can do? [Lake]

    For Your Information, not necessarily an unrestricted endorsement:


    My Christmas Wish List
    politicalpartypooper | December 24, 2010 at 9:50 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

    I’d like to say that every year, I write one of these. I don’t. So that’s my first wish; to review the list from the year before, find out what wishes came true, and write a new list with some repeats from the last year, and maybe some new additions

    ………. oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’ll probably be repeating this same list every year for the rest of my life:

    1. That Christians would just call Christmas “Christmas” and stop worrying about those who don’t.

    2. That those who don’t would just shut the hell up already. It’s a religious holiday. Deal with it. You’re not that important…no one cares how Christmas makes you “feel” You’re the only one who does.

    3. That the Democratic and Republican Parties would die a peaceful, but certain death. If not, an unpeaceful death is just as good.

    4. That we bring an end to the experiment of Free Trade, at least until the rest of the world catches up to America and Western Europe in wages and employee protections.

    I don’t like unions, but the responsibility for sane, compassionate employee treatment belongs with the employer. Shame on you for making unions a necessity.

    Shame on you for shipping jobs overseas to places where unions are illegal and there are no worker protections.

    In doing this, you show just how un-Christian America really is. How would Jesus treat his employees?

    5. No more war, anywhere, ever. It’s so uncivilized. Of course, we still solve our diplomatic problems this way, so that wish will die with me.

    6. That Americans would stop hearing the loudest voice and start hearing the small, quiet, rational one.

    In listening to the loudest voice, we have given our country over to two thuggish political parties who hold a death grip on our political process, and given birth recently to a third, thuggish party that promises to be just as inept at obeying the will of the people as the first two.

    7. That we would remember our responsibility to our children and to our neighbors before we go selfish and do something stupid that damages their lives forever.

    8. I wish that FoxNews and MSNBC would inexplicably go off the air ……… permanently.

    9. No more money in our politics, no more corporate or union domination over our elections. (Did hell just drop a degree in temperature?)

    10. That somewhere, there is a real Santa for every child on earth.

    11. That birthers would just shut the hell up already.

    12. That Democrats would stop whining about the President they elected.

    This is my Christmas wish list. May it come true

    May your Christmas be merry, and your wishes all come true. ?

    Add a comment to this post

  14. Jill Pyeatt

    I get a real, full-sized tree every year, and I’ve always done so, even when I was single and didn’t have my child. I prefer small, multi-colored lights that twinkle (NOT flash). I’ve acquired quite a collection of one-of-a-kind ornaments, which are mostly angels or animals. We didn’t get a tree last year because we had planned to be in Texas for a week, and I really missed it.

  15. citizen1

    Artificial prelit tree that was free a few years ago. We started using artificial because we lived in an apartment and continue to use it now that we own a home.

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