Third party results from yesterday’s primaries in Illinois

Primaries were held across Illinois yesterday, and even though they were non-partisan, the Green and Libertarian Parties each endorsed several candidates (see this previous post).  The results for each of them are below.  They were obtained, in part, here and here.

Green Party

  • Alberto Bocanegra, even after raising tens of thousands of dollars and an impressive list of endorsements, received only 6.6 percent (321 votes) in the race for Chicago’s 12th ward alderman.  He was not one of the top two vote-getters, and will not be moving onto the general election.
  • Devon Reid, and 18-year-old candidate, received 17.7 percent (1,263 votes) in a two-way race in Chicago’s 26th ward.  His opponent, since he received over 50 percent, has won the election.
  • Matt Reichel, who has also run for Congress with the Greens, received only 3.6 percent (605 votes) in a four-way race in Chicago’s 47th ward, in which another young candidate received over 50 percent and won the election.
  • In Carbondale, the Green candidate for mayor was eliminated by coming in last out of four candidates.  He only lost by 13 votes, receiving 291 total.
  • Carbondale City Council candidate Jessica Bradshaw moved on with 11 other candidates, out of 16 running in the primary, in a race for three council seats.  Her vote total was in the middle of the pack at 366 (7.5 percent), with the highest vote-getter receiving 926 (way ahead of the rest) and the lowest who still moved on receiving 155.
  • Two Greens ran for East St. Louis City Council, a race with 11 candidates in which the top 8 moved on to the general election.  Matt Hawkins received 225 votes for 2.19 percent , which put him in 9th place.  Courtney M. Johnson received 397 votes for 3.97 percent, putting her in 8th place, meaning that she will be moving on to the general election.

Libertarian Party

Although candidates are running with Libertarian Party endorsements, no results were available online.

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