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Bruce A. Dixon: ‘Medical Neglect Stalks Georgia Prisons’

Bruce A. Dixon is an editor of Black Agenda Report and a member of the Georgia Green Party’s State Committee.  The following is an excerpt of his most recent piece on Black Agenda Report:

On October 16, 2007 Arnold Porter went into full cardiac arrest. He died. His pulse and breathing stopped, he had to be brought back with a combination of electric shock and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Porter is lucky to be alive today. He’s a long way from being well, but has made it far enough back to draft and file his own complaint against CCA, the state of Georgia, and the doctors and nurses who refused to treat him till he reached the point of death.

Porter’s sister Vondra told Black Agenda Report that “My brother says ‘they’ve already tried to kill me, I don’t know what more they can do.’” So Porter is doing what he can do, acting as a jailhouse lawyer, researching and assisting with the pleas and motions of other prisoners at Coffee Correctional facility, where he is now held.

Some other Georgia prisoners are not so fortunate. Terrance Dean, who was brutally beaten by officials at Macon State Prison in mid-December, around the same time as the visit of a Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners Rights fact-finding team, finally got a visit from his sister on Sunday, January 2.

He’s got a long way to go,” said Wendy Johnson of Atlanta. “He’s in a wheelchair, his speech is slurred, and he seems to have partial paralysis in his arm and leg on one side. He can’t walk without help… he is very fearful…” According to Johnson, the last time he saw his mother in November, he was in normal physical condition with no complaints.

Dean was transferred in apparent secrecy to an Atlanta hospital more than 130 miles away from the prison. His family was not informed at all by state authorities of either his injury or his transfer. They had to find out by other means. And although Johnson spoke to Steve Franklin of CBS Atlanta on Friday, the story appears to have received little or no on-air coverage, and cannot be found on the station’s web site.

We’re going to do everything we can to find out what happened to Terrance Dean, and everything we can to make sure justice is served,” pledged Rev. Kenny Glasgow of The Ordinary Peoples Society.”


  1. paulie paulie January 7, 2011

    Thanks to Bruce Dixon and Georgia Greens for calling attention to this important issue. I hope Libertarians and others follow suit.

  2. There are PLENTY of unifying issues for most alternative types to agree upon ……..

    Incarcerated folks are not USUALLY the cream of the crop [sans Mandela, Joan d’Arc, Christ, MLK, Junior] but they ARE wards of the state.

    As I have asked the Peach State Verdants directly, do you plan on a similar review of care campus military veterans?

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