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Former Philadelphia Green loses special election for state representative, as a Republican

The former vice chair of the Green Party of Philadelphia, and their 2007 candidate for city commissioner, Lewis Harris recently lost a special election for state representative, getting six percent of the vote in a two way race.  He ran as a Republican.

From The Daily Times:

Harris is the current chairman of Wharton Centre Inc. and Healthnastics Center Inc., according to the website, as well as co-chair of United M.P.A.C., and chairman of B.B.21 Network and Investment Co.

A committeeman in the 40th Ward, Harris previously served as ward leader for the 29th and 32nd wards, and is the former vice chair of the Green Party.


Harris, a community activist, yesterday said the short preparation time curtailed his ability to raise funds to pay for his strategy of turning out voters in Southwest Philadelphia.

Harris said Donatucci enjoyed strong name recognition due to her husband’s service and the role of her brother-in-law, Register of Wills Ron Donatucci, who heads the 26th Democratic Ward.

“In Philadelphia, because it’s so heavily favored Democratic, there was an assumption that there was no way for me to win,” said Harris, who will now consider a run for Traffic Court.

From the blog Angry, Young, and Poor:

In 2007 while I was trying to run for Mayor of Philadelphia, I took a chance of trying to become the nominee for the Green Party of Philadelphia. I had run into someone during my petition drive who turned me onto the group, and asked if I would speak to the group at the next meeting, which I gladly agreed to do. I went to the meeting, gave a speech, and it was pretty well received…

After the speech, I met the two people the Green Party was already running, one of whom was City-Commissioner candidate Lewis Harris, Jr.

He put his arm around me, much like Milton Street did when I went to protest him, and said, “Here’s my card, man. Give me a call. We’ll talk, get you started, and one day we’ll get you into office, get you started on the path.”

I could tell immediately what he meant; Do what I want, or you won’t go anywhere. I declined….

The election fell during the massive snow storm, and in the end saw very, very low turn-out.

Maria Donatucci won with 94% of the vote!

Lewis Harris, Jr,  to me, doesn’t seem to be focused on people. Based on the few times I’ve met him, talked and dealt with him, and the fact that he has gone from Republican Coordinator for Sam Katz in North Philly, to Vice Chair of the Green Party, to running as a Republican State Rep to now running for Traffic Court, can you blame me?


  1. A Different Green Party Conservative A Different Green Party Conservative February 14, 2011

    And I’m not affiliated with the Independent Greens or the US Greens.

  2. paulie paulie February 14, 2011

    Let’s not out people if they do not want to be outed. It’s sufficient for your purpose to point out that “Green Party Conservative” is the VA Independent Greens, not affiliated with the national Green Party. If he doesn’t want to use his name, please don’t post it for him.

  3. Scott West Scott West February 14, 2011

    “Green Party Conservative” is Carey Campbell, of the VA Independent Greens, not affiliated with the national Green Party. He used to post under his own name, but prefers this general handle now.

    He seems to like balanced budgets and railroads.

  4. Fun K. Chicken Fun K. Chicken February 14, 2011

    @7 An ox *and* a moron?

  5. Jimmy Clifton Jimmy Clifton February 14, 2011

    Please define a GP Conservative, thanks.

  6. Libertarians for Mubarak-Duvalier 2012 Libertarians for Mubarak-Duvalier 2012 February 14, 2011

    You Green pukes can’t have Mubarak. He’s ours.

    Libertarians for Mubarak-Duvalier 2012

  7. A Different Green Party Conservative A Different Green Party Conservative February 14, 2011

    Another great Green Party Republican conservative is former congressman Chris Lee. The fact that he took up adds on Craigslist, shows his committment to Green politics because these electronic adds saved paper, so they helped the environment. What city should the Green Party’s Chris Lee run for office in? Philadelphia could be a good choice. Then he wouldn’t be a New York resident anymore, and he could be the running mate of the Green Party’s Donald Trump or the Green Party’s Mike Bloomberg when they run for office. This new Green Party administration could have Hosni Mubarak as Secretary of State, the Green Party’s Wayne Allyn Root as Secretary of Education, and the Green Party’s Lewis G. Harris as Attorney General. Good idea.

  8. A Different Green Party Conservative A Different Green Party Conservative February 14, 2011

    Agreed with Green Party Conservative. I think the Green Party would have won with a more well-recognized conservative candidate; like Hosni Mubarak.
    The Green Party’s Hosni Mubarak didn’t really resign as President of Egypt because of the protests; he knew he could get rid of them if he wanted to. What really happened is that ever since he met with Petra Kelley secretly in 1983, he was always inspired to enter European or American politics as a Green Party conservative, and now that he finally has a chance to put Egypt into someone else’s hands, he has his chance to do it. I predict that Hosni Mubarak will move to the US or Germany and run for local office as a Green Party candidate. Maybe he will even move to Philadelphia and run for office there as a Green Party conservative. I think he would win; what do you think?

  9. paulie paulie February 13, 2011

    There is a byline if you look at it from the front page, although not when you look at it from the article itself. I’ve told the chief editor of this site how to fix that a while back, but it hasn’t been done.

    The only parts of the story in the first person are marked as a quote.

    Are you reading this on your phone? It maybe that blockquotes are not marked on phone browsers?

  10. DebbieKat DebbieKat February 13, 2011

    Who is the author of this article? It’s very confusing to read when parts are written in the first person, but there is no byline. Who are you??

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