Joe Trippi: “Social media will kill two-party system”

Joe Trippi was the consultant who built Howard Dean’s internet fund-raising operation during the 2004 Democrat primary campaign. reports that Trippi raised the possibility of a third party challenge based on internet fund-raising at the South by Southwest interactive conference.

“This will be one of the big frontier breakthroughs for politics, either in 2012 or 2016, and my guess is it’s going to be a challenger,” Trippi said.

Trippi went on to predict that a third-party candidate will soon raise so much money through the Web that Obama’s 2008 haul will look modest by comparison.

“There’s going to be a moment, and it could be in 2012 – you know for my party’s sake, I hope it’s in 2016 – but some independent candidate is gonna just come out of nowhere and raise a billion dollars on the Internet, saying ‘screw both these parties, it’s you and me baby, let’s go change this thing.’”

Trippi predicted that this could lead to the end of the two parties…

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4 thoughts on “Joe Trippi: “Social media will kill two-party system”

  1. TinFoilCap & JockeyShorts to Match

    A nice thought! If the right person (group) rai$ed the billion.

    What oh what would happen if _______ rai$ed a billion?

    You fill in the blank.

    Trippi believes in his heart it can be done. If he does it, you understand that means “the SOCIALIST win”.

  2. TinFoilCap & JockeyShorts to Match

    Violence from you Porny, I always took you to be a mild mannered kind !

    I do know a few who would agree with the sentiment!

    David Rockefeller speaks:

    Btw Mr. Rockefeller’s lackeys STOPPED Mr. Trippi’s last great hope Dr.Death, er Dr.Governor. I’m not sure Mr. Trippi understands that yet. So many REF– USE to accept the truth!


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  3. Porn Again Christian

    Violence from you Porny, I always took you to be a mild mannered kind !

    You haven’t sen my new video? The one where I nail Palin to the cross upside down and make sweet, passionate hate to her?

    Oh, it may not be in stores yet….

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